sliding sash windows cornwall
sliding sash windows cornwall
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Sliding Sash Windows In Cornwall

Sliding sash windows are a hallmark of a quality English home. Timber sash windows have graced cottages, bungalows, and manor houses for centuries. Surprisingly, sash windows have amazing benefits many people have forgotten about. We’re going to show you how gorgeous sash windows can make your home more glorious.

For some people, sash windows have a reputation for becoming stuck in the winter, draughty in the summer, and difficult to maintain. Now, simple technologies have helped us embrace high quality sash windows once again. Modern engineering produces timber sash windows that are the perfect home improvement for properties in conservation areas.


Beautiful Period Charm in a Modern Package


Sash windows are a traditional style of window. Each pane of glass sits in a frame and can be moved up and down. Each frame is called a sash. Traditional sash windows were timber, but modern uPVC and aluminium materials are available.

Best Glaze LTD uPVC vertical sliding sash windows have the look of timber thanks to an authentic woodgrain finish. These gorgeous units don’t require the maintenance of traditional timber sash windows.

Sash windows offer impressive performance in all kinds of weather. Best working practices include opening the windows few inches at the top and bottom to maximise air flow. Sealing any air gaps and stopping unwanted breezes will improve the energy rating of your windows.

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The Sliding Sash Window is a prominent feature in UK properties.

The sliding sash is a traditional styled window that is still a favourite with property owners in the UK. Modern uPVC sliding sash windows combine traditional aesthetics with energy efficiency and security. Sliding Sash Windows are versatile openings, they can be opened vertically sliding up and down, as well as opening inwardly, the perfect window to purge ventilate your property. “A” rated UPVC Vertical Sliding Sash Windows from Best Glaze have the option of tilting the sash into the room for trickle ventilation and ease of cleaning, improving your home aesthetics, thermal efficiency and practicality.

When you choose Best Glaze for your home improvements, you are just five steps away from a greener, thermally efficient home, and saving money on your heating bills.

We believe we offer advantages to customers around Cornwall. Our double glazing prices offer great value. Our extensive range of double glazing products will suit every style. Our experience means every installation will go smoothly and result in a beautiful improvement to your home. Our installers are friendly, our company is local, and our work comes with a long guarantee for your peace of mind.

When you choose one of our services, we’ll give you a free quote for the purchase of the best products and installation by installers with loads of experience.

Here’s what our simple, no-hassle process looks like in five easy steps.


You tell us what you have in mind for you and we will help you choose the right solution for you and your home.


Our qualified surveyor will accurately measure to ensure a perfect fit the first time.


Once you are fully happy with your order, we will arrange manufacture of the windows and doors.


We can guarantee that your windows will have been fitted by experts, because we will be personally fitting them!


We can guarantee that your windows will have been fitted by experts, because we will be personally fitting them!

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