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Double Glazing is a minimum requirement in any modern home

Having a minimum of double glazing ensures a warm and comfortable home. The installation of double glazing will ensure a warm and cosy house during the winter months and save money on energy bills. Besides the thermal efficiency the two pieces of glass provide in a double glazed unit, modern frames are thermally broken which provides an extra layer of insulation ensuring your home is both warm and safe.

Ugrade Your Draughty Windows

Draughty and leaky windows not only devalue your home, they also cost you money in energy bills. Installing new double glazed windows in Cornwall can save you money and add value and kerb appeal to your home.



New windows add value to your home – as much as 10% for many homes.

High-quality replacement windows increase the energy efficiency of your home.
uPVC is a low-maintenance choice for keeping your home looking bright and tidy for years to come.


Best Glaze Window Designs

Timber Windows & Doors For Elegant Appeal

Timber Windows

Timber casement windows are not only beautiful to look at, they are naturally energy efficient. Timber windows are perfect for older properties and achieving that classic look.

Timber windows have significant advantages:

  •  Timber can be shaped, carved, and painted to suit any style.

  •  Wood is a natural insulator and provides extra energy efficiency.

  •  Timber windows are environmentally friendly and can last for a lifetime.

Aluminium Windows In Cornwall Sleek & Stylish

Aluminium windows come in a range of colours and styles to help you achieve that contemporary look for your home. High-quality aluminium windows & doors will last a lifetime.

You should consider aluminium windows because:

  •  Aluminium windows have a lifespan of up to 45 years and will not rust.

  •  We can use sturdy frames for large windows to let in more light without adding frames.

  •  High-quality frames come in a wide range of colours and can create a modern look.
Aliminium windows cornwall & devon

Reasons to Choose Double Glazed Windows & Doors

Double-glazed windows provide much better sound reduction than a window with a single pane of glass. Increasing traffic and more neighbours mean your peace and quiet could be shrinking. Double glazing a window can bring some of that tranquility back to your home.

A window with double glazing contains a layer of gas between each window pane. This combination of extra glass and the gas layer create a much more effective sound barrier than a single window pane.

Double glazing and replacement windows add value to your home – as much as 10%. Buyers know they will not need to replace the windows, so the home’s value goes up. The added kerb appeal can also make it easier to attract buyers.

Double glazing, especially with uPVC windows, will eventually pay for itself due to lower energy bills. However, the increase in property value may mean an immediate return on investment.

Add Value To Your Home & Lifestyle

Double glazing increases the value of your home by up to 10%. Double-glazed windows also reduce the noise from a busy road or traffic. Double glazing also reduces your energy bills by £65-£110 per year.

Warm, sunny summers mean homes in the South West get plenty of sun. Double glazing can help you harness the power of the sun to warm up your living spaces in the morning. Easy-opening modern mechanisms open easily to let in the late afternoon breezes.

Winter chills, wintry winds, and rain showers are no problem with double-glazed windows to keep out the cold. The added insulation and thermal protection will keep your home warm in the colder months.


When you choose Best Glaze for your home improvements, you are just five steps away from a greener, thermally efficient home, and saving money on your heating bills.

We believe we offer advantages to customers around Cornwall. Our double glazing prices offer great value. Our extensive range of double glazing products will suit every style. Our experience means every installation will go smoothly and result in a beautiful improvement to your home. Our installers are friendly, our company is local, and our work comes with a long guarantee for your peace of mind.

When you choose one of our services, we’ll give you a free quote for the purchase of the best products and installation by installers with loads of experience.

Here’s what our simple, no-hassle process looks like in five easy steps.


You tell us what you have in mind for you and we will help you choose the right solution for you and your home.


Our qualified surveyor will accurately measure to ensure a perfect fit the first time.


Once you are fully happy with your order, we will arrange manufacture of the windows and doors.


We can guarantee that your windows will have been fitted by experts, because we will be personally fitting them!


We can guarantee that your windows will have been fitted by experts, because we will be personally fitting them!

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