Last year was a washout, but 2021 is the perfect time for home improvements despite everything else that’s been going on, we have all been spending a lot more time at home due to the pandemic and this has made a lot of us think about extending our homes for much-needed space, replacing those leaking windows and upgrading that tired old front door.

Now is the perfect time for home improvements

Usually when we start to think about home improvements work is the biggest obstacle that gets in our way, we have to take time off of work so we either lose money, let colleagues down or use up our valuable holiday sat around the house whilst the trades do their thing. Now is the perfect time for home improvements because we are already at home due to the pandemic.

perfect time for home improvements
Add value to your home with the perfect home improvements

Most larger upgrades such as new windows and doors usually take 3 or 4 days, maybe longer depending on the type of window you are replacing. Usually, that would mean booking a week off from work to be home whilst workmen are in your house. It is always advised to be around when having work done on or in your home just in case something goes wrong or you are needed to give your consent to something that maybe wasn’t anticipated.

secondary glazing
Frame beautiful views with the perfect windows

Why renovating is usually done in Spring

Spring is that time of year when most homeowners begin to think about renovations on their homes. The seasons have a strong bearing on our behaviour as humans, spring is almost like the end of hibernation, the awakening of our senses, the season when birds begin to sing again, the sun begins to warm the earth and plants begin to flourish.
Most of us like a good ‘Spring clean’ which is a ritual that began back in the days when our homes were heated by coal fireplaces or log burners, windows were kept shut to maintain the valuable heat during the dark, winter months.

enjoying a conservatory
Springtime is perfect for enjoying the outdoors indoors

The emergence of spring was an ideal opportunity to open up the windows and air the house out, clean the soot, dirt and grime that accumulated over the winter months. This became a tradition known as ‘Spring cleaning’ which many of us still enjoy – Opening the windows to flood the home with fresh air and giving them a good clean whilst they are wide open, cleaning under the beds, getting those hard to reach places that may usually be overlooked during a daily clean. It is also the perfect time for home improvements.

D.I.Y home improvements

Frame your beautiful views with the perfect windows
Enjoy spring with beautiful new windows

Because so many of us are now either working from home or are shielding or have been placed on furlough, much of the simple cosmetic work such as painting or new flooring may have already been done. Many of us have stuck right into the kind of home improvements that can be done using D.I.Y skills just to keep busy during the strange times we are experiencing. What about the more significant enhancements such as extending your property for that extra space we have all been craving, when should we do those?

diy home improvements
D.IY. Home Improvements can save you money

Planning larger projects

Given the uncertainty of the British weather, creating the perfect schedule for any building project can be difficult, to say the least, and they’re really never is a perfect time to carry out the work. Renovations such as window and door replacements can be planned for any time whilst larger projects such as extensions where a large amount of the work is external are usually best carried out during the summer months. The obvious drawback to that if you have young children is that they will be home when builders are on site, which can cause complications.

single storey extensions

Most larger projects such as conservatories, orangeries or single-storey extensions will need groundworks carried out, if you plan ahead this would ideally be carried out during the winter months, most vegetation will have died down, and soil will be easier to excavate. Whenever foundations need to be dug, they can create a mess that could ruin a summer garden.

Planning ahead for larger projects

Proper planning saves time and money

A properly planned out project will ultimately save you time and money, Best Glaze LTD are used to working around unpredictable Cornish weather. As anyone living in Cornwall will know, even planning specific aspects of a home improvements project to take place during periods of dry weather is certainly no guarantee that those weather conditions will be dry at all.

Our climate in Cornwall is largely mild enough to not pose any significant issues when scheduling so when we usually advise our clients to focus on what they want to achieve within the budget they set aside for the project rather than the timeframe for the work to be undertaken. As experienced home improvements specialists, we react to all weather conditions and ensure that the project pushes forward with minimal delays due to the Cornish climate.

When is the perfect time for home improvements?

Now is the perfect time for home improvements, with a lot of us working from home or on furlough, now is a great time to catch up on those home improvements without having to use our valuable holidays up. Spring is fast approaching, if you book now you can have work carried out during the warmer weather.