What Is The Best Conservatory For Bungalows

conservatory for bungalows

Homeowners living in Bungalows wanting to add extra living space to their homes often ask what is the best conservatory for bungalows? Adding a conservatory is a simple and cost-effective way to add more space to a bungalow or any other style of home.

The best conservatory styles for bungalows

However, adding a conservatory to a bungalow is something that many homeowners seem to be unsure about. Can you get conservatories especially for bungalows? Where can I get a one for mine? What design options are available when choosing that much needed extra space? Is a specialist installer required or should I just get a builder to install one? These are a small selection of the questions that homeowners of single-storey dwellings frequently ask about adding more room to their home.

If you are also wondering what is available and are looking for the best way to create extra space for your home, we have put this guide together which should help clear things up.

Best conservatory for bungalows

Best Conservatory for bungalows – What to look for…

Whenever you ask someone to describe a conservatory, they immediately imagine a Victorian style with a high roof and crested finials, because of this many homeowners wrongly believe that it is not possible build one on a bungalow, but this is incorrect. There are many different ways to overcome the issues you may encounter when thinking about creating a light, bright, extra living space.

If you are looking for the best way to create extra space for bungalows then there are two main choices available to you:

  • The gable end of a bungalow is the highest point, placing conservatories orangeries or extensions here would allow for any style to be installed due to being able to accommodate a pitched roof.
  • If the elevation where you want to add an extension to your single-storey home is not a gable end and you have a roof which comes down to just above window height this is not a problem, it would still be possible to install a pitched roof style with the use of a box gutter, this will allow for conservatories such as Edwardians or Georgians to still be installed anywhere on a single-storey home.

Best style of conservatory for bungalows

As you can see, it is not an issue adding any style of conservatories to bungalows, there can be some limitations but these are easily overcome with the right conservatory system. We recommend using the market-leading conservatory – Ultraframe.

With a combination of the Ultraframe conservatory roof system combined with a box gutter, the options for conservatories on bungalows are nearly the same as those for two-storey houses.

Bungalow conservatory

These are the top three styles of conservatories for bungalows:

Gable end conservatories on bungalows.

A gable end is easily recognisable by the pitched roof which features a flat front elevation, exactly like the gable end of a house. This gable conservatory is the perfect choice for bungalows as the conservatory will project from the bungalows own gable, extending the home and creating a living space that adds a real sense of grandeur.

Ultraroof grey tile conservatory

Georgian conservatories for bungalows.

Georgian style conservatories are a great choice for bungalows because coupled with a box gutter a Georgian can be installed on a bungalow without compromise, the Georgian conservatory does not need to be customised in order to fit a single storey building. Just like the gable-end conservatory, a Georgian creates an angular floor space which allows homeowners optimal floor space. The furniture can be situated within the room with no wasted space, the perfect living area.

conservatories for bungalows

Victorian conservatories on bungalows.

Victorian style conservatories are easily recognised by the bowed front elevation, which is constructed of either three or five facets. Just the same as the other two designs we previously highlighted, a Victorian would be installed on a bungalow by adding a box gutter, this allows the part of the roof nearest to the bungalow would slope back and down to meet the bungalow roof. This is a hugely popular style as it suits almost any type of home and creates a room that can be utilised to gain much needed space and enjoyed all the year round thanks to high-performance glass.

conservatories in rock

Gable end, Georgian and Victorian conservatories are all fantastic choices for bungalows. There is no reason why you can’t install one of these three style conservatories on the gable end of a bungalow, they would look exactly the same as a if they were built on a two-storey house. Installing a conservatory to an elevation of a single storey home with a gutter is also possible by using a box gutter.

It is a common misconception that it is not possible to build a conservatory on a bungalow and for them to look amazing. Because bungalows usually have a much smaller footprint than a two-storey house adding a conservatory can be incredibly valuable – both in terms of adding a bright and airy living space and adding value to the property at the same time.

If you own a bungalow and would like some extra living space, feel free to contact us for free advice about conservatories for bungalows. We can arrange a socially distanced visit to offer advice on the best type of conservatory for your bungalow and help you design a stunning living space for your home.

What are the best conservatories for bungalows?

The best conservatories for bungalows are Georgian, Victorian and Gable end conservatories. All these styles of conservatory can be installed on bungalows without compromising the conservatory style, adding much needed space as well as value to your home.

Do you need planning permission for a conservatory on a bungalow?

Adding a conservatory to a bungalow can create some desperately needed space. A conservatory is classed as a permitted build and you won’t need planning permission for a standard conservatory. In order to be classed as a permitted build and negate the need for planning permission certain conditions that have to be met. The company you choose to install a conservatory on your bungalow will know about the permitted building rules, if you are in any doubt then contact your local planning office.

Can you build a conservatory on a bungalow?

Bungalows are beautiful homes but may be limited on space, lockdown has made us realise that we could use some extra living space after spending so much time indoors.If you are thinking about adding some extra living space, installing a conservatory on a bungalow is the perfect way to extend your property without the need of planning permission.

Is it worth adding a conservatory to a bungalow?

Bungalows can be fantastic homes, however since the lockdown a lot of homeowners are wondering if its worth adding a conservatory to a bungalow for extra space. A conservatory for a bungalow can create that much needed extra living space that we all crave whilst also adding value to your home. Adding a conservatory to a bungalow can increase the value of your home by as much as 7% depending on where the home is located.

How big can a conservatory be without needing planning permission?

Planning Permission is NOT Required for Conservatories as they are classed as a permitted build as long as the conservatory floor area does not exceed 40 Square Metres, the conservatory must also be located to the rear of the existing property and at ground level, it must not be higher than the existing property.

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