Victorian Conservatory

Victorian Conservatory Installers Cornwall

Victorian conservatory – One of the most popular style of conservatory, the design is suited to almost every property whether its a new build or a period house, a Victorian conservatory will blend in seamlessly. Usually when people think of a conservatory it is the Victorian conservatory style that springs to mind.

Victorian Conservatory Classic Design

The classic Victorian conservatory style features a bay front, a steep pitched roof and ornate ridge detailing. You can of course choose the finishes on your Victorian conservatory these days, your Victorian conservatory can made out of modern materials such as uPVC and aluminium with numerous different design options you can choose that classic look or a sleeker more modern design.

Victorian conservatory styles are comprised of the three-facet Victorian, which features a three piece bay window at wide angles, and the five-facet Victorian. The Five facet conservatory style also features a bay front but with five main windows at smaller angles than the three facet victorian.

Energy Efficient Victorian Conservatories

We supply and install Ultraframe conservatories throughout the whole of Cornwall and Devon, the Classic Roof system gives your Victorian conservatory a classical appearance whilst maintaining energy efficiency. Your Victorian conservatory can be designed to suit you and your home. The Victorian era (when Victoria took the throne after King William died at the ripe old age of 71) is when conservatories become more widely available to everyone. Needless to say, the Vicotrians absolultey loved their conservatories…

The Victorians’ loved all things exotic, this included plants which required some way of keeping the plants alive during the cold English winter months. The conservatory become the must have addition to every home in the 19th century. The Victorian conservatory styles had moved on from the simple Georgian conservatory styles and were starting to become more elaborate, with design which echoed the period homes of the time.

Victorian conservatories were designed to blend with the property, this is exactly how the Victorians designed their conservatories. The conservatory should look like part of your home and not an afterthought. No matter how old your property is , your Victorian conservatory will have all mod-cons! Energy efficient double-glazing, electric ventilation and of course underfloor heating.

When designing your Victorian conservatory you should match the painted exterior to that of your property. Victorian conservatory styles often have thin frames and glass. Ultraframe take the frame size into consideration when manufacturing modern Victorian conservatories, they replicate the period style whilst adhering to Building Regulations.