Benefits Of Upgrading Conservatory Roof On An Existing Conservatory

Choosing to replace your existing roof is the best way to upgrade your conservatory making it more thermally efficient and creating a modern living space that can be enjoyed all year round.

The roof is usually where older conservatories tend to fail the most. Over the years there have been many technological advances in the manufacturing of conservatories with a focus on energy efficiency and design allowing you to create a modern extension on your home in a variety of long-lasting modern materials.

Upgrading your roof with a modern replacement will instantly transform any existing conservatory into a beautiful living space designed and tailored to your exacting needs. Modern roofs have been designed to last, whether you choose a roof with all glass panels, a solid roof or one of our solid roofs with full-length glass panels, all roofs come with a 10-year guarantee, but your roof should easily surpass this.

Upgrading a Conservatory Roof

How much does it cost to upgrade a conservatory?

A new home improvement can be a big investment for homeowners and it’s difficult to work out which products would be best for you, and with so many options on the market, working out how much it will cost you to upgrade depends on many variables that all contribute to the final price.

First, you need to consider exactly how much other work will be required when upgrading your conservatory. There are three primary choices when planning a conservatory upgrade, from least expensive to most expensive these are the options:

Upgrade Your Conservatory With A Choice Of Replacement Roofs

Replacing a conservatory roof is the cheapest option whilst rebuilding is the most expensive. Best Glaze offer a choice of replacement conservatory roofs from the leading manufacturers.


There are four different conservatory roof types available made by Ultraframe which we have listed in order from least expensive and least energy efficient:

durabase conservatory internal view

Class High Performance Glass Roof

Classic High-Performance glass roof: This modern glass panel roof has a U-value of 1, which is achieved using high-performance glass that reflects 89% of the sun's rays preventing overheating during the summer and heat loss in the winter. Perfect for replacing an old Polycarbonate conservatory roof or glass roof.

Beautiful Panoramic View

Ultrasky Thermally Enhanced glass roof

The Ultrasky roof has the option of a super insulated pelmet that sits around the perimeter of the conservatory roof. The pelmet serves many purposes such as preventing heat loss at the eaves beam, adding a feeling of premium quality and the feeling of being in a 'real room.'

The Pelmet is also the perfect place to house LED downlighting and even speakers should you wish.

Livinroof, Hybrid conservatory replacement roof


A lightweight contemporary style solid roof with space for glazing panels. An anthracite grey finish achieves a U-value of .18, which is brilliant thermal performance.

Plastered ceilings frame every opening to create a sense of substance and light. LED downlighting can be built into the pelmet for a modern, stylish effect.

ultraroof warm roof


Achieve the best thermal performance with the lightest roof on the market, the UltraRoof. Choose between three different tile finishes, double-glazed or VELUX windows, and enjoy your new space.

The UltraRoof is very strong, featuring a built-in pelmet. This sturdy construction doesn't require an internal tie-bar, so your views upwards won't be obstructed by an unsightly bar.


Leka replacement roofs are also a light design manufactured from glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) which allows a structurally tested, alternative to timber and aluminium that other manufacturers use. GRP does not sweat or condensate or cause cold bridging like an aluminium structure can if it is not thermally broken.

Leka Warm Roof

Leka Warm Roof

Leka manufactures a Warm roof with a choice of either Metro tiles or Tapco tiles in a variety of colours designed to suit the style of any home, old or new. The solid roof has a U value of around 0.12 and is JHAI approved due to the benefits and amazing design.

Difference between an orangery and a conservatory

Leka Orangery

The Leka Orangery system is unique, it is made up of a bespoke GRP ladder box, a lightweight system that creates the distinctive orangery style flat roof. The design allows various lanterns or flat skylights to be installed giving homeowners flexibility over design.

A Solid Roof Adds Value To Your Home

A new conservatory whether it be a glass conservatory or a solid conservatory roof will add value to your home and your lifestyle, having an extra room that can be used all year round makes a huge difference.

A new conservatory roof replacement will transform any conservatory into an extension of your home. Upgrade the windows or even the glazing and you will increase the thermal efficiency of the conservatory.

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