Ultrasky Flat Skylight – See The Light

Ultrasky Flat Skylights feature a modern and sleek style, the beautiful edge to edge design of the rooflight creates a frameless appearance from the inside. The contemporary flat skylight allows more natural light to flood into your home, giving you a frameless view of the sky.

The flat skylight is a popular choice with our customers in Cornwall, we have installed them into various types of property,we find that the Ultrasky Flat Skylight looks fantastic in literally any living space, pouring natural light into the room exactly where you need it. This Flat Skylight is well suited to dining room extensions, Kitchens, Bathrooms or any room where there isn’t much natural light.

The edge to edge design which optimises the light isn’t the only benefit of a Ultrasky Flat Skylight, the acoustic glass reduces environmental noise and is energy efficient. The core is also thermally insulated for superior performance.

Customise your Ultrasky Flat Skylight


Ultrasky Flat Skylight


Flat Skylight


The Ultrasky Flat Skylight Features:

  • Edge to edge glass modern finish
  • Clean internal lines
  • Slimline aluminium bezel blends with glass seamlessly
  • Fully super insulated frame
  • Fast installation meaning minimal interruption to everyday life
  • Acoustic glass reduces noise by up to 36DB
  • Long lasting, double seal gaskets

The Ultrasky Flat Skylight suits most builds where there is a flat roof specifically orangeries, extensions and also flat roofs, GRP Warm roofs.

The thermally efficient Conservaglass reduces heat loss whilst preventing solar gain, its acoustic properties also reduce environmental noise pollution; all whilst allowing the copius amounts of light flood your room. Available in clear and blue glass option.

The flat skylight is the perfect addition to our orangery and modular extension builds, In comparison to other skylights on the market ours has an increased thermal efficiency.

Your thermally efficient flat skylight will produce the following rating:

Overall U-value 1.2 W/m2K

The flat rooflight is available in black, white or grey as standard, however bespoke RAL colours are available upon request.

Your skylight will include a ten year warranty with Ultraframe for complete peace of mind.

Clear Views & Clean Lines

The Ultrasky Flat Skylight features maximum, uninterrupted edge to edge glass sightlines. This not only allows more increased natural light to flood the room, it also means you gain the maximum view of the sky. This minimalist style rooflight is designed to combine the latest in thermal-technology along with beautiful modern looks.

The flat rooflights are available in numerous square or rectangle sizes to which will suit all orangeries, extensions, conservatories and warm roofs.

Latest Technology

Our Ultrasky flat skylight has been carefully designed to sit flush with the internal plasterboard reveals creating a frameless viewing window from the inside. This edge to edge design creates a modern and contemporary feel to your home.

The themrally insulated frame features a double gasket which keeps the unit weather-tight preventing unwanted leaks and draughts. The latest in thermal technology means this is the most energy efficient skylight on the market. The Solar reflecting glass will keep the room cool in the summer and warmer in the winter.

The toughened, noise reducing glass ensures that Ultrasky Flat Skylight blocks out enviromental noise from the outside world, anyone that lives in Devon or Cornwall will be aware how noisy a seagull is at 5 am!  This skylight is perfect for coastal areas and will not fail in the harshest of weather conditions that we experience in the Southwest.

Mrs Park - Plymouth

Excellent customer service. Good time keeping. Always updates on work to be carried out. Very clean and tidy even when doing the muckiest of jobs. Would highly recommend. Very pleased with the work carried out on my 40 foot flat roof conservatory.

Mrs L. Park