Solid Tiled Replacement Conservatory Roof Installation

This is the latest Ultraroof solid tiled conservatory roof installation by Best Glaze. We were first approached by Mr & Mrs Williams in Mitchell, Cornwall because of a leaking conservatory roof. The existing conservatory was tired, leaking and unuseable for most of the year because it was either too hot or cold. The Williams wanted to enjoy the conservatory all the year round and after our initial meeting they decided on an Ultraroof installation.

The Ultraroof Installation Process...

Ultraroof installation Cornwall

We stripped the old leaking conservatory roof and removed the 60mm externally glazed windows and doors. Once removed we began to install the new 70mm Rehau windows and doors. The existing conservatory doors had a 100mm step which was a trip hazzard, we removed this and set our doors down 20mm above the finished floor level.

We Hit A Snag Or A Wire!

Not every installation goes without a hitch and this one certainly had us tripped out…

Whilst the installation was taking place the electric in the house tripped and the house had no power to any sockets. We hadn’t touched any sockets so this was strange. We called our electrician to come and take a look and they found the problem to be related to a common ground wire.

The back of this house is timber clad with no blockwork, its unclear whether we hit a wire with one of our frame fixings or not, but the issue was resolved.

Onwards & Upwards

Now that the electricity had been restored in the property, it was time to get the Ultraroof installed. We fitted the eaves beam, hips and ridge and began to slot the insulating panels into place.
Once the insulation panels were fitted we built the openings for the two full glazed panels, these would allow plenty of light into the space and the adjoining rooms.

Ultraroof insulation panels installed

OSB Board & Vapour Lock Membrane

The insulating panels are all locked together using the knock on clips provided, these are then fixed with screws giving the whole build rigidity.

Pre cut OSB board is then screwed down and a vapour lock membrane installed, at this stage we dropped the full length glazed panels into place and the whole build is now watertight so the next step is to fit the tiles, in this case they are carbon grey but there is a choice of three different coloured tiles.

Carbon grey tiled conservatory roof

Start To Finish In Just 3 Days

To remove the old conservatory roof and window frames and install new frames and a replacement conservatory roof has taken just three days. Our electrician goes in right after we finish and the plasterers will follow on shortly afterwards.

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Ultraroof installation cornwall

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