Ultraroof Installation In Camelford, Cornwall

This Ultraroof installation in Camelford, Cornwall for Mr Smyth totally transformed a tired old conservatory with polycarbnate roof into an amazing space that can be used all year round without getting too hot or cold.

Mr Smyth is located in Marshgate, Camleford which is a hamlet set in the parish of Otterham, Cornwall. Marshgate is situated within the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it is known by the locals as Marshgate in the mist!

Due to the location of the property it was important to choose a replacement conservatory roof that would withstand the harsh winds and rain that Marshgate often gets, which is why Mr Smyth opted for the Ultraroof.

Polycarbonate conservatory roof

Polycarbonate conservatory roofs allow heat to transfer easily into and out of the room making regulating the temperature almost impossible. Ultraroof Installation will transform your home.

Polycarb conservatory roof
Removing the conservatory roof

Unusable Polycarbonate Conservatory

Mr Smyth approached Best Glaze because like many others his conservatory was unusable most of the year.

Polycarbonate conservatory roof replacement

Transform Your Old Conservatory Into A Usable Space…

Best Glaze Windows Doors & Conservatories

Mr Smyth Tiled conservatory roof replacement, Camelford, Cornwall.

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We began the process by removing the old conservatory roof and sorting it for recycling, along with the old sealant and the existing lead flashing as this is always replaced with new flashing.

Ultraroof eaves beams installed

Once the existing frames were clean, the insulated eaves beams where placed into position. These super strong eaves beams are unique to the Ultraroof.

Ultraroof hips and ridge installation

Once the eaves beams are secured in place we then install the insulated ridge and hips. The construction is braced to ensure a level and true installation.

ultraroof installation of ridge and hips

We secure the new framework in place and check all critical measurements before installing the insulated roof sections.

Ultraroof insulated panels installed

The insulated panels are installed and fixed into place using a unique clip design which is then screwed in place. Onto the next step, OSB board installation.

Ultraroof OSB board installation

Oriented Standard Board or OSB as its more commonly know is installed over the whole frame work and insulation and a vapour barrier covers the boards to create a watertight construction.

Vapour barrier installed on conservatory roof

Vapour barrier is a breathable yet waterproof membrane. We tape all joints and run the barrier 150mm up the host wall which will sit under the new lead flashing.

Ultraroof tiled conservatory roof lightweight design

The lightweight composite tiles are designed to withstand the harshest of weather (even in Marshgate, Camelford) and will not slip in the strongest winds.

The Conservatory Transformation Is Day & Night

Polycarbonate conservatory roof

Old polycarbonate conservatory roofs are dated and are not energy efficient harming the enviroment and costing you money on unwanted energy bills.

Ultraroof tiled conservatory roof installtion camelford, cornwall

A tiled conservatory roof replacement creates a space that can be used all year round, is energy efficient and will not only save you money on heating bills, it will add up to 12% overall value to your home.

Internal view of ultraroof insulation
Internal insualtion and pelmets
Lighting installation in pelmets
tiled conservatory roof replacement cornwall
tiled conservatory
Ultraroof Installation In Camelford, Cornwall

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