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Top 10 Tips For Buying A Conservatory

What’s the best way to start planning your next big home improvement project? With our top 10 tips for buying a conservatory! We have everything you need, including helpful information on things to consider when getting geared up for an awesome journey.

Our guide will help you avoid the common pitfalls and choose the best conservatory for your home.

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1: Consider How You Will Use Your Conservatory

A room’s design can either encourage or discourage certain activities – Conservatories are no different in this regard, with the way you arrange your space determining what materials to use for furnishings and decorating it accordingly based on how that style suits both functionality of its intended use (e.g., dining rooms versus playrooms). For example: If I wanted my conservatory primarily used during meal times rather than when entertaining outside guests who might want some fresh air during warmer months; then lounge furniture would be more appropriate while reading areas would include comfortable seats and brighter lighting instead. Plan ahead as furniture shape and stylewill affect the design of your dream conservatory, orangery or single storey extension.

2: Visualise & Plan The Interior

What kind of furniture do you plan to place inside your conservatory? If it’s going stay open all year, then make sure the fabric is durable and doesn’t fade from exposure. For example an upholstery material like Cordura can withstand even harsh UV rays without discoloring or fading over time because it has been specially treated with a waterproofing agent that stops moisture penetration into its fibers! Carefully planning the furniture you want to place inside the space will help you plan and build the perfect room. Modern conservatories often include full height walls or Loggia columns, this makes housing taller furniture easier and reduces the amount of light saturation.

3: Have Your Property Valued By An Expert

One of the most overlooked of out top 10 tips for buying a conservatory is that adding a conservatory to your home can increase the value and offer extra living space – However getting an estate agent involved ahead of time will give you peace-of mind knowing just how much they think this investment could boost the overall value of your property.
Talk through different options with estate agents ahead of time, they will advise you if a conservatory, orangery or extension would be a better way in increasing the value of your home.

4: Do You Require Planning Permission

Thanks to relaxation in building law you don’t need planning permission to add most conservatories unless it’s larger than the maximum size allowed. It might be worth checking with your local council, as they could charge an extra fee for doing this and/or make sure that company who installs them takes care of any necessary paperwork if you get approval from them first-hand.

5: Choose A Design That Suits Your Home

If you want to be sure that your conservatory will complement the look of your home, it’s important to design one with one of our experts. We can turn your dream into a visual image that we can impose onto photos from inside or outside of your home so that all aspects are taken into account before committing yourself entirely with just one vision. A conservatory, orangery or single storey extension is a big investment and its important to see how it will compliment your home and suit your exacting needs.

6: Know Exactly What To Expect From Your Installers

Not all installation companies are equal, it’s important to be clear exactlywhat you expect from your installation from the start. Most customers are looking for an easy process with limited involvement, however if you would like a more hands on approach with more control over design decisions and consultation but don’t know where the best place in Cornwall might be, Best Glaze are Ultraframe scheme installers which means we are fully vetted and a preferred installer of Ultraframe conservatory products in Cornwall.

7: Choose A Future Proof Design - Consider Maintenance

The type of material that you choose for your conservatory project will dictate how much maintenance is required to keep your investment in tip top condition. uPVC or aluminium conservatories really do not require much more than wiping over with a soapy sponge every now and then to keep them looking brand new. Wooden conservatories however require much more work to keep them looking and performing their best, but offer a classic appearance in return.

8: How Local Climate & Position Affect Your Conservatory

You can have a custom-built conservatory to suit your needs and preferences, but keep in mind that climate is going be one factor influencing its design. The type of insulation you need will depend on the region where it’s being built; colder regions require more insulation than other areas which means there’ll likely come a point when brickwork or even solid roofs become an option for those building their homes with natural light as well protection from high temperatures during summer months. In sunnier climates such roof panels may do just fine because they’ve been engineered specifically towards handling strong rays throughout seasons – if this sounds good then don’t hesitate any longer!

9: How Will Your Conservatory Connect To Your House

The doors you choose to link your conservatory project to your home will determine how seamlessly your conservatory integrates with its surroundings. Bi-folding French door sets allow a seamless integration and separation when needed, while single panels provide an elegant look that can also serve as security if desired. There are numerous ways you can make your conservatory work for you, suiting the chosen layout and desired furniture.


10: The Cheapest Option Isn't Always The Best

As you probably already realised, the decision to purchase a conservatory is certainly not one that should be taken lightly. Conservatories can either make or break your home, and if you’re looking for the perfect design with high-quality materials you must choose a reputable company that supplies and installs quality conservatory products.

Best Glaze only supply and install Ultraframe conservatory products as we know these are the best on the market. Best Glaze are an official Ultraframe installer and a fully vetted member of the Ultra Installers scheme. Buy your conservatory in Cornwall with confidence, get in contact with one of friendly team today to arrange a free, no obligation consultation.

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