Home Improvement Projects In 2021 Windows, Doors, Conservatories

Home Improvement Projects In 2021

Many homeowners are already thinking about home improvement projects in 2021, Windows, Doors, Conservatories are at the top of the list. The lock downs have forced most of us to spend more time inside our homes which has made us focus on creating more space, making our homes more thermally efficient, even beefing up the […]

Green Scheme Quotes During Lockdown In Cornwall

Green Scheme Quotes During Lockdown In Cornwall

Green homes grant scheme in Cornwall How quotes will be affected now that Boris Johnson has been advised by his scientific team that a new national lockdown should be imposed, the announcement has revealed a month long lockdown will begin Thursday the 5th of November until the 2nd of December. Sir Patrick Vallance and Prof […]

5 Signs Of A Bad Window Installation

Window Installations

Window installations are a big investment for your home so when you have forked out your hard-earned cash, you want the window installation to be done right, nobody wants sub-standard work or the frustrations that occur having a poor job rectified. Not everybody will be able to spot the warning signs of a bad window […]

Why Do Windows Whistle? Here’s Why & What You Can Do

windows whistle

At some point, you may have noticed your windows whistle? Other noises windows commonly make are popping or cracking that is the direct result of the double glazed unit glass expanding and contracting at different rates to the surrounding window frame. Whistling windows may be cause for concern when you hear them, so let’s look […]

Get Peace With Double Glazed Windows

Peace & quite with double glazed windows

Peace from Double Glazed Windows can come from increased security for your home along with energy efficiency which will save you money, peace of mind is enough for some people, but perhaps the biggest perk of double glazing has to be the noise reduction. A good quality double or triple glazed unit can dramatically reduce […]