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super insulated columns

Super Insulated Columns

Also known as Loggia Columns, Super Insulated Columns provide more than just decorative style for conservatory, orangery or glass extension, they also offer amazing comfort. Being over five times more thermally efficient than a traditional brick-built pier of an equal size, a super-insulated column is a perfect choice for any new room.

Super Insulated Columns add both Style and Comfort to Your Conservatory, Orangery or Glass Extension

Super-insulated columns which were also known as Loggia columns will add a touch of elegant style to your conservatory, orangery or glass extension. The style we now associate with house extensions was originally inspired by the Italian Renaissance, these sticking columns have a traditional charm that has been captured and given a modern-day twist. They offer homeowners high quality and performance that is well suited to modern lifestyles, capturing an ageless aesthetic that can be tailored to suit any style of property.

loggia conservatory redefined

Loggia Extensions the best of Conservatories and Orangeries combined, the perfect mixture of light and sky with the solidity and security of internal plastered walls and ceilings. Loggia is a new type of home extension that is comprised of exciting and innovative elements, timeless aesthetics with a modern technological edge.

Combine Super-insulated columns with an internal perimeter ceiling that houses concealed downlighters or even speakers and you have created a cosy, modern, real room feel with the benefits of a glass roof allowing you to flood the room with light during the day, and view the stars in the night sky.

Super Insulated Column Cross Section

  1. Loggia super insulated columns Classic roof with cornice sits on top
  2. The insulation core is styropor carbon enriched expanded polystyrene
  3. OSB board to all sides mechanically fixed to battens (wrapped in Ultraframe branded breathable
  4. Powder-coated aluminium claddings in a range of 5 standard colours
  5. Various base details available
  6. Structural set-out post
super insulated columns top and bottom
super insulated column cross section 1

Super-Insulated Columns Flexible Design

Super-insulated columns are pre-fabricated in the factory where they are manufactured bespoke to each build, this makes them incredibly easy install compared to a traditional brick pier of an equal size. Because each super insulated column is pre-fabricated they arrive on-site ready to install which saves on both time and mess when compared to traditionally built brick piers.

Aluminium panel styles and colours

Super-insulated columns can easily be tailored to suit the style of your loggia extension. With a choice of external aluminium cladding panels available in five colours, which can be flat or fluted depending on whether you want a classic or modern style. Not only do these columns create a robust looking structure externally – it will also offer comfort internally, due to the insulating properties of the columns.

Super insulated columns colours

You can also add your own personal touch to the columns by choosing a custom RAL colour to either match or contrast with your existing windows and doors and create a real ‘wow’ factor that will be the envy of your neighbours.

super insulated column colours

Column Sizes

There are two sizes of super-insulated columns to choose from, each has its own purpose within the structure. The large super-insulated columns are situated at the corners of the loggia extension, while the smaller columns are usually installed inline between the window frames– this creates a uniformed and decorative sequence that will add aesthetic value to the overall design.

Super-insulated columns can run from the ground to the roof or sit on a ‘Dwarf Wall’, alternatively, a mixture of column sizes can be used to suit the design of your conservatory, orangery or home extension.


Which ever roof you choose to top your home extension, conservatory or orangery off with, will sit on top of the super-insulated columns, which are fitted internally with an insulator core comprising enriched expanded polystyrene and styropor carbon, making the column super thermally efficient.

Each super-insulated column is encassed by OSB board that fixes directly to stong battens that run the full height of the column. A porous but waterproof membrane is then wrapped around the entire internal structure, and powder coated aluminium claddings are fixed to the outside of the column to create the beautiful aesthetics.

internal view super insulated column and internal ceilings

Top column detail options

loggia top detail

Bottom of column detail options

column bottom detailing

The advantages of a super insulated column

If you have a conservatory, orangery or glass extension that lets the cold in our loses its heat, it will detract value from your property. Super-insulated columns will prevent chosen extension from becoming too cold during the winter months, while also providing a range of other benefits such as beautiful aesthetics, a robust and stylish look.

Super-insulated columns retain the heat more efficiently than a traditionally built brick pier of the same size. Your new room will be warmer, resulting in potentially lower running costs and a reduced carbon footprint.

If you would like more information about Super Insulated columns, Loggia Conservatories or any other home improvements in Cornwall, then get in touch with one of our friendly team, we would be happy to help.

If you would like more information about Super Insulated Columns, Loggia extensions or any other Home improvements, please get in touch with one of friendly team today.

Frequently asked questions about super-insulated columns

What is the difference between a super-insulated column and a Loggia Column?

Essentially the only difference between a Super-Insulated Column and a Loggia Column is the name. Since the introduction of Loggia conservatories in 2012, the name has evolved within the trade to Super-Insulated Column as a reference to its amazing thermal efficiency.

What is a Loggia Conservatory?

A loggia conservatory is a mixture of a conservatory and an Orangery with the addition of lightweight but thermally efficient super-insulated columns that give the structure an authoritative presence and a feeling of grandeur. A loggia conservatory can be in a traditional or modern style depending on the type of panels you choose for your columns.