Ultraroof Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof

If you are looking for a tiled conservatory roof in Cornwall, we supply and install the Ultraroof that not only looks amazing but it provides absolutely outstanding thermal performance. The Ultraroof conservatory tiled roof is both lightweight and simple to install, thanks to its lightweight and simplistic design. No other replacement conservatory roof delivers incredible thermal performance.

Ultraroof conservatory tiled roof is the strongest but also the lightest tiled conservatory roof available on the market. Designed to sit on either existing or new window frames and doors, the Ultraroof, unlike other solid roofs will not need a tie bar which creates beautiful vaulted ceilings inside with uninterrupted lines.



Market Leading Strength & Lightweight Design

Tiled Conservatory Roof

Why Compromise...

If you are looking for a replacement conservatory roof – or you are building a new conservatory – The Ultraroof tiled conservatory roof will reward you with absolutely stunning plastered, vaulted ceilings which created a warm, cosy living space, perfect for entertaining or as an extension to your home.

Fast, Clean Installation

The beauty of an Ultraroof tiled conservatory roof is that it can be installed with minimal fuss. The entire system can be watertight in around just six hours. The entire process has been designed to be strong, lightweight, and simple to install, all of these features mean less interruption to your life.

Weighing just 38kg/m² the lightest replacement roof on the market.

Designed for Superior strength which can easily span openings of up to 4M.

Thermally efficient achieved by the pre-insulated roof panels and pelmet.

Choice of three different colours of tiles, full-length glass panels or Velux windows

Ultraroof Conservatory Tiled Roof
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You can take a virtual tour of the UltraROOF replacement conservatory roof we supply and install throughout Cornwall. If you would like any further information or arrange a consultation, please use the contact form below to get a free quote.

There are many benefits to installing an Ultraroof tiled conservatory roof. It’s versatile and modular, can be designed in any configuration to include glass panels or Velux windows. The Ultraroof can literally be tailored to whatever you desire.

The Ultraroof conservatory tiled roof can be made to fit any conservatory style. The Ultraroof conservatory tiled roof can be used on existing conservatory window frames as a replacement conservatory roof.

A recent consumer survey about the Ultraroof tiled conservatory roof revealed that 8 out of 10 homeowners prefer Ultraroof over leading competitor brands. The reasons why are clear:

The Ultraroof conservatory tiled roof can be designed to suit your property with a range of different options such as tile colour choice. The Ultraroof conservatory tiled roof has a choice of three tiles to match your property.

Ultraroof Carbon Grey Tiles
Ultraroof Carbon Grey Tile
Harvest Brown Ultraroof Tiles
Ultraroof Harvest Brown Tile
Ultraroof Terra-brick tile
Ultraroof Terra Brick Tile

The Ultraroof is customisable and can include a wide range of glazing options, depending on your preferences. To allow natural light into your conservatory or extension, you can choose either full height glazing or Velux window alternatives.

This added flexibility means that you can add light to your home, in the way that you want. It’s proven that a roof that projects natural light into the rest of the home adds more value than a totally solid roof.

High-performance glazing reduces sun glare and controls heat entry which can be used to improve comfort. We use toughened, self-cleaning, glazing while the 4-15mm cavity is filled with Argon gas to maximise heat retention.

You will have a full range of design options when you choose Ultraroof conservatory tiled roof. You will be choosing a fully modular conservatory or extension tiled roof system that gives you full control. Almost every aspect of the Ultraroof conservatory tiled roof is customisable giving you full control to create a build that fully ties in with your existing property design.

The external fascia boards are available in different colour choices which you can use to match or contrast with your existing window frames: ‘White’, ‘Black’, ‘Rosewood’, and ‘Oak’. You can even choose your tile style, the colour of your fascia boards and the ridge and capping material, so your new roof right in with your property and looks like an extension, not an afterthought.

The Ultraroof tiled conservatory roof systems are rigorously fire tested to they make sure that they provide maximum protection in the event that the unthinkable happens The Ultraroof is fully compliant with the existing building regulations, it will provide protection to you and your family. You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with quality and assurance that Ultraroof provides.

Ultraroof is strong in design and light in weight. The Ultraroof tiled roof is designed to last and yet it doesn’t place any extra pressure on your foundations or frames – this makes it easier to obtain planning permission. Unlike other tiled conservatory roofs on the market, it never needs a tie-bar – no matter what size the room is. This is important if a vaulted roof is needed.

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Ultraframe Ultraroof products are made by designed and manufactured by Ultraframe. The Ultraroof tiled conservatory roof system is a solid roof that is perfect as a replacement or new build roo. Engineered by UK manufacturers, this is a fantastic conservatory roof upgrade.

You can replace your existing conservatory roof with an Ultraroof. Some changes to the walls may be required, but these will be assessed on site when we give you a free quote.

Ultraroof is available in a choice of three different coloured tiles, so matching the roof on your house should be easy.