LivinRoof Solid Conservatory Roof

LivinRoof allows you to create a beautiful, modern living space with a contemporary, hybrid replacement conservatory roof.

LivinROOF offers homeowners all of the perks of a solid conservatory roof whilst having maximum control of where and how much light enters the space thanks to configurable glass panels that can be placed anywhere within the roof.

LivinROOF is the perfect solid roof solution for new build extensions, creating extra dining space, kitchen space or a room for relaxing.

The Livinroof conservatory roof is lightweight and perfect as a replacement roof for existing conservatories in Cornwall.

Livinroof solid conservatory roof


LivinRoof Perfect Balance Of Light & Comfort

LivinROOF internal view extension dining area

Why Compromise...

It’s a tough call when choosing a roof for a new extension or conservatory, do you go for a solid roof or a glass roof? The LivinROOF offers homeowners the best of both roofs, there is no need to choose between a solid roof or glass conservatory roof.

The contemporary style roof features the benefits of both a solid roof and a glass roof which you can place in any configuration. Create an extension on your home that is a warm, comfortable room with plenty of bright, natural lighting and suitable for use the whole year-round no matter what the season.

Stylish & Energy Efficient

The Livinroof is constructed from high-grade aluminium or insulated composite external panels and insulation. Featuring a stylish, hardwearing design that gives it a stunning modern look. The urban grey panels that form part of the Livinroof will add that all-important wow factor to your home from the outside.

Inside you have a choice of pelmet sizes that create a stylish feature especially when coupled with LED downlighters and speakers. The plaster finished ceilings frame the strategically placed glass panels and bounce the light into the room.


Livinroof Conservatory Roof
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You can take a virtual tour of the LivinROOF replacement conservatory roof we supply and install throughout Cornwall. If you would like any further information or arrange a consultation, please use the contact form to get a free quote.
Livinroof cross section

The outside of the Livinroof is Anthracite grey (RAL 7016)

The insulated panels are 25mm thick with a choice of an aluminium panel or U-Tec composite panel

The Glazing bars are internally bolstered for extra strength

A layer of 90 insulating board sits between the bolsters

A further layer of 25mm insulating board goes over the pervious layer

A foil backed 12.5mm plasterboard covers the internal ceilings and is finished with plaster

Livinroof cornwall

The Benefits Of A Livinroof

Flexible Design

The Livinroof can be manufactured in any size or shape to suit any build and can even be fitted with a pitch as low as 5 degrees.

Thermally Efficient

With a U-value of 0.15 the Livinroof is 15 times more efficient than a normal house roof at regulating temperature


Glazing can be installed in any configuration within the roof allowing you full control over the natural light.

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Ultraframe Livinroof products are made by Ultraframe. The Livinroof system is a solid roof system that fits glazed panels and solid panels together into a single solid roof. Engineered by UK manufacturers, this is a fantastic conservatory roof upgrade.

You can replace your existing conservatory roof with a Livinroof product. Some changes to the walls may be required, but these will be assessed on site when we give you a free quote.

Livinroof is available in a contemporary grey to match most gutters.