Solid roof Installation in Cornwall

High Quality Solid Roofs – Transform Your Conservatory

Are you in need of installing solid roof conservatory for your property in Cornwall? Then, Best Glaze is the best option you can choose for you!

A solid roof can turn a tired old conservatory into a stunning extension of your home with beautiful vaulted ceilings complemented by LED lighting & a choice of glazing panels to fill the room with natural light, you can design an amazing space that can be enjoyed all year round.


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Solid Roofs

LivinROOF internal view extension dining area

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Be Inspired By Our Choice Of Solid Roofs

We offer a choice of solid roofs that are suitable for new builds or as a replacement conservatory roof, in fact, if you have a tired old conservatory that is leaking, mouldy, or suffers from damp and condensation, then now is the perfect time to consider a solid roof, less expensive than totally rebuilding & with a choice of solid roofs to suit any style of home.

We supply & install Livinroof and Ultraroof replacement conservatory roofs, along with GRP Warm roof solutions. Although these are all solid roofs, the designs do differ. What they do have in common is the fantastic thermal performance and environmental noise-canceling capabilities which is still important even if you live in rural Cornwall. The modular design of all three roof systems allows glass panels to be added in any configuration allowing natural light to flood the room.

The GRP Warm roof, Livinroof and Ultraroof will not only create a beautiful living space that you can enjoy the whole year round but will also add value to your home & save money on heating bills.

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Tiled Conservatory Roof

Tiled solid roofs are suited to almost any style of home and with a choice of three different tile colours a seamless integration can easily be achieved creating stunning results.

The Ultraroof is a strong but lightweight tiled conservatory solid roof. Glazing can be incorporated into the roof in the form of full glass panels or Velux windows.

Creating that real room feel has never been easier. Inside an Ultraroof you get beautiful vaulted ceilings with a plaster finish, installing LED downlighters into the ceiling and the pelmet that runs around the perimeter of the frames creates a stunning visual effect.

The Ultraroof has many customisable features to match both your home’s style and your exacting needs.

LivinROOF beautiful ceilings

LivinROOF Hybrid Solid Roof

The Livinroof hybrid roof is a modern styled solid roof system that is highly configurable, in fact, this is the most modular solid roof on the market.
Shaped glass panels can be added anywhere within the roof, this gives you the ability to focus natural light where it’s most needed and create beautiful features inside.

The Livinroof features a customisable internal pelmet which we fully insulate before plasterboarding and plastering, this makes the replacement roof more thermally efficient. You can create a stunning effect with downlighting LEDs, you can even add a sound system by integrating speakers into the ceiling pelmet.

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GRP Roof with lanterns

GRP Warm Roof – Bespoke Design

A GRP Warm roof can transform and conservatory into an extension of your home, creating a thermally efficient room with a choice of skylights or lanterns to allow natural light to fill the room.

A GRP roof has a 25-year guarantee, it is hard-wearing and durable, perfect for even the harshest of weather in Cornwall, perfect for extensions or replacement roofs on conservatories.

LivinROOF beautiful ceilings

Faster, cleaner installations

Conservatory roof replacements couldn’t be easier to install, the technology has progressed so much in the past 30 years that there is very little disruption to homeowners due to the speed in which a conservatory replacement roof can be installed. An Ultraroof can be watertight in as little as six hours.

The choice of the roof system is not restricted to choosing between a glazed or solid roof, as the solid roof range features the benefits of both systems which are available in a modular package. The Ultraframe range comprises of the Livinroof and Ultraroof range, additional we offer a bespoke GRP Warm roof.

Difference between an orangery and a conservatory

Extension or Conservatory – Our Solid Roofs Suit Any Build

The beauty of the GRP Warm Roof, Ultraroof & Livinroof systems is that they are all versatile and highly customisable solid roofs.

Any of the solid roofs can easily be used as replacement conservatory roofs to upgrade from an existing tired roof. In the majority of cases, the Warm Roof, Ultraroof & Livinroof will easily fit existing conservatory frames.

When we install a replacement conservatory roof we overhaul the rest of the conservatory to create a room that looks brand new. Maybe you are at the planning stage – if that’s the case a conservatory roof conversion which is also suitable for house extensions is perfect.


LivinROOF beautiful ceilings

Solid Roofs Building Regulations

If you are considering a solid roof replacement, it is important to check that your proposed conservatory replacement roof system complies with Building Regulations. Our GRP Warm Roofs, Ultraroof and Livinroof conservatory roofs all come under the solid roof category, and as such, they will need to comply with building regulations.

Best Glaze can help you with your design and liaise with the local authority to get Building Regulations approval should they be required.

The Department for Communities and Local Government, state that in order to avoid needing building regulations a conservatory must comply with:

• The structure must be at ground level.

• The floor area cannot exceed 30 m².

• The glass used needs to comply with Parts K4, K 5.1, K 5.2, K 5.3 and K 5.4 of Schedule 1.

• The conservatory must be “thermally separate” from the rest of the building i.e, external doors seperate the conservatory from the rest of your house.

• The conservatory must have standalone heating seperate from the house.

• The correct amount of glazing is required to be considered a conservatory
(No specific percentage is actually specified)

Our Solid roof conservatory roof replacements

Solid Roofs


Solid tiled conservatory roof

Solid Roofs


Contemporary hybrid solid roof

Solid Roofs
Solid Roofs

GRP Warm Roof

Bespoke GRP Warm Roof

Ultraroof tiled roof with high performance glass panel

Ultraroof Extensions – Seamless Integration

If you are thinking of building a house extension, the Ultraroof Extension would be the perfect solution. Featuring a simpler design that is perfect to form an extension, it also includes columns built from brick or using super-insulated columns which can be used to install beautiful Bi-folding doors. We recommend using Durabase for a mess and hassle-free build in a fraction of the time of older building methods.

Livinroof Extension

LivinROOF Contemporary Extensions

The Livinroof extension would be the go to solution if you want an extension which features super-insulated columns and has been designed to make cutting through all the legislative red tape – a breeze, your new living space will easily comply with building regulations, whilst still creating an extension on your home that can be used for extra dining space, a bigger kitchen or just a space to relax and entertain friends.