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Residence 7 design embraces multiple manufacturing techniques including traditional mechanical joints to create the perfect timber alternative aesthetic. Alternatively, mitered welded joints fused together diagonally create a contemporary appearance, the Graf weld creates a seamless diagonal weld. The Timberweld® offers homeowners a profile with an authentic timber look to both the inside and outside, or a mix of MechWelds and External Timber Look (ETL) creates a diagonal weld to the internal face, with a timber look to the external face.

Residence 7 offers homeowners the ability to create an individual style tailored to suit your home with a plethora of luxurious colour finishes and hardware choices. The 7 chamber system will make your home more energy-efficient, replacing your current doors & windows with a more, secure and attractive system.


Residence 7 Features

Residence 7 windows and doors are designed to complement any home, the products have been created to absolute perfection, allowing you to combine a modern appearance with personalised flourishes. Residence 7 is the perfect choice for your home in Cornwall.

Why Choose Residence 7

Residence 7
Residence 7

Traditional Style Hinges

Residence 7offers a choice of Butt hinges to maintain a traditional aesthetic, or create a totally new feature. The Butt Hinges can be installed as working hinges or as dummy hinges; either way the hinges provide an authentic traditional appearance.

Residence 7
Residence 7

Stays & Handles

Homeowners are able to change the appearance of Residence 7 windows by choosing from nine different coloured handles, Pear drop or Monkey Tail or Pear Drop handles, can create either a traditional or contemporary look.

Residence 7
Residence 7

Zero Maintenance

R7 windows require literally zero maintenance, a quick wipe over with some soapy water and they will be looking brand new again. Less time cleaning them & more time enjoying them!

Residence 7

Machined Seamless Joints

Residence 7 offers homeowners a choice of manufacturing technique. A mitre weld literally welds the joints together at an angle diagonally creating a contemporary look.

Graf weld creates a seamless diagonal weld by pushing the sprue inside of the frame which results in beautiful tight welded mire joints on the windows. Along with mechanically jointed transoms and mullions Residence, windows and doors are aesthetically pleasing and much stronger than any other systems.

The Timberweld® process used by Residence creates a frame with a timber look on both the inside and outside, the MechWeld/External Timber Look (ETL) creates a diagonal weld to the inside, with a timber look to the outside. There’s also the traditional mechanical joint fabrication for the ultimate timber alternative process.


Residence 7

Fresh design and modern performance; For homeowners looking for an contemporary flush finish inside & outside, the Residence 7 window and door system is recommended.


Residence 2

A Contemporary and squared off frame; Residence 2 technological design offers stunning styling and features that are only usually found on aluminium window systems, now in PVC-U.


Residence 9

Residence 9 is the best timber alternative available on the market; R9 features beautiful traditional timber window looks and heritage style in both its window & door systems.

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