High-Performance Glass Conservatory Installation In Mabe, Penryn

The latest conservatory installation by Best Glaze LTD is a High-Performance glass conservatory in Mabe. The existing conservatory was old, cold, and leaking like a sieve, the customer wanted the conservatory to open out into a shed that he is having built, so he requested that we knock through some of the walls on the left-hand side and install uPVC sliding patio doors so that he has easy access to the shed directly from the conservatory.

Old Conservatory With Polycarbonate Roof Removed & Recycled

conservatory installation in Mabe, Penryn, Cornwall
The existing conservatory with Polycarbonate roof has been leaking for years.

The first day the conservatory was taken down and sorted ready for recycling, and the brickwork was removed from the left-hand side dwarf wall for the installation of the uPVC sliding patio doors. The doors were installed and the welded cills then cut to size and horned around the door profiles for a nice clean finish. The Rehau window frames were then installed to complete the new framework of the conservatory. A temporary roof was placed on the frames and made watertight for the night.

Performance Glass Conservatory Installation -Mabe
Protection management in place and old conservatory removed for recycling
Performance Glass Conservatory Installation -Mabe
New Rehau frames on the new conservatory installation

On the second day of the conservatory installation, the eaves beam was screwed to the frames, all the components (windows, doors, roof framework) are back sealed to ensure a watertight installation and prevent capillary action from occurring in the future. Welded cills have a bead of silicone which prevents water from tracking back inside the cills, and all frames are sealed where they meet the host wall and then trimmed over the top, this prevents the silicone seal from splitting in the future and becoming dirty and unsightly. The thermally broken half ridge was installed and the glazing bars were then bolted to the ridge and eaves beam.

glazing bars fitted on conservatory installation

Timber frames were constructed and installed between the frames and the glazing bars using treated timber, the cuts were painted with a wood preserver before being clad and insulated. The cladding was all scribed resulting in nice tight, clean looking joints between the raked heads and the walls.
The internal soffit board was then clad in an easy to clean brilliant white uPVC, fixed using an adhesive so there are no unsightly nail heads or screws visible, just a nice smooth finish.

Performance Glass Conservatory Installation -Mabe
Performance Glass Conservatory Installation -Mabe
Performance Glass Conservatory Installation -Mabe