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Loggia conservatories

The Loggia conservatory is a modern glass extension that provides the best way to build extra space. It builds beautiful extensions, an alternative to a traditional conservatory and makes an orangery design more affordable.

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Loggia conservatories are a relatively new type of glass extension that first launched in 2012 where they quickly gained traction as homeowners realised the many benefits of the Loggia extension range. Inspired by Italian Grand Designs Loggia columns deliver shape and style along with amazing thermal efficiency.

Loggia columns are utilised extensively in many different types of buildings because of the many positive attributes that they have to offer any type of build – from contemporary aluminium glass extensions to solid roof conversions, conservatories and orangeries.

Loggia conservatories have become well known for the super thermal efficiency they offer as well as the robust look and added strength, that is why a Loggia column is the ‘go-to’ component for all almost every type of home extension project, not just Italian design inspired builds.

Originally known as a Loggia column – Installers, architects and designers now refer to them as super-insulated columns, this is because of the technologically advanced materials used in the construction of the product that make them thermally efficient and strong.

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Loggia Columns

Loggia Columns are perfect for adding strength and style to any planned glass extension, conservatory or orangery. Whatever style of build you are planning, adding Loggia Columns can really create that wow factor that will make your new room really stand out. As well as benefiting from the extra strength, adding Loggia columns to your design will offer improved thermal efficiency which is important when planning any build. The timeless aesthetics of Loggia conservatories – which offer the huge benefits of modern, technology – means that Loggia Columns will suit any age or style of property, creating a timeless look that will also deliver outstanding performance across a spectrum of essential criteria.

Loggia conservatories, orangeries and glass extensions have many attractive attributes, offering the same strength and robust aesthetics as brick built pillars but much easier to create – less mess, faster build. The columns are pre-fabricated, minimal assembly is required on site, this means less noise, less mess and faster installation.

Another benefit of Loggia conservatories is the super thermal efficiency they offer, in fact, a prefabricated column compared is over five times more thermally efficient than a brick pier of an equal size, which means your newly fitted loggia conservatory will retention heat five times better than a conventional build. Thermal efficiency is an important consideration when planning a new room, not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment but your new space will be comfortable the whole year-round, and save you money on heating costs.

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The right panel can transform the look of your new Loggia extension, bespoke designs allow you to create columns that truly complement the style of your home. Available in flat or fluted aluminium cladded panels, which a choice of five colours offering flexibility in design.

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Loggia Columns are available in two different sizes, each of which serves a different purpose. The large columns at installed at the corner of a structure, these larger columns build a robust-looking frame that creates a look of grandeur and presence. Smaller columns are then used throughout to break up the external appearance of the conservatory, extension or orangery.


The Loggia Columns support whichever roof system you choose. Each column is constructed using a modern insulated core designed which lends itself to amazing thermal performance. OSB board is mounted onto strong but lightweight battens and then wrapped with a porous, weatherproof membrane and aluminium claddings are added which create the overall aesthetics.

Loggia Columns can be constructed to tie in with a perimeter ceiling inside your new room which can be used to house LED downlighters, mood lighting or even speakers. Adding an internal permeter ceiling also has the added advantage of adding more insulation and the plastered ceiling will create that real room feel.

There are many ways of creating your own bespoke look with a Loggia extension. Adding a set of bi-fold doors to your new extension, orangery or conservatory. Adding a set of bi-fold doors adds a whole new dynamic to the space, allowing you to completely open the room up to the garden area – instantly creating the perfect area for entertaining guests.

If you would like to know more about super-insulated columns we have a page dedicated to them with detailed information on how they are made, how they will be incorporated in your design. The stunning aesthetics and thermal performance haven’t changed, only the name. If you would like a consultation to see how we can help you create your ultimate Loggia Extension with super-insulated columns, get in touch, we supply and install quality home improvements in Cornwall.

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Can Loggia Columns Be Retrofitted?

Loggia columns need to be added to your Loggia extension, conservatory or orangery during the design stage of a new room as the other elements of the build will need to be manufactured to suit.

Would Loggia Columns suit a modern build?

Loggia columns will suit either modern or traditional builds, by changing the style of panels and colours during the initial design, you can create columns that will suit any loggia extension.

What is a Loggia extension?

A Loggia extension is a relatively new type of home extension that is usually referred to as a cross between a traditional conservatory and an orangery. It is a thermally efficient mix of a double glazed conservatory and an orangery that has prominent features which create a presence of authority and a feeling of grandeur.

What is a Loggia Conservatory?

Loggia conservatories are a relatively new type of glass extension that first launched in 2012 where they quickly gained traction as homeowners realised the many benefits of the Loggia extension range. Inspired by Italian Grand Designs Loggia columns deliver shape and style along with amazing thermal efficiency.

Are a Loggia Column and a Super insulated Column the same thing?

The short answer is a Loggia Column and a Super Insulated Column are the same thing with a different name. The building industry has started calling a Loggia Column a Super Insulated Column over the years since its launch in 2012 to promote its thermally efficient properties.

How much does a Loggia Conservatory cost?

Prices for a Loggia conservatory can vary depending on size, style and location. However, as a guide, you should expect to pay anywhere from Lean-to 3 x 4 could cost in the region of £7,500 to £12,500. Victorian 3.5 x 3.5 could cost in the region of £10,500 to £15,500. Loggia conservatory 4.0 x 3.5 could cost in the region of £15,000 to £20,000.