Leka Xi Conservatory Base & Walls

Leka Xi – Modular Conservatory Base & Walls are a modern alternative to building conservatory bases, faster and cleaner installation than conventional building methods, the Leka Xi – Conservatory Base & Walls provide a thermally efficient, sustainable alternative to a traditional block & brick built conservatory bases and walls.

Leka Xi – Choice Of Builds, Styles & Finishes

The Conservatory Base & Walls are usually installed on small strategically placed concrete pads which saves time, creates hardly any mess and reduces the stress involved when considering a new build conservatory, orangery or modular extension.

The modern Conservatory Base & Walls come with a range of GRP skins which are available in a plethora of colours and feature either real brick face, stonework or even timber. If you prefer a render finish that is possible with the use of Lekas unique external boarding, which can be rendered to directly.

Leka Xi – Faster Installation

Because a Leka Xi – Conservatory Base & Walls system is easy to install with no deep footings required a conservatory base or modular extension can be installed in days rather than the weeks it takes when using older building methods. Due to the lightweight GRP structure, there is no moisture absorbed, no thermal bridging, no damp. The base and walls are both thermally efficient in building regulation standards.

The Leka Xi is precision, engineered using unique modular sections that have been prefabricated and tested in the factory. Before delivery, every single part of the Leka Xi is checked to make sure it is perfect. The Leka Xi – Conservatory Base & Walls provides homeowners with flexibility as well as offering multiple benefits.

Leka Xi - Conservatory Base & Walls

No Waste, Less Mess

No major footings needed to install the base. Usually, the base supporting feet are installed onto small, strategically placed concrete pads. Not only does this mean no extensive groundworks, but it also means less waste and less mess.

The base feet are fully adjustable and can be used on different floor levels, this ensure every installation has a perfect level finish.

Leka Xi - Conservatory Base & Walls

Base System Installation

A breathable membrane is laid on the base area before the pre-manufactured GRP base system is bolted together. The GRP base is made up of a floor perimeter outer beam along with strong, structural supporting joists that hold the thermally efficient PIR insulation sheets, installed in-between them.

Leka Xi - Conservatory Base & Walls

Modular Wall System

The benefits of the Xi wall system is its flexibility and modular features. All of the walls can be designed and built at different heights and even widths to suit your dream living space. All pre-manufactured into easy to install, lightweight sections.

Leka Xi - Conservatory Base & Walls

Roof Installation

When the modular framework has been installed we then install an appropriate roof system. We offer a choice of roofs, solid tile roof, full glass lantern, glass skylights, GRP Warm roof, all of which can be mixed and designed to suit your needs.

Leka Xi - Conservatory Base & Walls

Thermally Efficient

High-grade EPS insulation which has been pre-cut to size for ease of installation is neatly placed between the thermally efficient GRP framework.

Leka Xi - Conservatory Base & Walls

Plasterboards & Flooring

Once the window and door frames have been installed, the internal pre-cut plasterboards are installed. A top-grade weight rock flooring is also installed at this stage. The build is now ready to be either plastered or taped and jointed, once the plastering is finished flooring can be laid and window boards installed.

Leka Xi - Conservatory Base & Walls

Choice Of External Finish

The build is now ready for the chosen external finish to be applied. A choice of GRP Brick, Timber or Stone can be installed which are all zero maintenance, or an external Leka board which is unique to the company which allows for the outside to be rendered.




Leka Xi – Conservatory Base & Walls Benefits

  • Choose either Dwarf Walls, Full Walls or a Combination of all walls
  • Fast Installation
  • No footings, No excavation, Less Mess
  • Thermally efficient
  • Building regulations compliant
  • Perfect for properties with limited access
  • Cost-effective
  • Precision engineered, pre-fabricated modular sections
  • Zero maintenance
  • Realistic GRP timber-clad skins available
    Range of brick colour GRP clad Skins
  • Ability to render onsite
    Modular Design

The Leka Xi is a fast and easier method of building your dream living space. Often in Cornwall & Devon, we find that access to properties maybe restricted to larger vehicles making building works a long drawn out process due to logistics. However with the Leka Xi, no heavy excavation is required, this means no heavy digging equipment or tonnes of waste to get in and out of the property.

Leka Xi Conservatory Base Installers Cornwall & Devon

Looking to create a Conservatory, Orangery or Modular Extension in Cornwall or Devon? Best Glaze will build your dream living space, we offer a range of choices when it comes to conservatory bases, frame types and roof options. We offer the following roofs:

Solid tiled conservatory roof
Full-size lantern roof
Skylight lanterns
Flat skylight with an edge to edge design
GRP Warm Roof
GRP Warm Roof with Lanterns or Skylights
Solid Tile Conservatory Roof with Velux windows
Solid Tile Conservatory Roof with full glass panel

Get in touch today to see how we can help you build an amazing space on your property.

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Leka Xi - Conservatory Base & Walls

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