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Best Glaze supply & install Lean-To conservatories in Cornwall. If you are looking for a new or replacement Lean-To conservatory then we can help. With a choice of styles, we have something to suit any home.

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Lean-To Conservatories

The Lean-to conservatory, otherwise known as a ‘Mediterranean conservatory’, is the simplest style of all the conservatories, as the name suggests this style of conservatory appears to just lean to the wall of the house. Lean-To conservatories are instantly recognisable with clean lines that give it a contemporary look making them a popular choice of conservatory for modern style houses.
The Lean-To conservatory style is the perfect choice for someone looking for the simple, clean and modern lines of a Mediterranean sunroom.

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Lean-To Conservatory Syles

A lean-to conservatory can be styled to look either traditional or contemporary in design with just a few tweaks. If your home has limited space under the eaves, then a lean-to conservatory is the obvious choice. Properties such as a bungalow would also benefit from the style of a Mediterranean sunroom. The beauty of a Lean-to conservatory is the pitch of the roof can be adjusted to suit the building – so a shallow pitch can be used to fit a lean-to under a low bungalow roof and a steeper pitch roof would be perfect for a building like a terraced house for instance.

Lean To tiled Roof With full Glass Panels


Extra Space For Less Expense

Lean-to conservatories which are also known as sunrooms or garden rooms, bring a flavour of the Mediterranean into your home, allowing sunlight to flood the living space. The basic shape of the lean-to conservatory will give you the maximum amount of space in an economical style. The most economical way of building extra space on your home is a Lean-To conservatory with a high-performance glass roof. You have control over the budget by choosing a different roof style, contact us to see what we can build for you.

Modular Lean-To Conservatories

With an Ultraframe Lean-to conservatory, you can choose between 4 different roofing systems. The Classic Roof system, the Quantal insulated aluminium panel roof system, the Livinroof hybrid roof and the Ultraroof tiled roof.

These types of conservatories originated from greenhouses that were built facing south to catch the rays of the sun. The simple and economical structures not only trapped the sun’s light and heat but it also offered shelter from the harsh cold north winds. Present-day, a lean-to conservatory is the number one style conservatory for people looking to improve their homes, adding space and value.

Lean-to conservatories design is simplistic, usually at the very least one wall is already built, this saves on both time and labour, which means less interruption and saves money. A lean-to conservatory style is an inexpensive option, due to its simple design. We recommend using Durabase for any further walls that are required to be built. This saves on installation time, mess, and disruption.

A lean-to conservatory is such a versatile space with a variety of uses, it can catch the winter sun providing added warmth during the winter months. A lean-to conservatory could be used as a greenhouse, kids playroom, an extended dining area, lounge, or even a kitchen. Add some extra features such as under-floor heating and double-glazing to your lean-to conservatory and you have yourself a thermally efficient new living area for a fraction of the price of other styles.

Choosing a Durabase for conservatory walls is a smart choice, this modern solution to conservatory bases building is cleaner, faster, and saves you money. The garden area doesn’t need to be dug up for footings, several small holes poured with concrete will support the base. The steel frame is bolted together on sight, fixed to the house wall, and then levelled up on the concrete pads. The steel base installation usually takes a couple of hours, after which the brick-faced modular blocks are added to the steel frame which is bolted together to form the walls. The whole process from start to finish only takes a couple of days, no need to move drains or services! If you would like to know more about Durabase Installation in Cornwall & Devon then click the link.

The lean-to conservatory although simple is a versatile room, simply changing the style of roof totally changes the rooms dynamics. We offer a choice of polycarbonate , High performance glass, LivinRoof or solid tile conservatory roof.

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A solid tile roof creates that ‘Real Room’ feel, warm, cosy and secure. Full glass panels can be integrated into the roof allowing natural light to flood the room. With a choice of three different coloured tiles, your lean-to will blend seamlessly with your home.

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High-performance, self-cleaning glass roofs are perfect for homeowners looking to bring the outside, inside. You can really feel close to nature with a full glass roof, create a room that can be enjoyed the whole year-round.

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Single story extensions offer an opportunity to extend a kitchen or diner, add an extra sitting room or create a room for entertaining.