Is your conservatory roof leaking or draughty? There is a growing trend toward homeowners installing solid conservatory roofs to replace leaky or draughty conservatory roofs. The question is, is a solid conservatory roof worth it?

What’s wrong with a normal conservatory roof?

A classic conservatory which is usually made up of uPVC windows, doors, and double glazed units, with a roof structure that is usually aluminium sleeved in uPVC. This type of classic conservatory is usually cheap but with good reason, this type of conservatory is not great in terms of insulation.

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Poor thermal efficiency in conservatory results in discomfort. A badly insulated conservatory is often cold and draughty in the winter and unbearably hot in the summer. If you own a conservatory-like this, chances are you will only be able to use the space as a room for a few months of the year when the temperature outdoors is just right, not too hot and not too cold making it actually pleasant to sit and relax in your conservatory. The trouble is, most of us have already started using the space as a dumping ground as it’s not really fit for much else right?

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Is a Solid Conservatory Roof Worth It?

What is a solid conservatory roof?

A solid conservatory roof is a modern alternative to a traditional conservatory roof. A solid conservatory roof is constructed from technologically advanced that is both lightweight and thermally efficient. The tiled solid roofs feature a composite lightweight tile that looks exactly like a traditional roof slate and is available in a choice of colours allowing you to easily match the existing tiles on your home.

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Is a Solid Conservatory Roof Worth It?

Solid conservatory roofs are easy to install because of their modern construction, this means they are faster to install than a conventional replacement roof. The lightweight design makes a solid conservatory roof easy to transport and suitable for most existing conservatory window frames – you take the old roof completely off and then replace it with the replacement conservatory roof.

The ceiling inside is perhaps the most important bit, after all that’s where you will spend most of your time! Inside the ceiling has beautiful vaulted ceilings with a plastered finish that creates the look and feel of a cosy room, much like any other room of the house. Add some recessed LED lighting and maybe some speakers and you have created the perfect space to entertain and wow your guests, or a place to simply unwind and relax.

Is A Solid Conservatory Roof Worth It?

When you consider the cost of replacing a complete conservatory and compare it to the cost of a solid conservatory roof, it works out less expensive than a full conservatory replacement, of course, there will still be costs involved. So how can you be sure a solid conservatory roof is worth it?

One of the biggest benefits to a solid conservatory roof is the improved thermal efficiency you gain from the insulation of the roof. The room will stay much warmer during colder months, and will also keep out the sun’s strongest rays in the summer. Sounds better already right? You will have created a safe and secure, thermally efficient room that is useable and functional the whole year-round.

Not only will you have saved money on heating bills, but you will also notice there is less environmental noise from outside. The value you gain for you and your family by having an extension to your living space that is usable all year round is staggering – prospective buyers of your home will think the same. A solid conservatory roof could easily be a selling point when the time comes to move house.

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Is a Solid Conservatory Roof Worth It?

Improved security for you and your family

When you think off home security, you think of doors and windows straight away, not many homeowners consider whether or not their conservatory may be a huge security threat?

Even though almost every conservatory will have a secure and lockable door leading into the conservatory, not everyone remembers to lock them or doesn’t lock them because the conservatory entrance door is locked. However older conservatory roof panels can easily be levered off, this gives criminals easy access to your home or at the very least the contents within your conservatory.

A solid conservatory roof gives your home better security, breaking into a solid conservatory roof is extremely unlikely. Our conservatory roofs also feature the highest possible fire-resistance rating.

A solid conservatory roof can be designed to correct any flaws in existing conservatories, for instance, a flat roof that is prone to leaking could be replaced with a modern, lightweight solid conservatory roof that will add a pitch allowing rainwater to simply roll off rather than pooling up and seeping in.

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Is a Solid Conservatory Roof Worth It?

Is a solid conservatory roof right for you?

When you weigh up all the benefits you gain from installing a solid conservatory roof, we think that its a no-brainer:

Space that can be used and enjoyed all year round
Increased home security
Reduced energy bills
Reduce environmental noise
Added property value
Better thermal efficiency
Stunning Vaulted ceilings
Better aesthetics

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Is a Solid Conservatory Roof Worth It?

Proud Suppliers of Ultraframe conservatory roofs

If you have a tired conservatory roof and you live in Cornwall or Devon, we can supply and install one of the Ultraframe conservatory roof range. Ultraframe is the market leader in conservatory products. Ultraroof is the best selling replacement conservatory roof, also the strongest and lightest roof on the market.

Why choose us?

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Is a Solid Conservatory Roof Worth It?

We are a friendly, family-run business with over 20 years of experience in the uPVC industry, including installation of windows, doors, and conservatories. We are Fensa approved installer and Surveyors, Federation of Master Builder checked and approved, TrustMark government-endorsed installers.
When you choose Best Glaze, you are choosing a reputable firm with an eye for detail and a commitment to customer satisfaction. If you would like more information, please contact us, we cant wait to hear from you and build your dream space.

Do you need to take off my old roof?

recycle old frames

Yes we completely remove your existing conservatory roof to install a new solid conservatory roof. The old roof will be taken away from your home and will be recycled.

How long does it take to fit a solid conservatory roof?

There are many variables to consider when working out how long a solid conservatory roof will take to install, but we remove the old roof and get the new roof to a state of being waterproof usually in a day.

Do I need to be home whilst you install a conservatory roof?

No you do not need to be at home whilst we install a replacement conservatory roof.

Do i need planning permission for a solid conservatory roof?

Most new‐build conservatories with either a solid, tiled or glazed roof will not need planning permission, because they are covered under what is known as a ‘permitted development’.

Do I need any other permissions for a solid conservatory roof?

No but you need to make sure that your conservatory framework is structurally sound and can take the weight of a new solid roof. Not all solid roofs are the same and not all are lightweight.

We will check the conservatory frames and base at the the first metting and will survey it, if it is not fit to take a solid roof we will tell you there and then. If additional works are required we will advise you.

Any company you use should now be able to provide building regulations advice and sign off for the work.
Check any guarantees that are offered by any installer.