Is A Replacement Conservatory Roof Worth It?

Conservatory roofs differ in price, the type of roof you want will affect if a conservatory replacement roof is worth the cost.

There are also many different variables to consider when deciding if a conservatory roof replacement is worth the cost involved.

What will you be using the conservatory for?

Do you want to extend your home or enjoy the garden?

Do you need a room that you can use all year round?

These are just some of the questions that you need to ask yourself before considering if a replacement conservatory roof is worth it.

Ultraroof vaulted ceilings with LED downlighters

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Interstingly the word The word conservatory originated from the Italian word “conservato” ( dry stored) and the Latin word (a place for) “ory” – Conservatory was used to describe a non–glazed structure that would of been used used for storing food.

Later the word conservatory was used to describe glazed structures used for growing and protecting, plants from cold weather.

When conservatories first started becoming popular structures for homeowners in the 1970’s the structures were simple box shaped conservatories comprised of single glazed panels on timber frames. Over the years uPVC and Aluminium became increasingly popular and polycarbonate roofs were introduced as a lightweight glazing solution.

The problem with polycarbonate and older glass roofs is that they are not energy efficient or thermally efficient, in Britain this means the conservatory becomes an unusable space for most of the year. Fortunately conservatory manufacture has evolved over the years and the regulations for permitted buildings allows for much more flexibility in design.


Lean-To Conservatory

Prior to the relaxed building regulations for conservatories the structure had to have 75% glazing in the roof and 50% glazing in the sides.

The latest changes in Planning Permission and Building Regulations offers homeowners more conservatory options than ever before.

The relaxation in the permitted building rules also allows changine older conservatory roofs with a more substantial and energy efficient roof system which has seen a massive uptake in replacement insulated conservatory roofs.


If your conservatory is unusable most of the year due to being too hot or cold, or it leaks, suffers with mold and condensation but you don’t want the expense of replacing the whole conservatory, installing a replacement insulated roof could prove to be the perfect and most cost effective solution.

Is a replacement conservatory roof worth the cost? That would entirely depend on your own reasons for doing so, but before making a decision here are a few things to consider…

What Do You Want To Use Your Conservatory For?

Read through our options below and click on the one most suited to your needs, this will take you directly to the section to find out whether a repalcement conservatory roof is worth the cost, and what the best options are for your home improvements project.

Kitchen Conservatory

Find out the best conservatory setup for a kitchen extension…

conservatory for bungalows

Create the ultimate space for entertaining with our conservatory guide…

enjoying a conservatory

Learn how to enjoy your garden from the comfort of your home all year round…

home office

Convert a tired conservatory into a stunning home office, peace & quite at last…

Tiled Roof Conservatory

Build a cosy and inviting space where you can sit and unwind in peace…

LivinROOF internal view extension dining area

Extra Dining Area

Enjoy the most important meal of the day with all the family in a spacious dining area…

Best Glaze conservatory repairs
Kitchen Conservatory

Enjoy The Most Important Meal Of The Day In Style

Add value to both your home and your lifestyle with a stunning kitchen conservatory extension

Whats The Best Conservatory For A Kitchen Extension?

So you’re looking for ways to extend your kitchen using your exisitng conservatory, you’ll need to give some thought to how your spaces will flow and whether or not your existing conservatory will suit your planned layout.

A kitchen extension is a great use of an old conservatory space as it will certainly will increase the value of your home, which is always good right? But it’s important to get it right, a badly planned extension can easily detract from the value of your home.

There are so many different kitchen extension options for homeowners to choose from, whether you’re choosing to invest in a new conservatory, orangery or extension for your new kitchen or simply reimagine your existing one.


Lantern Roof

Make Your Kitchen Conservatory Light

Light plays a vital role in any kitchen design – as it is important to have a light and airy space that connects to the rest of your home. The replacement conservatory roof you choose will be critical to just how much light will fill your new kitchen area. We would recommend an Ultrasky roof that allows maximum light to enter the space and maintaining the connection with the outdoors whilst cooking and entertaining.

Modern Orangery

Make Your Kitchen Conservatory Spacious

When using a conservatory to extend your kitchen it’s a great idea to create an open plan space, open up the home into the garden and create an extension that really connects  with your home in a seamless ans sprawling manner, creating a sense of increased space. Knocking out the internal walls of your home may seem like a frightening prospect, but it’s a great way to totally transform your home and make your kitchen extension a focal point within your home.


If you already have a conservatory and wish to convert it into a kitchen extension then a replacement conservatory roof could make all the difference. We recommend the following roof systems for conservatory kitchen extensions:

Ultraroof conservatory tiled roof

Ultraroof tiled conservatory roof

Modern Orangery

The Livinroof solid replacement conservatory roof

Replacement Conservatory Roof

Aluminium, glazed roof

GRP Roof with lanterns

GRP Warm Roof

Convert Your Conservatory Into An Area For Entertaining Guests

Imagine an area of your home designed specifically for entertaining your guests, a stunning light and airy room with vaulted ceilings and focal points of glazed panels that frame the night sky.

LivinRoof allows homeowners to create a room that just does that, due to its flexibility in design you can have glazed areas wherever you want in the roof, offering you flexibility Livinroof Conservatory Roofover where the light enters the room and where you create beautiful focal points within the ceiling.

cleasn the roof down after lead flashing installation

Bring The Outside Indoors

Make the most of your garden with a stunning glass extension built with high performance glazing offering energy efficiency and stunning views!

Enjoying The Garden In A High Performance Glass Conservatory

Conservatories are a fantastic way to enjoy the garden, allowing you to make the most of the beautiful views and enjoy the feeling of being outside with all the comforts of being in your home.

glass conservatories bring the outside inside

Think Outside Of The Box

Conservatories used to have at least 75% of its roof and 50% of its walls constructed from glazed materials such as glass or polycarbonate, this resulted in most conservatories being a glass box planted on the back of a property. Thankfully this is no longer the case due changes in Planning Permission and Building Regulations allowing homeowners more flexibility in design and the ability to think outside of the box!

Modern Conservatory with Glass Roof

Modern Glass Conservatories

Modern Glass conservatories offer homeowners flexibility in design and style. Hybrid roofs with a mix of solid panels and high performance glass mean you can have a conservatory that allows you to enjoy the garden area the whole year round, with maximum views of the surrounding area both day and night, and minimal heat loss.

Depending on the size and style of glass conservatory, you could easily add up to 7% overall value to your home according to property proffesionals. We would recommend the following roofs for homeowners looking to enjoy the garden from the comfort of their home:

Replacement Conservatory Roof

Aluminium, glazed roof

classic conservatory roof 2020

The popular Classic Roof

Kick Back & Relax In Your Dream Space

Who wouldn’t love a little extra room to kick back and relax in, a safe haven, your own tranquil peace of heaven?

If you have a tired old conservatory that has an old roof, leaks or is draughty, you could transform it into an extension of your home where you can just chill. A roof with a view of the night sky or the bright blue sky.

Building the room is the easy part when you choose the right roof to suit your needs, the real question is, what would you do with that extra space?

Garden Rooms

Garden Rooms Are The Perfect Home Office Space

If you are one of the many people now working from home, check out our Garden Rooms, built to building regulation in a couple of days from start to finish and with lead times of just one week!

Home Office Solutions, Create The Perfect Remote Working Space

More people than ever are working from home, the Covid-19 Pandemic has made employers realise that they do not need the overheads of an office block and employees prefer the freedom of not having to commute to site in front of the same desk, miles from home just to perform the same tasks they could easily do at home during hours to suit.

Working from home sounds great, if you have a study, or a dedicated space in which you can work, but if you are working in an overcrowded home, or a conservatory with poor energy effeciency, working from home can quickly become a nightmare.

Convert A Conservatory Into A Home Office

Older conservatories are not energy efficient and as such get boiling hot during the warmer months and freezing cold in the colder months.

Converting a conservatory into cosy, secure and energy effcient room is easy with a replacement conservatory roof.

There are many solid conservatory roofs on the market that can transform a tired old conservatory into a space that can be used all year round.


Home Office Garden Rooms, Simple, Cost Effective & Energy Efficient

Garden room

If converting a conservatory into a home office space isn’t for you, we have another solution that will allow you to create your own santuary in your garden, a room totally seperate from your home, perfect for a home office solution, installed in just two days and building regulations pre approved.

A Garden Room is made of high quality, non fade and energy efficient materials that will create a stunning modern room in just a couple of days.

This stand alone build is configurable to suite your garden space with a choice of options and styles there is something to suit everyones needs.

Replacement Roof Options For Existing Or New Conservatories

Ultraroof installation cornwall

Ultraroof Tiled Conservatory Roof

The Ultraroof tiled conservatory roof features a lightweight composite tiled system that allows for full glazed panels to be incorporated, this is perfect for new and exisitng conservatories alike. Inside you get beautiful vaulte, plastered ceilings that create that ‘real room’ feel with the added bonus of allowing light to enter the room where it’s needed most.

Due to the intergral strength of an Ultraroof an unsightly tiebar is never needed, leaving you to enjoy an uninterupted view of the sky through incorporated glazed panels should you wish to have them.


LivinRoof Hybrid Roof

Hybrid roofs are new to the market but are quickly gaining traction due to the flexibility in design that allows homeowners to place a mixture of solid panels and high performance glass in literally any configuration.

The Livinroof creates a room that will allow you to enjoy the surrounding area all year round, with as much or as little glass panels as you like, you are totally in control of where the natural light enters the room and where you create focal points within the ceiling.

The contemporary design of the Livinroof is more suited to modern style homes.

Beautiful Panoramic View


The Ultrasky Roof Lantern has superiour structural strength which makes the rooflight bars much slimmer and creates a stylish, modern, minimalist design. The roof lantern ridge is far stronger than any competitors product; Due to the strength,fewer bars are required which means larger spans of glass allowing a better view and more light.

The Ultrasky roof is perfect for creating an Orangery style roof, for rooms such as dining areas, kichen extensions or a light and airy space for entertaining.

T Shape Conservatory

Classic Roof

This is the next generation of the classic roof, the product of over 30 years of evolution. The 2020 glass roofing system has the traditional looks with next-gen features such as thicker glazing bars to replicate wood joists that make this roof so popular. If your old conservatory roof is leaking, has mould, damp or condensation then this is the perfect replacement.

This roof system is perfect for those that enjoy the garden and are looking to enjoy the area surrounding thier home.

GRP Roof with lanterns

GRP Warm Roof

The GRP Warm Roof is becoming ever more popular with homeowners looking to create a bespoke roof for thier conservatory. With a life long guarantee of 25 years, its easy to see why this type of construction is becoming so popular.

Adding a lantern or skylight to a GRP warm roof creates the perfect roof type suited to almost any type of room.


GRP Tiled Affect Roof

We offer GRP Tile affect roof coverings that look like natural Brazilian or Spanish slate. This type of covering is installed over the top of a timber construction the same as warm roof build up. The roof covering is extremely hard wearing, comes in one manufactured piece so no worries about leaking or slipped slates. This covering can be manufactured to literally any shape roof.