2020 has been a washout, thanks to lockdowns and tier restrictions we have all spent longer at home. You may be wondering how to revamp your conservatory ready for summer 2021 so that you can really enjoy your extra living space.

How to Revamp Your Conservatory for Summer 

If you have been looking at your conservatory during the lockdown and wondering how you can get the most out of it, the perfect way to revamp your conservatory is with a replacement conservatory roof. You can totally transform a tired old conservatory with a modern conservatory roof creating a living space to be proud of both inside and out.

A replacement conservatory roof is a cost-effective way of creating a whole new room using your existing window frames. There are so many roof styles available that you can create a room tailored to suit your needs. Some homeowners find that there is so much choice it makes their head spin, that is exactly why we are on hand to offer free advice and help you choose the perfect roof suited to your exacting needs and the style of your home in Cornwall.

Best Glaze offer a comprehensive range of replacement conservatory roofs which are absolutely perfect for revamping your conservatory, choose from a range of high-performance glass roofs, solid tiled roof, or even modern hybrid conservatory roofs to totally transform your conservatory and get it summer ready!

Revamping your conservatory with a replacement roof options:

Replace the conservatory roof:

Revamp your conservatory with a replacement conservatory roof, its cost effective compared to a new build, there are many options for the new roof, totally transform your room with a choice of conservatory roof replacements. Conservatory styles are changing, there are so many options available to homeowners now that its easier than ever to totally revamp your conservatory.

Glass conservatory roof replacement:

Classic Conservatory Roof:

The Classic conservatory roof is a tried and tested system at the ripe old age of 35 years, over the years the Classic roof has evolved with the help of technological innovation in both frame and glazing engineering. Perhaps that’s why the Classic roof is the nations favourite roof system, and why we fully recommend it to all of our customers in Cornwall. Whilst the Classic roof maintains its traditional aesthetics, it has some technical aspects tucked away which make this the most thermally efficient glass roof on the market. With high-performance glazing that can reflect 83% of solar rays, built-in purge ventilation, this energy-efficient roof is perfect for enjoying the garden during the summer months.  

Every roof has been built to ensure water tightness in the harshest of weather conditions, perfect for those that live near the Cornish coast or the moors. Each roof is also built to withstand snow and wind loading, perfect for holiday homes as you have total peace of mind that the conservatory will not leak. Homeowners can customise their replacement conservatory roof by choosing from numerous flourishes, colours, cornices and even internal pelmets.

Internal pelmets are a fantastic way of adding insulation to a conservatory and a great feature where downlighting and even speakers can be placed. Installing a super-insulated pelmet to a glass roof conservatory creates an Orangery feel inside of the conservatory, adding a touch of luxury to your living space.

LivinROOF internal view extension dining area

Solid roof Conservatory Roof Replacement:

A solid roof is an ultimate way to revamp your conservatory especially when you choose the Livinroof replacement conservatory roof which is a hybrid solid roof. Livinroof offers homeowners flexibility through design, glass roof panels can be put anywhere in the roof system along with solid aluminium insulated panels to create a contemporary looking conservatory externally.

The Livinroof is perfect for conservatory roof replacements due to only weighing 31kg/m2. This is one of the lightest solid conservatory roofs on the market with a weight about the same as a glass roof of a similar size, it is lighter than other solid roofs. This is why it can sit on the original window frames with no issues, however, we do carry out a full survey to ensure that the windows are structurally sound.

Inside, the Livinroof creates beautiful vaulted ceilings with a plaster finish. The shaped glass panels create an attractive focal point and allow natural light to enter the room exactly where needed. With this replacement conservatory roof, you get that ‘real room’ feeling and cosy feel, add LED downlighters to the ceiling or insulated internal pelmet to create a real wow factor.

Livinroof conservatory roof

Solid Tiled Roof Conservatory Roof Replacement:

We offer our customers the market-leading solid tiled conservatory roof replacement, the Ultraroof. The Ultraroof stands out from the crowd of solid roofs due to its amazing integral strength which is why the Ultraroof can be configured into any shape or style and will not ever need tiebars to maintain its shape. Another unique feature that this conservatory roof system has is a built-in 380mm pelmet on the eaves beam which sits around the perimeter of the window frames.

Inside beautiful vaulted ceilings with a plastered finish, LED downlighters in the ceiling or around the pelmet create a stunning space that is more like a modern extension than a revamped conservatory. This super thermally efficient replacement conservatory roof will create a safe, secure and cosy room that can be enjoyed the whole year-round.

Full-length glazing panels can be installed on the Ultraroof or Velux windows if you prefer an opening window in the roof. Full-length glazing panels not only look amazing from inside and out creating a focal point, but you will also have total control over the design of the roof and how and where natural light enters the living space. Ultraroof also meets fire regulations – B-roof, according to EN 13501-5:2016; and AC, according to BS476-3:2004.


Upgrade the glazing:

It’s no secret that older conservatories are not very energy efficient which is why you are probably thinking about revamping your conservatory right? If your old conservatory fluctuates in temperature it is most likely because of the roof, if your conservatory roof is not thermally efficient or is leaking, replacing the conservatory roof is one way of making it thermally efficient, the other option is replacing the glass panels to increase the thermal performance and lifespan of the conservatory. 

Modern technological advances in glazing mean that new glass panels perform much better than older glass, modern glazing is able to regulate temperature by retaining heat and reflecting the suns harmful UV rays and heat away from the roof, much more effectively than panels installed years ago. Replacement glass panels can improve thermal efficiency by up to 33% – which could save you money on your energy bills and provide you with a room that can be enjoyed no matter what the weather or season.

Make your home flow into the garden:

Another way to revamp your conservatory is with a new set of doors such as bi-folds or full glass sliding doors allowing you to bring the outdoors indoors, perfect for entertaining during the warm summer months. 

Not only does adding a set of feature doors like bi-folds revamp your conservatory and give it a new lease of life, it completely changes the dynamic of the room and the way it’s used. By opening up the space between your conservatory and garden you will make the whole lower floor feel so much bigger and brighter, whilst creating a new area to spend time with the family, a place to entertain and chill. 

Refurnish your conservatory for summer:

The simplest way to revamp your conservatory is with new furnishings for summer. Choose conservatory furniture which creates space, light and adds bright, vivid colour to the room, large bulky and dark furniture can make the room feel dark and gloomy and may also be subject to fading. You can, however, prevent conservatory furniture from fading by replacing the glass with high-performance glass which has a built-in a UV filter. 

Conservatory glass roof revamp your conservatory
Classic Glass Roof Conservatory


Can I revamp my conservatory for summer?

Yes you can revamp your conservatory for summer and even before the summer arrives. All of the conservatory products we supply in Cornwall have a fast installation time, so your conservatory could be summer ready in just a couple of months. Contact us today to discuss your options.

What are the replacement conservatory roof options?

When you want to revamp your conservatory with a replacement conservatory roof you will have numerous options available to you, solid hybrid roof, solid tiled roof, Orangery roof, GRP Warm roof with lanterns or skylights, glass roofs.

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