How to Look After A Composite Door top tips

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Composite doors require routine maintenance

Knowing how to look after a composite door is important to keep your door looking and working at it’s best. Many homeowners are under the impression that a composite door doesn’t require any special maintenance, however, that is not the case.

uPVC doors are often viewed as the easiest to care for, but the composite door is by far the best for longevity and easy upkeep providing you follow these top tips.

In order to keep your composite door looking and working at its best, you will need to carry out regular maintenance. A few minutes a month will ensure that your composite door will last and look great for many years. Here’s how to look after a composite door.

Composite doors are a cross between uPVC and Wooden doors offering the ease of maintenance of UPVC and the aesthetics of wood. The advantage of this type of door over a timer one is that wood is naturally porous, as such it must be adequately protected in order to prevent the door slab and frame from rotting or warping.

A quality product must be used to obtain a decent finish which should then be periodically re-applied so the door continues to fit function properly. Wood also requires protection from the sun otherwise it will fade and could shrink or crack if not treated properly.

uPVC doors are a lot easier to maintain than wood, keeping them clean can be as easy as wiping over with a sponge and hot soapy water, for more stubborn dirt a special cleaner can be used which will make the door look as if it were brand new again. A uPVC door is easier to look after than wood, but neither offers the convenience of a composite door.

The beauty of a composite door is the easy-care design which means minimal maintenance is required. They are constructed to be secure, thermally efficient, and are beautifully designed. No special cleaning liquid is required for a composite door, no special cleaning equipment is needed – It couldn’t be easier to keep your door well maintained throughout the year. It is important to maintain any door properly, not only for aesthetics but also for fundamental functionality.

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How to clean a composite door properly

Maintenance on your new door should be performed roughly once a month for the best results. The slab and the frame should be cleaned separately as they will require different methods of cleaning. For the leaf, you should use a soft cloth or sponge and warm, soapy water to remove any stubborn dirt and grime which builds up over time and can cause issues when the door opens and shuts. Wipe the door leaf dry with a soft cloth taking care, not to scratch the slab.

How to clean the door frame

To clean the frame, use warm, soapy water and gently wipe around the frame. For frames with a heavy build-up of dirt that won’t clean off with soapy water, a uPVC cleaning product may be used, something like an acetone-free uPVC cleaner would be ok. If you do use a cleaner you must avoid getting it near the actual slab as it will affect the finish of the door.

If you do need to use acetone of the frame, it is advised to hang a dust sheet over the leaf to ensure no overspray lands on the surface.

How to clean the glass in a composite door

Again the best method of cleaning the glass in a composite door is too simply clean with warm soapy water and a clean sponge to clean away the worst of the dirt, when the glass looks cleaner, finish the windows with glass cleaner to add a bit of shine and prevent dirt sticking.

Cleaning door furniture the right way

Door furniture such as handles, knocker and letterboxes require nothing more than a simple wipe with a clean cloth soaked in detergent and a wipe clean with a dry lint-free cloth used to buff to an immaculate shine.

Look after your hinges and your composite door will look after you

Maintaining the hinges with some 3in1 oil applied every six months will ensure the door opens and closes with ease. Do not be tempted to lubricate the door locks with oil, use a graphite powder for locks, it will prevent dirt build-up and keep them working as they should. Cleaning the door hardware twice a year will keep everything in perfect working order.

Can I use WD-40 on my composite door

An age-old installer trick is to spray a composite door with WD-40 or some other silicone spray to give it a lovely shine, this does work but it is only very temporary. If you want to give your composite door that ‘brand new look’ then soak a rag in 3in1 oil and carefully wipe around the slab and the furniture avoiding the glass, this will give longer-lasting protection and shine to the door than a silicone-based spray.

How to restore a faded composite door

Restoring a faded composite door that hasn’t been well maintained is actually easier than you may think. Best Glaze recommend a product called Polytrol for restoring faded surfaces. To do the restoration follow these three simple steps:

What is the difference between a composite door and a uPVC door?

uPVC doors are made solely of plastic, composite doors are manufactured using numerous different materials which are compressed and glued under high pressure forming the slab or leaf, they are more thermally efficient, secure and longer-lasting when properly maintained.

How much does a composite door cost?

There are many variables that affect the price of a composite door but you should expect to pay anywhere from £850 for a basic style, different glazing and design styles will affect the price and could make the door more expensive. These are the five main factors that affect how much composite door costs:


Style affects the price because popular styles are produced in larger quantities which makes them less expensive. A purple door with floral glazing would cost more than a white heritage style for example.


Standard colours such as white, blue and anthracite for example are mass produced and as such will cost less than non-standard colours.


There are many choices when it comes to glazing, different sizes, type of glass and the design will affect the cost. Complex glass designs will raise the price.

Door furniture

Part of the appeal of composite doors is the huge range of handles, house numbers, knockers and letterboxes which allows homeowners to create the style that suits them and their home. These affect the overall price of the door as the prices of door furniture vary.


Most doors come with multi-point locks as standard, however check with your supplier which locks yours will have as lock prices can vary.

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Is a composite door better than a uPVC or Timber?

A composite door features the best of both the uPVC and Timber, with the ease of maintenance equal too or better than uPVC and the aesthetics you get from timber doors.

Do composite doors fade in the sun?

A composite door is like any other home improvement, with the proper maintenance you can expect a long lifespan. Modern composite doors are resistant to fading and warping, so you shouldn’t worry about your composite doors losing colour in the sun.

What do i use to clean composite doors?

Cleaning composite doors do not require any specialist equipment all you need is a basic soft sponge and some warm soapy water. Make up a mixture of warm water and some washing-up liquid, use this to clean the frame and panels to remove the loose dirt and grime. A build-up of grit over periods of time and cause issues when opening and closing the door.

How long do composite doors last?

Composite doors have a minimum lifespan of 30 years with the right maintenance, the perfect choice for homeowners looking for a long term solution to a low maintenance door.

Why is my composite door noisy?

Because of the way composite doors are manufactured they can become noisy when they expand and contract. This causes the door to creak, groan, pop and make all sorts of noises which can be disturbing during the night if you don’t know what’s causing the noises.