How To Clean A Conservatory Roof And Frames

Professional Tips For A Clean Conservatory Roof

Knowing how to clean a conservatory roof properly and safely is important as they can quickly become green with moss and algae which not only looks unsightly but can also cause problems if left to get worse.
Before rushing off and soaking your roof with harsh chemicals or attacking it with a pressure washer, there are some do’s and don’ts to cleaning your conservatory roof which we will discuss throughout this blog.

It is important to keep a clean conservatory, as the rooms are exposed to the elements a build up of dirt occurs on glazing panels, inside the gutters and around the seals, all of which can cause or hide problems that we may have noticed if the conservatory was clean.

Issues like leaks start to show themselves as damp or mouldy green patches that may not be noticeable right away if the roof is covered in moss or algae for instance.

How to clean a conservatory roof safely

Before we get into the best ways of cleaning the conservatory we need to make sure that it is done safely. Can the roof be reached safely from the ground using a telescopic cleaning brush for instance, or will you require a ladder and some crawling boards to clean the hard to reach places?

If you do not feel safe climbing up on the roof you should consider hiring a window cleaner to do the job for you with a pole system to make the cleaning process easier to reach areas that might otherwise be missed by using soapy water and a garden hose. A window cleaner will charge around £11 to clean an average-sized conservatory.

If you want to save yourself some money and clean your conservatory yourself you need to consider what tools you will need for the job, what cleaning solution can be used on your glazing panels and the safest way to tackle the job.

Glazing bars are not designed to be load bearing and should not be walked on without a specialist conservatory ladder or crawl boards to distribute your weight.

clean a conservatory roof

Tools needed to clean a conservatory roof

This is the list of recommended tools needed to clean a conservatory roof safely and professionally without harming yourself or the glazing.

  • A ladder (preferably a conservatory ladder)
  • Large Bucket
  • Car cleaning sponge
  • Hosepipe
  • uPVC cleaning solution for the frames
  • Telescopic brush
  • Extending pole

You are now set to clean your conservatory roof safely and professionally.

Not all conservatory roofs are the same

Because not all conservatory roof glazing panels will be the same material, they will require different approaches to cleaning them. For instance, some conservatory glass has a self-cleaning coating that should only be washed using soapy water, harsh cleaning solutions can damage the coating and cause permanent streaks in the conservatory glass.

As a rule of thumb, a conservatory roof with a pitch of fewer than 15 degrees shouldn’t have self-cleaning glass surface as it would be ineffective, however, you should always check this with your conservatory roof supplier or installer before attempting to clean a conservatory roof.

conservatory glass films

How do you clean a glass roof?

When attempting to clean a conservatory roof with glass panels, it is best to arm yourself with a hosepipe and some form of a telescopic brush or window cleaning pole. Do not use any cleaning solution on glass roof panels.

A soft brush and some warm water with a little washing-up liquid are perfect to clean a conservatory roof with glass.

Remember to access the roof safely and distribute your weight evenly. You can use a rag with some conservatory cleaner on the uPVC glazing bar caps.

Avoid spilling uPVC cleaner on the self cleaning glass as this will cause permanent staining.

On stubborn algae we use a soft toothbrush to get into the hard to reach places, then simply rinse with water for a clean conservatory.

How to clean a polycarbonate conservatory roof?

A polycarbonate conservatory roof is a lot easier to clean than glass because you can use a range of different cleaning agents to help remove stubborn algae or moss without causing any damage to the roof.

uPVC cream cleaner can be used on the glazing caps to remove stubborn stains this is especially effective when used with a brush such as a nail or a toothbrush.
Some people like to use a squeegee attachment soaked in vinegar or a cleaner to make things a little easier. There are more options available to you when cleaning a polycarbonate roof as the cleaning product you choose will not harm the glazing panels.

Again, when climbing onto a polycarbonate conservatory roof, great care should be taken to distribute the weight evenly across at least three glazing bars where possible using either boards or a conservatory ladder.

How to clean algae off a conservatory roof?

Algae and moss seem to appear literally overnight especially if the conservatory is North facing, or we have had a bout of wet weather the good news is that it is quite easy to get rid of though without using harsh chemicals that could harm the glass panels or sealants on the conservatory.

The trick to removing moss is to get it wet first and then using a pole with a soft brush attachment gently brush it off the roof, if any falls in the gutters be sure to clean it out right away as it can cause blockages.

You can purchase a conservatory roof cleaner that is specifically for the removal of the green build up however these are usually expensive and we do not advise using them on glass roofs. Warm water with some detergent will do just fine for cleaning the frames and the glass and cost you literally pence.

Mix up your own cleaning solution using a mild detergent and clean your conservatory until only the stubborn bits are left. Using vinegar on a damp cloth, rub the stubborn areas, once you have finished cleaning gently rinse with a hose.

How to clean a self cleaning conservatory roof

Self-cleaning glass is great, but how exactly does it work? If like me you notice dusty patches on the roof of your conservatory whilst you are sat enjoying a coffee, you may be wondering why your glazing isn’t doing its job right? Well, actually it is!

If you are seeing small dusty patches this is actually how the glass cleans itself, by baking the dirt when the weather is good and washing the dirt away in the rain. Sometimes stubborn stains need a helping hand and this is when you should clean your conservatory roof.

Prepare your ladder on even ground, fill your bucket with a warm soapy cleaning solution, grab your pole with a squeegee attachment, start climbing those steps one by one heading up to the conservatory roofing and start to gently clean the glass surface one pane at a time.

When you finish cleaning a conservatory roof you should immediately rinse with water and then allow it to dry before focusing your attention on the frames.

How to clean the conservatory windows & uPVC frames

There is more to conservatory cleaning than just the roof, a clean conservatory requires the windows to be spotless. You can use things like cleaning solution when cleaning a conservatory window which will help remove the stubborn dirt and grime, but first, it is advised to rinse the whole thing down with water.

Now that the whole thing is free of dust you may start to scrub and polish your way to a clean conservatory. Start at the top and work your way down, use whatever products help but most people tend to stick to a solution of soap and water.

What do you use to clean a conservatory roof?

The safest way to clean a conservatory roof is with a telescopic brush and a conservatory ladder. Soapy water will aid is sufficient most of the time. Rinse the roof with water, then clean with the brush, then rinse the roof again to remove any soap, with a garden hose. A pressure washer can damage seals or silicone sealant.

How to clean a polycarbonate conservatory roof?

Use a soft sponge to carefully clean a conservatory roof with polycarbonate panels. Using anything too harsh or abrasive will mark the roof panels, so just gently rinse the panels, clean with a telescopic brush or sponge and then rinse again to remove excess soap.

How to clean algae off of a conservatory roof?

Algae is surprisingly easy to remove just using soap and water to clean a conservatory roof. A telescopic brush attached to a hosepipe is perfect for this job.
Avoid the temptation to use cleaning chemicals to clean algae off a conservatory roof as this could damage the glazing panels.

Can you stand on a conservatory roof?

A conservatory roof is not designed for people to stand on, the safest way to clean a conservatory roof is to use a specially designed ladder. C onservatory access ladders ensure that you do not accidentally stand on any glazed areas and risk falling through.