How To Build A Durabase Modular Conservatory Base

Durabase is the modern alternative to traditional wet builds and its so simple anyone can do it, all you need to know is how to build a Durabase conservatory base. Durabase is a fast, clean and energy efficient way to build conservatory bases and single storey extensions. No deep excavation, no waste, no Mess, no fuss…

Durabase is so easy to construct that it does not require teams of brickies and labourers, in fact a competent DIYer could build their own conservatory base that is guaranteed for 25 years and as solid as a traditional wet build.

How To Build A Durabase Conservatory Base No 1 Guide

How To Build A Durabase

Average Durabase Build Time: 2 days

Install Concrete Pads Or Foundation Blocks

Step 1 how to build a durabase

When you purchase a Durabase you will be supplied with full instructions that will show you exactly how to build a Durabase, included will be a pad plan that is clearly marked illustrating where you should install 450mm x 450mm concrete pads for the base to bolt to. A Durabase does not require 600mm deep footings like a traditional build so there is hardly any waste, much less mess and considerably faster.
This process can be made even cleaner and faster by using foundation blocks instead of concrete.

Lay A Weed Suppressing Membrane

How To Build A Durabase Conservatory Base No 1 Guide

A weed-suppressing membrane will ensure nothing grows underneath the base, we also use a pet-friendly weed killer before installing the membrane. A skirt will be installed on the base framework which will stop anything going under the base, this is covered in a later step of our ‘How To Build A Durabase’ guide.

Bolt The Metal Base Framework Together

How To Build A Durabase Conservatory Base No 1 Guide

The Durabase framework bolts together to create the conservatory base, these are labelled and a full set of instructions show exactly how to bolt the frames together. Once the frame is bolted together, use the self-levelling feet to get the frame level, once level the frame can then be bolted to the host wall. This method of building eliminates the need for builders, deep excavation and skips, knowing how to build a Durabase will save time and money.

Install The Floor Insulation Sheets And Flooring

install durabase insulation and flooring

The Durabase comes complete with insulation sheets which are precut and simply slot between the framework ensuring the base is energy-efficient. Weather proof flooring boards are then screwed down to the metal framework providing a solid floor.

Fix The Skirts to the Durabase Framework


The skirts are bolted around the outside of the framework, these feature real brick face slips or can be rendered to match the rest of the building design. The skirts prevent anything from getting under the framework and will be slightly buried. The skirts also contain air bricks to allow air circulation preventing condensation or mould from occurring.

Lay A Damp Proof Membrane

How To Build A Durabase Conservatory Base No 1 Guide

A damp proof membrane should now be placed over the top of the flooring and be neatly cut to the outside edge of the skirts, this will be held in place with the walls which will be installed in the next step.

Install The Galvanised Modular Walls

How To Build A Durabase Conservatory Base No 1 Guide

Durabase walls are equal in depth to a traditional wet build with a cavity, these come with real brick face slips and are all clearly marked with the positions that they should be bolted to. Simply bolt the galvanised modular walls together and fix them down to the base using the screws provided, you will be amazed how fast this process is, your conservatory base will be installed with brick face walls in just a day.

Fit The Joining Brick Slips & Grout

Install the brick slips

Durabase walls come with the bricks already fully installed including the mortar, where the walls bolt together the last brick face slips will need sticking in place with the provided adhesive. Once the adhesive has set mix the grouting compound as per the instructions and fill the joints, this will create a clean join that will blend seamlessly creating a brick wall that would be indistinguishable from a traditionally built brick wall. There is a huge range of brick colours and stone finishes to match the style of your home.

Install Welded Cills, Windows And Doors

How To Build A Durabase Conservatory Base No 1 Guide

Now that the conservatory base is complete, you are ready to install your conservatory windows and doors. Bed the welded cills down to the galvanised walls with silicone, and install the windows and doors in the same way as you would with a traditional build.

Fit The Conservatory Roof

How To Build A Durabase Conservatory Base No 1 Guide

Fit the conservatory roof to the host wall and the window frames following the manufacturer’s instructions. If you are unsure about installing a conservatory roof then you should hire a professional installer to complete this part of the project for you.

Install an Internal Window Board

How To Build A Durabase Conservatory Base No 1 Guide

You are now ready to complete the internal part of the conservatory project. Install a window board and stick it down with an adhesive such as Gripfill. You can also bed the window boards on silicone. A small trim can be used to fill a gap between the window frames and the window boards, this is better than using silicone becuase silicone will peel and discolour over time.

Wiring and Plumbing Friendly Design

The Durabase modular wall system has openings designed to take utility wiring and pipework, this makes installing sockets or radiators etc a lot faster.

Insulate The Walls

Rockwall insulation can now be packed into the Durabase Galvanised wall space, this will make the build energy efficient and provide U values as low as 0.18W/m 2k which is equal to the values of a traditional wet build.

Plasterboard The modular walls

Plasterboard the walls

Assuming you chose a plastered finish inside the conservatory and not a brick face finish, you can now go ahead and fit the plasterboard directly to the galvanised framework of the walls. You should use a 12.5mm foil backed plasterboard.


Materials: Sand Cement Aggregate Durabase

How To Build A Durabase In 5 Easy Steps

Durabase Suppliers And Installers In Cornwall

As you can see once you know how to build a Durabase conservatory or single-storey extension, its easy, clean and fast. The end result is a stunning construction that will last a lifetime providing you and your family with that much needed extra space. If you are looking for a Durabase installer in Cornwall, contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation, one of our friendly team will be happy to book you in for a friendly chat.

You can look at the Durabase section of our website to get some inspiration

Which Durabase do I need?

There are a few types of Durabase that you can choose from, pick the right one to suit your home improvement project:
Modular Dwarf Wall with varying heights of wall available
Full Height (glass to ground) for glass extensions
Full Height Modular Wall A mixture of full glass panels and dwarf walls of varying heights.

What finishes can I have on my Durabase?

Brick and Stone Finishes A choice of different coloured brick face finishes and different style stone finishes to suit any home.
XPM Ready to Render Choose to either render tyrolean or roughcast direct to the XPM board.
Cement Particle Board for Cladding Uses traditional wood cladding or modern composite cladding depending on your style of home.

Do I need Building Regulations for a Durabase Construction?

Durabase modular bases are pre-approved by Jhai which is an independent building inspector that is licensed by the government – via the Construction Industry Council (CIC) as an alternative to Local Authorities.

Can I have angled walls on a Durabase modular system?

Yes, you can have angled walls on a Durabase modular system, so you can create your home improvement project any way you desire just as you would with a traditional build.

What areas do you install Durabase modular conservatory bases?

We cover the whole of Cornwall installing Durabase conservatory bases. We highly recommend Durabase in areas with limited access, poor parking or sloping land.