How much does a tiled conservatory roof cost in 2021?

tiled conservatory roof cost

How much does it cost to put a tiled roof on a conservatory? Find out..

If you have an older conservatory that is now just a dumping ground due to being thermally inefficient, you will have no doubt thought about turning the space into a useable room again. Polycarbonate roofs are terrible for regulating the heat in your room which is why most homeowners consider upgrading their Polycarbonate or older glass roofs.

The most popular choice of replacement roof is undoubtedly a solid tiled roof, once homeowners decide that they want a tiled roof the next question they ask themselves is ‘How much does a solid tiled roof cost’, before working out the cost, you should work out the value.

On average adding a solid tiled system will add 10% value to your property, it was also add security as well as saving you money on energy bills throughout the year and improving your lifestyle. Since the lock downs we have all realised the importance of having an extra space that can be used all year round.

There are lots of variables that affect how much solid tile conservatory roof costs such as the size of the roof, make of roof, and more. The cost of a solid retro-fit can vary, sometimes wildly depending on many different factors that we will look at. Obviously, because of this, there is no set universal price that can be applied to home improvement projects of this kind. We can however take a look at what causes differences in prices which will allow you to make educated choices when designing your home improvements project.

A completely new build with a solid tiled roof will be a far more expensive option, compared to retro-fitting a replacement roof which is a more cost-effective solution. When working out the costs you will need to consider the main factors that affect the price:

  • What size is your existing build
  • What type of materials will be used in the construction

There are of course other factors that will affect how much a replacement tiled roof costs which are:

  • Removal & disposal of waste materials
  • Labour
  • Plastering
  • Electrics & lighting
tiled conservatory roof cost
Transform a tired old space into a beautiful modern room

Home improvement projects vary a lot, for instance, you may wish to have full glazed panels installed or Velux windows. Pelmets inside the room with LED downlighting or recessed speakers, the replacement of broken down sealed units, if new or replacement lead flashing is required all of these details (and VAT) will increase costs too.

The purpose of this article is to create awareness of the variables involved and how they can affect the costs involved in a tiled roof replacement, before making an investment decision on your home improvement project.

What’s the ‘average’ cost of a solid tiled roof?

Ultimately materials dictate the price, this is why glass is more expensive than a polycarbonate system of an equal size, a tiled option will cost more than using glass or polycarbonate on a similar size project.

So, based on case studies of our own installations, lets see, how much a tiled roof would cost:

When setting aside a budget for a retro-fitted conservatory roof, you can calculate an ‘average’ price based on figures ranging from £650 to £850 per sqm. These prices are an average and will vary depending on the brand you opt for, and where you live in the country as well as the company you choose. A local company is more likely to offer a better price than a national company that have been known to charge up to £1200 per sqm.

There is no way of being more accurate than that because of the many variables which we have looked at above, but it should allow you to budget for a replacement roof cost.

So let’s look at some roof prices of previous work that has been carried out by us. These are actual costs based on home improvement projects we have completed in Cornwall :

3m x 3m tiled : Full installation for £7,650 – £850 per sq M
(Prices may vary)

4.5m x 2.5m tiled : Full installation for £9,075 – £825 per sq M
(Prices may vary)

8m x 3m tiled : Full installation for £17,700 – £740 per sq M
(Prices may vary)

If you were to design and build a conservatory from scratch then the build would most likely cost 65% more than retro-fitting a replacement system, that’s a huge saving if you have an existing conservatory.

ultraroof cad design
Solid tiled systems from Ultraroof create that much needed extra room

What is included in the cost?

Again, there are many variables that will dictate the cost, but the list below details what should be included in the final price:

  • Removal & disposal of the waste materials
  • Potential structural strengthening (depending on the brand you opt for)
  • Materials
  • Tiles (depending on the brand some are included)
  • Foil-backed insulated plasterboard
  • Foil-backed additional dense insulation (depending on the brand chosen)
  • Fascia
  • Guttering
  • Lead flashing
  • Lighting
  • Electrical work
  • Plastered ceiling
  • VAT at 20%
ultraroof installation
Full length glass panels allow natural light to flow into the room

We supply and install Ultraframe conservatory products, the Ultraroof does not require extra insulation or tiles as the roof comes as a kit that contains everything. The insulation is prebuilt into the roof structure.

An Ultraroof construction can be assembled to a state of being watertight within just 6 hours! It is the strongest and lightest replacement conservatory roof on the market. The Ultraroof is guaranteed for 10 years, our work is also insurance backed giving you extra peace of mind. As Federation of Master Builder vetted members we follow a strict code of compliance, each project is given 100%.

We are also TrustMark Government endorsed installers that have been DBS checked. As a family-run business, we want our customers to have total peace of mind and feel comfortable during the installation of their home improvements, knowing that have chosen a trusted and reliable company to handle the project.

If you are considering a replacement conservatory roof in Cornwall then we can arrange for a free (socially distanced ) consultation. We base our quotes on a fixed-price cost, once our surveyor has visited and taken the exact measurements required, and ensured that the existing conservatory frames and foundation is strong enough to support a solid roof conversion we will give you the exact price. This prevents any additional costs from being added.

Most conservatories come under the permitted developments, however, if Building Regulations are required to carry out the roof conversion, we will sort out the application on your behalf.

Once everything is in place and contracts have been signed, we will arrange a start date for the project. Typically roof conversions should only take a few days to complete, we always do our best to complete the project in the shortest time without cutting any corners.

Consider your needs carefully weigh up the costs

The first thing to consider when thinking of converting to a solid conservatory roof is what you will use the room for. Planning ahead can help you make informed choices about additional glazing you may require to be added to the roof.

A new tiled roof will absolutely transform your tired old living space into a more conventional style room that can be enjoyed all year round. The main reason everyone chooses a conservatory originally is because it is a light and airy space. A tiled roof will be much darker than a traditional conservatory roof. 

Natural light levels will be reduced by roughly 10 percent when installing a tiled conservatory roof, this can of course be mitigated by adding full glass panels or Velux windows to the roof design.

Solid tiled conservatory roofs are super thermally efficient and will create a much warmer space that can be enjoyed the whole year round, even with the addition of full-length glazing panels the room will feel much warmer.

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