Home Owners In Cornwall can claim upto £10,000 for home improvements in latest Government scheme to boost economy and make homes energy efficient reducing the countries carbon footprint.

The government has pledged to pay a whopping £10,000 towards home improvements under the Green Homes Grant giving homeowners in Cornwall the chance to buy double glazing windows, doors boilers or insulation.

Thousands of families in Cornwall will be eligible for vouchers which can be used as part of energy efficient home improvements, the grant was recently announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak in a recent mini budget to boost the economy.

Under the Green Homes act households in Cornwall will receive vouchers of upto £10,000 for energy-saving improvements such as boilers, central heating or even energy efficient windows and doors.

The vouchers will help families in Cornwall to purchase Double Glazing winodws and doors making homes around the region more energy efficient whilst boosting the economy by creating jobs. This will also help the UK meet it’s 2050 target of zero carbon emissions.

The scheme is fantastic news for home owners in Cornwall and will create new jobs for tradesmen such as plumbers, builders and window / conservatory installers.
Cornish homeowners can spend the vouchers on home improvements such as energy efficient double glazing windows & doors.

Best Glaze offer a wide range of A- Rated windows and doors throughout Cornwall and Devon, we accept grant vouchers so why not make your home more energy efficient and give it a face lift at the same time!

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