GRP Roof with lanterns


Best Glaze LTD install a GRP Warm Roof  which complies fully with the Thermal Insulation regulation throughout Cornwall & Devon.

GRP roofing is perfect for Garage roofs, Bay windows, Balconies and flat roofs, extensions and Orangeries.

Warm Deck – Insulation is placed on top of the rafters/joists and the roof covering is then placed over the insulation. No ventilation is required for these types of roofs.

Cold Deck – Insulation is placed between the joists/rafters or in between the ceiling joists in the case of a pitched roof. Ventilation is required for these roofs.

Why Choose A GRP Roof?

To ensure our GRP roofs last we use the market-leading materials from Crystic Roof,  is an in-situ cold-applied advanced roofing system made from glass reinforced polyester, otherwise known as fibreglass. The Crystic Roof GRP roofing system is made exclusively by Scott Barda which is used by professionals all over the country because of its easy application and hard-wearing properties. Because the GRP fibreglass roof is a cold installation there is no fire risk, a GRP roof is the perfect replacement for tired old felt roofs.