Green Homes Grant Voucher Scheme Launches Today In Cornwall!

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A note to Best Glaze LTD from TrustMark! Green Homes Grant Voucher Scheme Launches Today In Cornwall & Devon is live today!
From today (Wednesday 30th September 2020) homeowners across England have the opportunity to apply for funding under the Government’s Green Homes Grant Voucher Scheme to make energy-efficiency improvements to their homes.   The vouchers will allow homeowners to obtain funding for up to two-thirds (up to £5000) of the cost of the energy efficiency measures identified, while lower-income households including those on certain benefits could be entitled to have as much as £10,000 of the costs fully covered. It is possible that over 600,000 homes could benefit from the scheme so there is a real opportunity for our Registered Businesses to refresh their delivery practices, develop new skills, gain more customers, expand, and grow. 
What measures are covered by the Green Homes Grant?
Under the Green Homes Grant, homeowners will be able to apply for funding to improve the property’s energy efficiency. This is a significant opportunity for tradespeople who are able to carry out the following works to gather new business: External wall insulation; internal wall insulation; cavity wall insulation Under-floor insulation: solid Floor Under-floor insulation: suspended Floor Loft insulation; flat roof insulation; room-in-roof insulation Air source; ground source heat pump Solar thermal Biomass boiler   In addition, households can use their voucher for further energy-saving measures. These include one or more of the following: Draught proofing; double or triple glazing; secondary glazing, when replacing single glazing Energy-efficient replacement doors Hot water tank thermostat; hot water tank insulation; heating controls
Registration with TrustMark
To ensure the work carried out under the scheme is of high quality that consumers can trust, all businesses need to be certified to install energy efficiency or low carbon heat measures to the relevant standards and be registered with TrustMark. They must be Publicly Available Specification (PAS) standards 2030: 2017 or 2030: 2019 certified, by a certification body that has been accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). More information is available on the UKAS website. To install low carbon heating measures, such as heat pumps, the business must be certified with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).   Once a business is certified to the required standards, they can register with TrustMark through one of our Scheme Providers. The business will be added to the directory of certified installers on the Simple Energy Advice website, where homeowners can search and find them to obtain a quote.    Quality assurance is at the heart of everything we do, so any business undertaking work for the Green Homes Grant must be compliant with the TrustMark Code of Conduct, Customer Charter, and all TrustMark financial protection mechanisms and other Green Homes Grant Voucher Scheme Rules.   More information about the Green Homes Grant Voucher Scheme Requirements for Registered Business are available below