What to Do When Your Conservatory Roof Leaking Can't be Fixed

High Performance Glass Conservatory Installation in Cornwall

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Conservatory Installation In Cornwall Mr & Mrs Hannam

Mrs Hannam initially contacted Best Glaze because of their conservatory roof leaking constantly. Upon investigation we quickly found out why the conservatory roof was leaking and advised Mr & Mrs Hannam of the best options. The existing conservatory roof was badly designed and the leaking conservatory could not be repaired.

Does Every Leaking Conservatory Roof Need a Replacement?

We know there are some cowboy builders out there. They’ll tell you whatever it takes to trick you into an expensive replacement. However, we never do that.

When we recommend a replacement for a leaking conservatory roof, we always show the problems. We’ll take pictures of where the conservatory roof is leaking. Then we’ll show you the source of the conservatory roof leak.

Our goal is to help you understand the problem and make the best choice about whether to repair your conservatory roof leak or install a replacement conservatory roof.

What About Mr. and Mrs. Hannam?

We took the time to help this lovely couple see the problems with their leaking conservatory. They were so impressed, this is what they said:

“… It has been a pleasure to meet Jay, Tom and Steve. I consider myself lucky to have found Best Glaze online and have no hesitation in recommending them and their work.…”

The Hannams existing conservatory was made up of two different conservatories bodged together. The conservatory roof was leaking through the roof, the frames and the floor. The window frames were too tall. They allowed water in because they did not sit on a projection sill. This allowed water to get in under the frames.

The eaves beam and ridge had not been installed and this caused a leaking conservatory under the soffit. Blowback forced water through and it leaked down the walls.

The bungalow gutters curved over the top of the existing conservatory roof. These bent gutters caused leaks and blockages every time it rained.

conservatory in frogpool cornwall

The Solution...

We advised the Hannams that there was no way we could repair the leaking conservatory roof. Any issues would reoccur and their money would have been wasted. We offered a quote for a replacement conservatory. Our design included raised box gutters to increase the pitch for correct installation of the window frame system.

We agreed a price and conducted a survey. With our manufacturer’s input, we worked out the optimal raised box gutter dimensions that would allow us to use full height window frames on a projection sill.

High Performance Glass extension in Frogpool, Cornwall

The Result

The result was a beautiful, high performance glass extension that will last for years and provide the Hannams with much needed extra space on their bungalow. We opted for full glass panels with no transom bars to allow uninterrupted views of the garden area.

Raised Box gutter conservatory on a bugalow

We install eaves protectors on all of our installations which prevents water blowing back under the eaves. We also use Leadax on our box gutter installations, this allows us to create a seamless and long-lasting protection against leaks, because we can install Leadax in one long, continuous piece, there is nowhere it can leak.

Leadax is an industry first for Lead Alternative products. It is the first lead substitute that can be applied and dressed much like traditional lead can. Leadax is as workable as lead flashing and can formed by hand regardless of the weather. It is lightweight and extremely durable material backed by a 20 year guarantee and is a safe non-toxic alternative to traditional lead.

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