Peace from Double Glazed Windows can come from increased security for your home along with energy efficiency which will save you money, peace of mind is enough for some people, but perhaps the biggest perk of double glazing has to be the noise reduction.

A good quality double or triple glazed unit can dramatically reduce the amount of enviromental noise that enters the home through a window, in fact, our double glazed windows reduce outdoor noise by up to fifty percent! Imagine what a difference that could make to your home, especially in a bedroom.

Everyone gets annoyed by some sort of enviromental noise, obviously where your home is located will have a massive bearing on how much outside noise there is. In Cornwall & Devon there is still a large amount of noise pollution despite being rural counties.

Quiet moments can be impacted by the screaching seagulls flocking around coastal towns such as Newquay and even cities like Plymouth. Truro, Cornwalls capital has its fair share of noise pollution, from traffic to construction. Traffic is a massive complaint for those that live along the A30 as well as other busy routes.

All those noises are the perfect reason to invest in some high-quality double glazing. We can gaurentee that you will be astounded at just how much difference some thicker glass will make.

If noise reduction, security or energy efficiency sound good to you then contact us at Best Glaze using the form below & we will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

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