Georgian upvc windows & composite doors

We were approached by the owners of this wonderful bungalow in Quintrell that were seeking to upgrade the look of their home with a more traditional aesthetic.

After an initial consultation it was agreed that Georgian style windows would suit the style of the property, complimented by a traditional style composite door in a stunning Peacock Blue.

Georgian uPVC Window Installation Quintrell

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All of our windows are low maintenance, requiring little more than wiping down with warm soapy water. During the installation we back seal all of our trims, this stops sealant from cracking or discolouring and causing leaks or noisy windows.
Our belt and braces approach to all of our installations ensures that our customers will enjoy trouble free windows and doors for years to come. If something did happen to go wrong, we offer a 10 year guarantee for total peace of mind.

Choosing The Right Home Improvements Can Transform The Look Of Your Home

Changing the style of windows or doors can totally transform the aesthetics of your home. All of our windows are A-rated and secure by design,  reduce your homes carbon footprint and make your home more secure with our range of double or triple glazed windows in Cornwall.

• uPVC window replacement increases the homes energy efficiency
• Windows are available in a variety of styles to complement your homes style
• Double glazed windows help cut down on noise pollution
• Increase the value of your home with new, stylish materials

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What are Georgian windows

Georgian windows are traditional style windows that date back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Traditional Georgian windows are characterised being a large window comprised of up to six or more smaller panes held together by horizontal and vertical astragal bars. Typically, the bars are slimmer than the surrounding frames that create a larger area of glass allowing more natural light to flood the room.

Why do all Georgian windows have bars?

Traditional Georgian Window making methods were limited to creating smaller sheets of glass. The technology at the time only allowed a sheet of glass less than a few feet square. This is becuase windows were made by glass blowing! As strange as it seems, a huge cylinder of glass was blown and the window sheets were cut from it. The sheet of glass would be curved and would be rehated and flattened out. Becuase of the size limitations, larger windows were formed from upto 6 smaller pieces of glass creating the traditonal Georgian aesthetic.

Why do all Georgian windows have bars?

It wasn’t until the 1870’s that technology advanced allowing larger panes of flat glass to be created. William Pilkington used ribbons of glass drawn from a tank by dual cooling rollers allowing for much larger sheets of glass to be produced, this new glass production ultimately created  a decline in traditional styled windows.

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