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Georgian Conservatory Installers Cornwall

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The Georgian conservatory features a flat front with either a square or rectangular symmetrical shape. Due to the style, the Georgian conservatory is perfect for housing furniture and especially good for those that like to grow plants, with little wasted space. The Georgian conservatory usually has a high, sloping roof style that creates an amazing vaulted effect giving you a feeling of plenty of airy space in the room. Your Georgian conservatory allows natural light to flood in, making it a bright, and uplifting room, perfect for relaxing, reading a book or entertaining friends.

Georgian Conservatories In Cornwall

Originally, Georgian conservatories were built on homes from the 18th and early 19th centuries, the style has since been replicated on many neo-Georgian homes. Owning a Georgian Conservatory immediately makes you feel posh, and rightly so because the Georgian conservatory was only owned by the very rich that lived in stylish and stately homes. Having a Georgian conservatory was very exclusive, not many had a Georgian conservatory before the conservatory boom that happened during the Victorian times. A Georgian Conservatory was a statement of grandeur and wealth.

Georgian architecture between the years of 1714 to 1830 was distinctly symmetrical and grand. The Georgian period during the reigns of George I to George IV is also occasionally used to refer to buildings built during the reign of King William IV who ruled until 1837, though this is often referred to as the the ‘late Georgian’ period. After the ruling of King William, the UK entered the Victorian age, referred to as the Victorian age when Victoria became Queen after Williams died at the age of 71.

Georgian architecture is easily recognised, it features proportionate builds with balance and symmetry, often simple designs. Early examples of Georgian architecture was based on the Palladian style from ancient Rome and inspired by Andrea Palladio (1508-1580).

Georgian Conservatory Aesthetic

The Georgian conservatory style has certainly become a popular choice recently. A Georgian conservatory can be added onto any style of building, but grand style compliments buildings with Georgian architecture, typically red-brick houses featuring white woodwork with white-stone cornices.

During the reign of King George I to George IV, Georgian conservatory style had few windows, this was because the glass was expensive, not very secure and also very draughty in those days. Of course, modern Georgian conservatory styles feature plenty of inexpensive, secure and thermally efficient glass. If you are looking to create a thermally efficient Georgian style conservatory we recommend using Durabase. When you choose Durabase you get a modern way of building a strong, thermally efficient base with little mess and very fast installation compared to older methods of building bases.

Choose Durabase Conservatory Base

Durabase modular brick conservatory bases are the modern way to build a conservatory or extension base. The Durabase features thermally efficient walls that are brick-faced (available in a choice of colours) and are already pointed in. They simply bolt in place on top of a steel base which is bolted to the wall of the house and sat on concrete pads. No digging huge footings, no dealing with tonnes of waste, no mess and an install time of two days, its easy to see why more and more people are choosing Durabase over older building methods.
You can find out more about Durabase installation in Cornwall & Devon here.