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We are FENSA registered which gives you peace of mind. All of our work is reassuringly carried out to building regulation specifications & approval, we can work alongside you with any planning or building control applications you may have in place or in mind.

Installing new windows and doors is a big expenditure so when you finally find a company to install double glazing windows or doors at your property you need to be sure that you are protected from any potential problems which may arise.

If a problem with the installation does occur you want that peace of mind knowing that you can get the issue rectified without additional cost to yourself. Home improvement products aren’t cheap, so make sure that you will be fully covered.

When you want to sell your property, your purchaser’s solicitors will request evidence that any replacement double or triple glazing installed since April 2002 complies with the Building Regulations.

There are currently only two ways you can prove compliance.

1. A certificate showing that the work has been done by an installer who is registered with FENSA or a similar governing body.

2. A certificate obtained from your Local Authority Building Control stating that the installation complies with Building Regulations.

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What a FENSA certificate covers

FENSA certification covers the replacement of all external double or triple glazed windows, doors, roof lights, and roof windows that have been installed on your property. In order to be fully covered, the property must be cited on the original footprint, with the size and rooms remaining as stated and unaltered in any way.

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We install double or triple glazing windows, doors and skylights all covered by FENSA certification in Cornwall.

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