LivinRoof Installation In Penryn Near Falmouth Revisited

This Livinroof installation in Penryn near Falmouth is looking amazing! We do offer a decorating service as well as supplying and installing the LivinRoof, however, a lot of customers understandably like to put their own stamp on their latest home improvements, so it’s nice when we revisit and see how the room is looking, and I have to say this one does look good.

Livinroof installation Penryn

From Leaking & Damp To Modern & Beautiful

This conservatory when we originally visited for a consultation was leaking in several places, the window frames were out of level and twisted, the whole room was damp from condensation. After further inspection we could see why, the whole installation was bodged from start to finish and was going to take some serious rectification.

LivinRoof Installation In Penryn Revisited 2021
LivinRoof Installation In Penryn Revisited 2021

Bodged Up Guttering Was The Least Of The Problems

This bodged up guttering was still leaking despite the amount of silicone that had been used, the sad thing is this wasn’t the worst of it. The lead work was nailed to the wall with no sealant, the box gutter was leaking, the frames all leaked, there was no DPC in the walls which was causing rising damp.

Totally Transformed A Bodged Conservatory To A Stunning Room

LivinRoof installation In Penryn totally transformed this room

We took down the conservatory and basically started again, removed the old roof, refitted the window frames properly and levelled them up, took down the internal wall, tanked the external wall and built a stud wall inside with a proper damp course, PIR insulation and foil backed plasterboard which was all skimmed to a beautiful finish.

New LivinRoof supplied and installed

Frames refitted and resealed, retrimmed

New window boards installed

The whole conservatory resealed with the correct sealant

No More Damp Or Condensation

Livinroof installation in Cornwall

A Livinroof system keeps the roof and the main support structure at similar temperatures inside of the building which means no condensation. It also regulates the heat much more efficiently than a glass or polycarbonate roof.

Transform Your Tired Old Conservatory Into A Usable Space That The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Livinroof installation Penryn

If your conservatory is too hot during the warmer months and too cold during winter, why not transform it into a stunning, energy-efficient room that can be used the whole year round.

Not only will a conservatory roof conversion save you money on energy bills, but it will also add value to your home and your lifestyle. A solid or tiled conservatory could add up to 12% overall value to your home, a worthwile investment.

Best Glaze will transform your conservatory in Cornwall:

Supply & Install replacement conservatory roof, windows and doors.

Move or install electrics, add sockets or install more lighting.

Plaster the internals to a beautiful finish that matches your home.

We offer the option of decoration by our dedicated painter and decorator.

Contact us today to see how we can help you turn a cold, wet and damp conservatory into an extension of your home.