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Edwardian Conservatory

Edwardian Conservatories In Cornwall

Best Glaze supply and install Edwardian conservatories in Cornwall, with a choice of styles and designs we have a conservatory to suit your home and requirements.

About Edwardian Conservatories In Cornwall

Edwardian Conservatories are so-called because they first appeared in England during the Edwardian period. During the Edwardian period, it became fashionable for architects to design buildings that were a far cry from the usual box design & began to design and build architects grew bored of designing the same old buildings, and began to design and build more flamboyant and decorative styled buildings which featured the usual, rectangular build styles with some more decorative features.

Back when Edwardian conservatories were first built, they were designed as rooms for keeping plants, the full glass roof and sides of the Edwardian design meant plants receive the maximum amount of sunlight possible. Of course these days Edwardian conservatories are still a popular design choice, however, they are used more for entertaining guests and chilling out in than growing plants, although you can still grow plants in them.

Edwardian Conservatories Perfect For Homes In Cornwall

Edwardian conservatories are perfect for those that like to enjoy the sun. The Edwardian Conservatory is a popular choice in Cornwall & Devon probably due to maximising the views from the glass panels. The climate in Cornwall & Devon for much of the year isn’t great let’s be honest, so understandably we all want to make the most of the sun when it does come out. The Edwardian conservatory roof features four sides of glass which allows the maximum amount of natural sunlight to enter the room and, at the same time, creates an ageless, classic feel to the room.

Versatile Space For Any Occasion

The Edwardian conservatory is a practical space which thanks to the design of the roof maximises the natural light in the room, the floor space is also maximised, this allows the homeowner to utilise the space in numerous ways to suit their needs. Whilst some homeowners use their Edwardian Conservatory as a space for entertaining guests, or simply as a summer room, others make it an all year round living space. Edwardian conservatories make an excellent addition to any home exactly for that reason – they give the homeowner flexibility with their space.

Timeless Style

Edwardian conservatories are both elegant and timeless from the exterior. The popular elevated, four-sided roof creates the impression of space and looks ageless, there are numerous flourishes, usually very subtle, which contribute to the conservatory’s very attractive design, features such as crestings and other attractive flourishings of various styles, while choices in coloured glass features allow for a personal touch of elegance.

Perfect For Any Home

Edwardian conservatories are popular, light, airy spaces that are suited to any home – whether they are from the same period or a even modern new build. Allowing the owner the option to dress and utilise the space however they want, it’s clear to see why Edwardian conservatories are such a popular choice.

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