Cleaner, Safer Installations

Replacing windows and doors can be a messy experience that could also harm your health. Construction dust is the various dust that is released whilst working with tools such as drills or grinders on certain materials.

Some of this dust could be hazardous if it is not extracted with the proper equipment.  Breathing in particles of silica dust (masonry or concrete) can cause significant harm when inhaled, so we do all we can to limit the amount of dust in your home whilst we are working. Better for your health, safer, and cleaner.

Dust Extraction

All of our tools have dust shrouds fitted or HEPA hoover attachments, this includes grinders, SDS drills, table saw, chop saw. We also have a portable extractor that we can attach if there is limited space.

Dust extraction is not only important inside the property, it is equally as important outside. When using grinders to rake mortar lines, for instance, using an extractor and dust shroud means no mess falling on your new conservatory roof.

Using extractors outside stops the dust not only covering everything on your own property but also your neighbours.

Protection Management

The first thing we do when we arrive at your home is cover the work area and access (hallways, stairs etc).

Heavy duty dust sheets will be used throught the house. Plyboard will be used to protect flooring from fall damage during cut outs.

Everything that can’t be removed from the room for whatever reason will be fully covered in dust sheets. The work area is covered in dust sheets & all furniture covered in furniture slips.

We have many types of dust extractors to suit all scenarios, from units that clip on drills to backpack portable units.

If dust is not extracted during installations it hangs in the air for days which means more cleaning for you.
Heavy-duty dust sheets will be used throughout the house. Plyboard will be used to protect flooring from fall damage during cut-outs.

Environmentally Friendly

A uPVC window or door could potentially have a lifespan of 40 years and can be recycled up to ten times. We want to help fight against product depletion so all waste product is sent for recycling.

We do not let any recyclable material go into a landfill so we sort it all and recycle everything from wood, glass, metal, and uPVC.
The practical benefits of uPVC make it one of the most sustainable products in the construction and home improvement market.

Post Installation

At the end of the installation, we remove all rubbish from the site, collect up all the dust sheets and furniture slips and have a good clean down. We hoover the rooms, hallways, landings, and stairs.
Once everything is packed away and cleaned down, we will walk around the installation with you, room by room. We do this to make sure you are happy with the installation and that you know exactly how the units operate.