Durabase Versus Traditional Wet Builds Which Should you Choose?

Traditional or modern building techniques which are right for you, Durabase versus traditional builds which are best? We look at the pros and cons of both building methods for conservatories and single-storey extensions.

Homeowners are being encouraged to reduce the carbon footprint of their properties, make homes more energy efficient and help the environment. Going green also helps us to save money on heating bills so choosing the right home improvements is more important now than ever.

If you are thinking about extending your home with a new conservatory or single storey extension then you will have two choices for building the base, a Durabase versus traditional builds, both will result in a solid build but are completely different to construct.

What is Durabase?

Durabase is a modular conservatory base, single-storey extension construction which bolt together to create an energy efficient building that can be erected in as little as a day up to roof height.

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Durabase Versus Traditional Builds Which Are Best?
  • Perfect for properties with limited access
  • No footings required
  • No mess
  • Building regulations approved
  • Energy efficient
  • Fast build in just days
  • Real brick, render or cladding finish

Fast Installation

Durabase can be installed in days because of the simple modular construction, no proffesionals are required to lay bricks, blocks or concrete pads, no footings are required, no specialist equipment which means installations are lightning fast creating a build that will last for decades to come.

Build In Any Weather

Because only a few concrete pads are required for the steel base to bolt too, a durabase installation can be installed in any weather, no heavy excavation is required so the surrounding garden wont get churned up during installation.

No Need To Move Services

Durabase only requires a few concrete pads of 450mm x 450mm for the base to bolt too, this means there is no need to move services, drains or waterpipes saving both time and money.

Clean Installations

Durabase systems are prebuilt and installation is fast and clean, there are no extra materials required, no footings, no waste to clear.

What is a wet build?

A wet build is the traditional method of building which requires digging out foundations, building a base and walls using concrete, blocks, bricks and cement, usually taking a few weeks to get to roof height.

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  • Ideal for properties with good access
  • 600mm footings or deeper required
  • Deep excavation creates mess
  • Building regulations required
  • Energy efficient
  • Builds take weeks
  • Choice of finishes to suit your home

Longer Installation Times

Wet builds require footings to be dug out, removing waste and importing or mixing concrete, blocklayers / bricklayers will be required to build a wet base and due to the heavy excavation required, wet builds take weeks usually.

Rain Stops Play

Wet builds can be halted by the weather, heavy rain can collapse footings, wash out cement and due to the heavy excavation can cuase a real mess of the surrounding garden if the build is done during wet weather.

Services Will Need Moving

Due to the digging required for footings and the base when choosing a wet build, services and drains may need moving before the build can begin costing both time and money.

Messy Installations

Digging footings creates waste and mess, mixing concrete and cement also creates waste and mess. There is often tons of waste to dispose of.

Durabase Versus Traditional Builds The Verdict

Durabase is a faster, cleaner and often less expensive way of building conservatory and single storey extensions. Due to not needing labourers, brickies and specialised equipment, not needing to move services or drains, a Durabase is more cost effective. The disruption to your life is also reduced with a Durabase installation, due to the simplicity the build takes just a day or two depending on the size to get to roof height. Properties with restricted access would struggle with a traditional wet build due to the amount of materials and equipment required, Durabase gets delivered direct to site and there is no waste to dispose of.

We favour Durabase installations, it is a modern alternative to traditional wet builds that can save you both time and money. You get peace of mind with a Durabase being Jhai approved and covered by a 25 year guarantee, when you choose Durabase versus traditional builds you are investing in a quality product that you and the family can enjoy for many years to come.

We Supply and Install Durabase In Cornwall

If you would like more information about Durabase installations, book a free consulatation to see how much money you could save and how fast a Durabase versus traditional builds really is. Visit our Durabase section for more information about the installation process.

durabase installation

Find Out How To Build A Durabase

We have compiled a step by step guide on how to build a Durabase which will help you decide whether you could build your own, or if you should hire an installer to carry out the installation for you.

What is Durabase?

Durabase is a modular conservatory and single-storey base system that takes a fraction of the time to build with minimal waste, mess or disruption compared to a traditional wet build. A Durabase is Jhai building regulation compliant, energy-efficient and guaranteed for 25 years. No need for teams of builders and labourers, no deep excavation required, with just two men and minimal digging or fuss a solid base can be built within a day with real brick face, render finish or wood cladding.

How Long Is Durabase Guaranteed For?

Durabase is guaranteed for 25 years, but the base will surpass the guarantee for a long time. When you consider most builders only offer a one year warranty, the Durabase Guarantee offers homeowners a worry-free construction. When you compare Durabase versus traditional builds its easy to see why more and more people are choosing Durabase for conservatories and single-storey extensions.

Is a Durabase Energy-Efficient?

Durabase offers amazing energy efficiency reducing the carbon footprint of homes all over Cornwall with Uvalues of 0.22W/m2k and 0.18W/m2k. A Durabase is just as if not more energy efficient than a traditional wet build. The lower the U value the more money you can save on heating bills and the less impact your home will have on the environment.

How long does a Durabase installation take?

A Durabase installation can take as little as one day to get to roof height, when you you compare a Durabase versus traditional builds which take weeks to complete to achieve the same conservatory base, it makes perfect sense to choose a Durabase modular system.