Durabase Installation

Mr and Mrs Aitkens wanted a Durabase installation because they wanted a single story extension constructed as fast as possible with the least amount of disruption to their lives whilst they both worked from home during the pandemic. The couple had looked up Durabase installations and asked us to price for a traditional red brick finish, one wall with a story window and two dwarf walls. We also installed white uPVC windows and doors and a GRP warm roof with a flat skylight to allow maximum light to flow into the new room and the adjoining rooms.

Durabase installation Truro

We met with the Aitkens and measured up for the base, usually, we would walk our customers through the options available to them such as the different ranges of brick finishes and colours, the different finishes available such as cladding, tyrolean, render or natural stone, however, the Aitkens had already chosen a traditional red brick finish to match the brickwork of their home for their Durabase installation in Truro.

When choosing a Durabase installation you will have a choice of conservatory roof systems to choose from including high-performance glass, solid tiled roof, Livinroof or a GRP warm roof which is a hard-wearing and energy-efficient roof that will stand up to even the harshest weather conditions in Cornwall. A warm roof construction has an insulation layer that is situated above the rafters, and immediately below its weatherproof membrane. A warm roof allows heat to be conserved within a property – without the need for a ventilation system and prevents heat from building up inside the property. The GRP coating (Glass Reinforced Polyester) is extremely durable and can be walked on with heavier grade fibreglass and finish with a non-slip top coat.

“We were looking for someone to install a Durabase modular system in Cornwall and Best Glaze were recommended by a friend that had a conservatory, windows and doors installed in Perranporth.

“After our initial consultation we knew stright away we wanted to work with Jay and Tom, they walked us through our options and offered everything we were looking for in a Durabase installation. Originally we wanted a lantern, however, it was pointed out that we would loose a lot of the view from our bedroom windows and we decided on a flat skylight as recommended by Tom.

“An installation date was agreed and the fitting team arrived exactly on time and installed the concrete pads for the Durabase installation, there was very little mess, the concreate patio slabs remained in place which cut down on the amount of waste material to dispose of.

“The team came back when the foundation pads were set and got to work on the Durabase installtion. By the end of the first day the base was up, the walls were up and the build was ready for windows and doors to be installed. Tom worked on and installed the uPVC cills for the windows and doors making sure they were all sealed before returning the following day to install the frames.

“Day two and the window and door frames were installed by 11am and the guys began to build the framework for the GRP Warm roof. At the end of day two we had walls, windows and doors and a framework for the roof and the skylight, we could not believe how fast the installation was taking place.

“Day three it rained non stop, the guys carried on regardless and the roof now had insulation, boards on the roof and the windows and doors were now glazed.

“After another couple of days we now had a complete installation outside and it looks amazing, we had to wait for an electrician to run some wires around the Durabase walls which was really fast becuase the walls have prepared openings for the cables already. We had some sockets and some lighting installed and the installers quickly insulated the walls.

“Another team plasterboarded the inside and plastered the ceilings and we were very pleased with the finish. Overall the project went very smoothly, even wet weather did not dampen the spirits of the installers. We were amazed that the garden did not look like a building site, everything was immaculate and with the exception of a new extension you would not know that we had building works carried out.

We would recommend Best Glaze 100% for any home Improvements, great communication and very friendly teams.