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The Durabase conservatory base is our prefered method of building bases and walls for our Conservatories, Orangeries and modular extensions throughout Cornwall & Devon. A Durabase creates absolutely no mess, unlike conventional building methods, the Durabase can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes to build a base using concrete blocks and facing with brick.

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What Is A Durabase?

The Durabase System features a steel base which is bolted together on-site and fixed to the wall of your home using resin and anchor bolts. The base is made specifically for your build so it will be an exact fit. Durabase has so many positives compared to the old method of conservatory base building.
The Durabase once assembled will create a safe, strong and robust foundation for your building.
The only foundations needed from the Durabase feet are a number of concrete pads which will be concreted at specific points around the base.  This is so much less excavation work and hardly any waste material to dispose of compared to other methods of base construction. The Durabase System is also super fast to install. An average base and wall can be installed in less than two days.

Durabase Installation Process

The Durabase installation takes a fraction of the time of a traditional wet build, creates hardly any waste and can be installed to roof height within just two days. No mess, no fuss, just a thermally efficient building that you and your family can enjoy.

Install concrete pads

Install Concrete Pads

The concrete pads are installed for the base to sit on, note the lack of mess and disruption. The pads are put in usually in a day, compared to older building methods this is much faster with minimal mess. The Durabase is a modern, cleaner and faster method of building bases for Conservatories, Orangeries and extensions.

durabase steel frame is bolted together

Assemble The Steel Frame

A membrane is laid down to prevent weeds from growing, the steel base is then bolted together. Once the frame is situated in position the feet are used to level the frame on the concrete pads, it is then all bolted securely to the wall using anchor bolts and resin.

durabase skirting and modular bricks assembled

Install The Brickwork Skirt

Now that the base is level and secured, the skirting is fitted to the steel base, this closes the gap between the floor and the damp course level, once the skirt is fitted the modular blocks are installed on the frame creating the walls.

durabase steel frame is bolted together

Install The Roof Of Your Choice

Now that the walls are built, windows, doors and other fittings can be installed, then the roof is installed. The insides can now be installed, the flooring, insulation, electrics and plasterboarding.

Durabase Cross Section Of Materials

Durabase Components

    A. Brick Slip
    B. High Density Insulation Board
    C. Structural Ply Backing Panel
  2. HOLLOW CARCASS Holes are pre-cut to provide access for wiring and plumbing.
  3. WALL CARCASS Galvanised steel frame provides a strong, lightweight construction.
  4. FLOORING 22mm moisture resistant chipboard flooring system.
  5. ADJUSTABLE LEGS Screw mechanism to give maximum adjustable levels.
  6. UNDER FLOOR 9mm structural ply, Europhane insulation.
  7. BASE FRAME Heavy duty steel frame.
  8. BASE SKIRT Brick slip on cement partical board.

The Benefits Of A Durabase

Quicker….The Durabase arrives in kit form, complete with flooring and underfloor insulation ready for a quick and easy assembly. The averagebase can be installed within a day!

Easier….Uneven or sloping sites and difficult site access are easily overcome with Durabase.  

Cleaner….There’s no need for large scale excavations, which minimises the amount of soil to dispose of and the disruption caused to the site.  

Cost Effective….No need for expensive relocating of manholes or drains.

Straightforward Installation….Durabase is suitable for either professional or DIY installation. Durabase can be assembled with just a little DIY experience. No specialist tradesman or brick layers are required. The walls are bricked and mortared before they are delivered to site.  

U-Values… The following U-values of can now be achieved: Walls – 0.18W/m 2k* Floors – 0.18W/m 2k# * Wall cavity must be insulated and foil backed plasterboard used. # Durabaseplus floor system Manholes need not present an expensive obstruction. The base will naturally span the drain and access can be gained via a trap-door and removable floor joist, built in during fabrication Durabase walls are faced with real brick tiles and mortar. We have a wide range of finishes that will help match your existing house brick.

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