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How Much Does A Durabase Conservatory Base Cost?

Durabase is the fastest and cleanest way of building but just how much does a Durabase conservatory base cost? We look at Durabase conservatory base prices and the benefits of building using modern materials and methods of building conservatories and single-storey extensions.

Durabase Modern Building Alternative

The Durabase conservatory base system is a fully insulated steel frame with a choice of dwarf walls, base only, full-height walls all with a choice of finishes such as the real brick face, render, cladding or tyrolean, there is a finish to suit every style of home. Durabase is a popular alternative to the traditional wet build methods of using concrete and brick structures to build bases. A Durabase installation takes a fraction of the time to install and is mess-free compared to traditional wet builds. Each base is designed and manufactured bespoke to your home improvements project, the system feautes modular walls and a fully insulated steel base on adjustable legs to create a stable and solid construction that is guaranteed for 25 years but will last a lot longer.

Durabase Is Better Than Traditional Building Methods

A Durabase conservatory base construction enables homeowners to overcome all of the problems usually associated with building using traditional methods.

Durabase (Based on 3x3m)
Delivered To Site
No builder required
Less than 2 cubic meters waste
Built in two days
Can be built in all weathers
U-value of 0.22
Traditional Methods (Based on 3x3m)
Sourced from various places
Builder and labourer required
Almost 7 cubic meters waste
Built in two weeks
Can’t be built in rain or gales
U-Value of 2.0

Convenient And Clean

The complete system is delivered to the site and because of the modular design, it can be carried through your home with ease if there is restricted access. The steel structure provides a permanent, solid base for your conservatory or single-storey extension. With an average build time of just two days, the Durabase takes a fraction of the time that traditional build methods take. There is no need for skips on the driveway which can cause a real inconvenience to you and your neighbours. Another key feature of the Durabase is that obstacles such as manhole covers can easily be overcome without moving the cover and inspection chamber which can be expensive and require more time and create more mess.

Durabase Prices

These prices are based on an average 3x3m conservatory base on a supply only basis, VAT and delivery included. All prices correct at the time of writing changes to the design will change prices. Installation

Durabase conservatory base prices

Conservatory Base Only

(Includes 150mm Skirt)


durabase conservatory base price

Base & dwarf walls 520mm

(includes skirt)


Durabase price

Base & Walls 520mm + 1600mm

(Includes skirt)


Durabase conservatory base cost

Base & Walls 520mm + 2050mm

(Includes Skirt)


To DIY Or Not To DIY?

If you are competent at DIY then you should be able to install a Durabase conservatory base yourself, the end results is a conservatory base that is indistinguishable from a traditional build using concrete, bricks and blocks. Alternatively, Best Glaze can supply and install a Durabase system for you along with all the windows and doors and conservatory roof of your choice.

The Britannia Range

image 8
image 10
image 11

The Classic Range

image 12

The Elite Range Of Brick Finishes

image 6

The Bradstone Range

image 5

Printed colour samples are as accurate as the printing techniques allow and are for guidance only. It should be noted that as materials used in the manufacture are from natural sources variations in shade, texture and dimensions can occur.

Durabase Resources

Please download our Durabase brochures, we have included a Durabase Brick chart to show the real brick face finishes available, a retail brochure to give you some inspiration and a technical brochure to show exactly what the Durabase is made of.

Durabase Summary

Durabase is the perfect solution for either a self build conservatory project of for somewhere with restricted access or a tight timescale to complete the project. A build with level walls and perfect brick work can easily be achieved in just a couple of days. A traditional wet build conservatory base requires a lot of manual labour and there is a lot of waste produced that needs to be disposed of. A small 3m x 3m conservatory foundation excavation will produce roughly seven cubic meters of waste compared to just to 2 cubic meters when using the Durabase system, much less waste, less labour, less mess and faster build.

The Durabase system is the only self build conservatory base to have BBA certification, the systems has been rigourosly tested and certified by the British Board of Agreement that the Durabase is fit for purpose. The system has been in production for over 30 years now and is developed by Wye Valley Engineering, in Hertfordshire they are the leading manufacturer of the diy conservatory base in the UK.

Durabase Installers Serving Cornwall

If you are looking for installers for the Durabase system, Best Glaze can help. We have installed numerous Durabase systems in Cornwall with many happy customers. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.