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Sliding Sash Windows Add Style and Character to Homes

Sash windows are a hallmark of a quality English home. Timber sash windows have graced cottages, bungalows, and manor houses for centuries. Surprisingly, sash windows have amazing benefits many people have forgotten about. We’re going to show you how gorgeous sash windows can make your home more glorious.

For some people, sash windows have a reputation for becoming stuck in the winter, draughty in the summer, and difficult to maintain. Now, simple technologies have helped us embrace high quality sash windows once again. Modern engineering produces timber sash windows that are the perfect home improvement for properties in conservation areas.

Sash window repair and sash window renovation can give life back into these beautiful parts of our heritage. We can restore box sash windows to their former glory at a far lower price than replacing all your windows with new products. A simple visit to your property will show us everything we need to give you a free assessment and quotation.

Double glazing, a modern lock system, and sturdy sash window furniture give you the security features, durability, and performance everyone associates with contemporary windows.

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What is a Sash Window?

Beautiful Period Charm in a Modern Package

Sash windows are a traditional style of window. Each pane of glass sits in a frame and can be moved up and down. Each frame is called a sash. Traditional sash windows were timber, but modern uPVC and aluminium materials are available.

Best Glaze LTD uPVC vertical sliding sash windows have the look of timber thanks to an authentic woodgrain finish. These gorgeous units don’t require the maintenance of traditional timber sash windows.

Sash windows offer impressive performance in all kinds of weather. Best working practices include opening the windows few inches at the top and bottom to maximise air flow. Sealing any air gaps and stopping unwanted breezes will improve the energy rating of your windows.

Choose the style that suits you

Our sliding sash windows are fully customisable, you can choose a style that suits you and your home. Each window is made bespoke for you, choosing flourishes will ensure they meet your exacting needs.

Choice of colours

Choose from a stunning range of colours and even finishes such as woodgrain or flat on our uPVC, which have the aesthetics of real wood but the benefits of modern technology and thermal efficiency. Mix it up with two colours, white inside and a second colour on the outside, matched perfectly to your home.

Sliding Sash Windows
Bespoke colours can be provided, get in touch for more details.
Window Hardware To Suit Your Style

All Harware is available in White, Gold or Chrome.

Sliding Sash Windows
Sliding Sash Windows

Pole Eyes

Pole eyes are used for opening and closing the top sliding sash window, a choice of one or two are available. Larger windows come with two as standard.

Sliding Sash Windows

Tilt Knob

Used to open sliding sashes inwards for easy cleaning from inside the home. Two Tilt Knobs also lock the sash back in the upright position.

Sliding Sash Windows

Sash Lifter

Used for opening and closing the bottom sliding sash window. Choice of one or two lifters on smaller windows, larger windows has two as standard.

Sliding Sash Windows

Sash Locks

Lockable sash locks keep the sliding sashes locked together safely and securely. Choice of one or two on smaller windows, two on larger windows as standard.

Sliding Sash Windows

Travel Restrictors

These restrictors stop the sliding sash windows opening past 100mm for enhanced security and safety. Perfect for those with pets or children.

Sliding Sash Windows


These ergonomically shaped handles can be installed instead of pole eyes or sash lifts. These D-shaped handles can be fitted internally.

External Styling – Sash Horns

On the top sash of vertical sliding sash windows is a flourish known as the horn, this is found on the bottom of the top sash and is purely decorative.

Choose from Plant-On horns and Run-through horns. Through horns create the authentic aesthetic of ‘real timber’ sliding sash windows.

Sliding Sash Windows

Georgian & Astragal Bars

All of our uPVC Vertical sliding sash windows have options such as the astragal and Georgian bars which create an authentic aesthetic of period windows.

Sliding Sash Windows

Why Choose A Vertical Sliding Sash Window

Traditional sliding sash windows design is as popular today as it was centuries ago. Our sliding sash windows have maintained the characteristic deep bottom rail and of course the Georgian bars keeping an authentic look.

Sliding sash windows are easy to operate, can be cleaned easily and safely from inside the home. Because a sliding sash window can be opened either at the top or the bottom, purge ventilation can be achieved safely and securely.

Vertical sliding sash windows

Simple, Easy To Operate Sliding Sash Window

Traditional sliding sash windows were often draughty and difficult to operate due to warping or a build up of paint over many years.

Our Sliding sash windows are easy to operate, thanks to anti warping design and spiral balanced spring openers which can be adjusted to suit.

Our timber windows come with traditional style weights which are perfectly balanced to the sashes, ensuring effortless opening at all times.

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Why Choose Best Glaze For Sliding Sash Windows

Best Glaze LTD is a friendly family run business based near Newquay In Cornwall. We have over 20 years of experience installing quality uPVC, Timber and aluminium products throughout Cornwall.

We do not sub-contract out work out, we do not employ any pushy sales people and we will not sell you something that you do not need or is not suitable for your requirements.

Our ethos is simple, we believe in honesty and integrity being the best way to build close working relationships with all of our customers

What Our Customers Say About Us

Our reputation is important to us, as a local company based in Cornwall we strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction on every home improvement project.

We also offer window repair services. If your windows have suffered damage, then we can fix them for you in no time. Replacement handles, hinges, and seals are all available for most common windows, including double glazed windows. Visit our window repair page for more details.

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We have been installing Windows, Doors & Conservatories in Cornwall for over 20 years, we are a local, family run business offering quality uPVC products from our family to yours in Cornwall. We offer unbeatable value and an outstanding finish on all of our work.

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Can you get double glazed sliding sash windows?

Vertical sliders

Double glazed sash windows are the perfect choice for properties situated in conservation areas or for homeowners that want to keep the authentic look and feel of a period home but with the benefits of modern double glazing. You can choose between authentic double glazed timber sash windows or opt for a maintenance free uPVC vertical sliding window with a woodgrain finish.

Which part of a window is the sash part?

The sash part of a window is the part that opens. Window sashes are integral to the overall construction of the window it prevents draughts and water ingress.

Whats the difference between sliding sash windows and casement windows?

The main difference between a sliding sash window and a casement is that sliding sash windows open vertically whilst casement windows usually open out.