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Casement Windows Make Beautiful Homes

Dream up your perfect windows and we can help you find them. New casement windows can update your home’s style, add comfort, and lower your energy bills through efficient double glazing. Casement windows are available in a wide range of styles suitable for any home.

New casement windows can make your life more comfortable. Our 10-year guarantee will give you peace of mind. Modern uPVC windows are virtually maintenance free and meet all building regulations.

Best Glaze makes choosing and installing replacement windows as easy as possible. Our installers also give quotes, so you never deal with a pushy salesperson. Instead, we can give you a free quotation for casement windows in Cornwall. Choose from Residence Collection, Rehau, Veka and many more.

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What Does Casement Window Mean?

The casement is just the part of the window that opens. A casement window attaches to the frame by one or more hinges. The other type of window is a sash window, which has sliding panes that aren’t attached to the window frame.

Are casement windows better?

Casement windows are better because they are secure, come in an enormous range of styles, and can be made safe for children. Modern uPVC casement fitting is simple and provides a high window energy rating for your home.

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Extra Style for Your Home with Opening and Frame Options

What makes our double glazed windows so popular is the simple, versatile and user-friendly design.

Our double glazed casement windows are available either fully sculptured or with a chamfered profile. These options add a small touch of either modern or traditional styling.

These beautiful double glazed windows also come with the option of top or side hung openings. Top openings are great for exposed exteriors because the window can be opened even in the rain. Side openings can allow maximum air flow. For the safety of children, the opening size can be limited to prevent falls and climbing.

Our casement double glazed windows reduce heat loss from your home, they are energy efficient, warm & secure. With a guaranteed long life span and low maintenance, it’s easy to see why our windows are so popular.

Casement Windows

Safe & Secure

Safety and security are important for every home. Double glazed uPVC windows and doors make homes more secure by achieving a stronger installation, using a modern locking system, and incorporating toughened glass and glazing techniques.

A modern locking system means window handles can be locked with a simple handle and button. To increase security, a key lock can be fitted easily. Customers can opt for more security on the ground floor and less obvious locks on upper floors.

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Double Glazing Casement Window Colour Chart

Our windows come in a wide variety of colour choices and finishes. If you can not see the colour you want below, contact us and we will get the colour that you want. We can supply and install flat colours or woodgrain finish in Cornwall.

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What is a casement window?

A casement is the opening part of a window. The casement is attached to the window frame by one or more (usually stainless steel) hinges at the sides of the unit. They can be used as a single opener or a pairs or openers within a common frame. Casement windows are hinged in various different ways. They are usually made for openings where the height is greater than the width.

What are the benefits of double glazing?

Double glazing uses two panes of glass with an air gap created with a spacer bar. The seals around each pane maintain a constant gas barrier inside the window glass. This gas barrier provides sound proofing, heat retention, and reduces condensation. Sound reduction is achieved because of the thickness of the window unit. Condensation is reduced by reducing the temperature difference between the interior and exterior of the window frames. Double glazing installations reduce heating bills and add to the comfort and security of your house.

Will I need to decorate after having new windows fitted?

Once we have installed your new windows you can put the blinds and curtains straight back. We use liquid plastic on our internal trims which sets off hard in a matter of minutes. It doesnt come out when washing the windows down, it doesnt go moldy.
When we are installing windows in your home we take great care not to damage walls or floors. Every house is constructed slightly different and some windows maybe harder to take out than others. We compensate for this the best we can whilst removing the old windows and try our absolute best to keep any damage to the very minimum.

How long will I have to wait for my new windows?

Typically we look to install your new windows within three weeks of the deposit being taken, however with the pandemic and lockdowns affecting materials and production things may take a little longer. Dates will be arranged with you when you sign the contract.

Are casement windows more expensive?

Fitting your home with a uPVC window, an aluminium window, or a timber window isn’t more expensive. Casement windows, although the name may be less familiar, are the most common type of windows for your home. Quality drastically affects price, but casement windows are not a special window that will cost you more money. They are the standard type of window most of us are accustomed to in our homes.

How Much Do Casement Windows Cost?

Double glazed windows fitted in a casement style range from less than £300 up to £1500. Here is our pricing average for a 600mm x 900mm window fitted with energy efficient A rated double glazing:
uPVC Window: £250
Aluminium Window: £550.
Timber Window: £850.
Larger windows increase the price. However, larger aluminium windows or timber casement windows are more cost effective because of their energy efficiency, 10-year guarantee, and high quality of materials.

Is It Worth Changing Double Glazing?

Absolutely. Double glazing boosts your home’s energy efficiency, comfort, and value. Immediate returns on investment include reduced noise pollution, less heat loss and heat gain, and an increase in home value between 6-10%. Triple-glazed windows can be even better. These home improvements are available in a range of styles. Many installers offer lifetime guarantees for their installation..

Which Windows Are Best for My Home?

Your home improvements should match your home styles. Timber windows add timeless style to any home. Aluminium windows, available in a wide range of window styles and window colours, add contemporary flair to your house. White uPVC windows are simple, easy to maintain, and have multiple window options for opening and security. We can help you explore these options to choose the best window for your home.