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Convert Conservatory Office Makeover Ideas for Your Home

A conservatory is a significant addition to any home, but did you know it can also be converted into a beautiful and functional home office? This blog post will show you how to do just that! Plus, we'll provide some helpful tips on making the space as energy-efficient as possible. More people are working from home because of Covid-19, so it's important to find a space that is both comfortable and efficient. Even though the lockdowns are easing, remote working and flexible working are becoming more possible. A conservatory can be just the thing!

Why Does A Conservatory Make A Great Home Office?

A conservatory conversion into a home office is a brilliant choice because it offers a lot of sunlight, which is essential for any work environment. Your conservatory is also an extension to your home, which means it probably doesn’t have too much traffic. You can work in your conservatory without being disturbed by someone else’s noise.

Here are some advantages of a conservatory office:

  • Natural light improves your mood when you’re working.

  • The conservatory extends your home, so there’s no one else working in the same space as you.

  • It provides a lot of privacy (because it has its own entrance)

  • Conservatories are great because they’re not usually used as much. So if your office area needs to be quiet and uninterruptible, then your conservatory is the perfect place.

  • Conservatories are also great if you want to have a more open-plan office area. You can convert it into an office with very few structural changes, and it will often use less energy than any other type of conversion.

There are loads of reasons to change your conservatory space into a home office space. Now, let’s talk about how to do this beautifully.

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Create a Multi-Purpose Conservatory Office

Even though your new conservatory office might feature office space, you can also use it for a multi-purpose space. Plan for when you may not need the room as an office. Perhaps you could use it as a dining room table or sitting area when not in use.

Alternatively, if your conservatory is large enough to have an office and multi-purpose space, then this would be ideal for those times when you need both simultaneously.

Here are some tips for how to use your home office for other things:

  • Use smaller furniture if you plan to use your conservatory office for other purposes. For example, if you want to open up the space as a dining table or sitting area then select furniture that is more compact and can be easily hidden away when it’s not in use.

  • Don’t fill up all the floor space. If you plan to use your conservatory office for a dining table, then make sure the office has space to move. This means having furniture that can be easily tucked away and removing any bookcases or other pieces of furniture from the conservatory.

  • A small desk may be all you need for working from home. You may not need an enormous desk if you can use alternatives to paper storage. A small desk with a laptop and fast internet are key ingredients for working remotely.

If you use compact furniture and a small desk, you may be surprised at how much space you have left for a sitting area or a comfortable dining area.

How to Use Natural Light to Your Best Advantage

The sunlight streaming in through the window is the best thing about a conservatory.

It’s the perfect way to light up your office and make it truly feel like an extension of your house, giving you that much-needed change from working in front of artificial lights all day long.

You can use natural lighting for reading or even as a mood booster when it reflects off natural materials such as cotton and canvas.

We’ve thought of some great ways you can use light to your advantage:

  • Use natural materials for your furniture because they reflect light beautifully. Canvas or cotton blinds and curtains are a beautiful choice.

  • Install mirrors on the opposite wall to bounce natural light around your workspace and make it feel bigger than it is.

  • Position a desk so you have two windows on either side of you, one looking over what could be your garden or another outside area with plenty of sunshine coming in, and the second window facing in a different direction so you can catch the sunshine from different angles.

  • Add some plants or greenery around the room for extra ambiance and mood elevation during your workday. They will also help to control sun glare.

Of course, sun glare on your computer screen can be a problem. You can help with this by using blinds and shades. These will help make sure your computer screen stays bright without getting too much glare.

You could also think about a conservatory roof replacement. A new roof, especially a solid roof, will allow you to place skylights and windows strategically to improve your sun glare control.

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Think About Electrical Sockets and WIFI Extenders

Modern conservatories need to have a lot of energy-efficient electrical sockets and in-wall WiFi extenders. If you plan on running your computer from the conservatory, install power strips too.

If your conservatory is already built but doesn’t have enough power points, adding more is easy. Computer and office equipment doesn’t use much power, so you can use common extension leads to expand your number of power points.

A WiFi extender will avoid potentially poor WiFi coverage and guarantee you get a strong signal in your conservatory. Modern extenders are easy to install and don’t need any drilling or cables. Many also come with ethernet ports, so you can wire your devices directly into your home’s network.

Convert Conservatory Office Makeover Ideas for Your Home

Protect Expensive Equipment with Extra Security

Modern conservatories come with solid security. You will find new locks on the door, and a burglar alarm is easy to install. If you want extra security for your office equipment or laptop though, consider investing in anti-theft devices such as alarms and tracking of serial numbers online.

You can also install a CCTV camera if you want to monitor your conservatory. A CCTV camera outside, along with a warning sign, will deter many burglars or thieves.

You don’t have to worry about the sun damaging gadgets you need for work. Most equipment isn’t that sensitive and the sun won’t warm it up too much.

Convert Conservatory Office Makeover Ideas for Your Home

How to Protect Soft Furnishings from Sun Damage

The sun can slowly fade furniture. You can avoid this by using a conservatory curtain or drape to protect them from the sun’s UV rays.

Here are some ideas for how to protect different kinds of furniture:

  • Wood and leather should be polished and oiled as often as necessary. Oiling helps them resist drying out, cracking, and fading.

  • Simple throws and covers are much easier to replace than expensive covers. Use blankets and throws, or fitted covers, to protect more expensive furniture.

  • Create shade with blinds or curtains when the sun is super bright.

If you’re making a new office, then choose the perfect home office furniture by keeping the sun in mind. Choose lighter colours that won’t fade or materials that are fade-resistant.

Convert Conservatory Office Makeover Ideas for Your Home

Make It Comfortable All Year Round

Comfort is the most important part of your home office. When you turn your conservatory into an office, you want it to feel welcoming and comfortable, like a proper room. You shouldn’t be boiling in the summer heat and freezing in the winter months.

Here are some ways to control the temperature and make your property more relaxing all year round:

  • Double glazing and triple glazed windows are better than traditional glass because they insulate your home extension better. They keep heat out in the summer and they keep the warmth in during the winter months.

  • Have a look at your roof. A conservatory roof conversion might be a good idea. The major benefits of a conservatory roof conversion are the increase in energy efficiency and the ability to choose skylights for better lighting.

Replacing your roof and windows might seem a big step to convert a conservatory into an office, but they are also an investment. Homes with solid conservatory roofs see a decrease in their energy bills and a boost in their value.

Since the government considers conservatory conversions as home improvements (permitted developments), you shouldn’t need planning permission to upgrade your conservatory roof.

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We hope these conservatory office ideas help you think about how to create a beautiful space to work from home without too many distractions. With the right location and a little thought, your new conservatory home office could be a room the entire family can enjoy.


A new roof will be more energy-efficient than an old one. Polycarbonate roofs and traditional glass roofs are very poorly insulated. So a new roof will be more attractive and lower your energy bills.

Conservatory roof insulation is a tricky matter. Most conservatories are not designed to bear very much weight in and on their roofs. So adding extra supports and insulation may cause structural failures. We recommend either a full replacement and upgrade, or simpler changes such as blinds and curtains.

Yes. A solid roof extension will make your conservatory a more integral part of your home, lower your energy bills, and increase your home’s value.