Tiled Conservatory Roof
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Ultraroof Soild Tiled Conservatory Roof Cornwall & Devon:

The ‘Ultraroof conservatory tile roof’ is currently not only the lightest but also the strongest Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof on the market.

The Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof design means this roof will sit neatly on old or new window frames and doors. Due to the amazing strength of this roof it will never need a tie bar to maintain structural integrity.

The Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof also features the best composite tiled aesthetic, while offering oustanding standards of performance and design. Lightweight, strong and aesthetically pleasing, its easy to see why the Ultraroof is a best seller.


Carbon Grey Tiles

Ultraroof use a unique, lightweight tile which is available in Carbon grey, Harvest brown or Terracotta. These aesthetically pleasing tiles deliver a distinctive high quality finish.


Harvest Brown

The Ultraroof tiled roof features Ultratile, an engineered copolymer interlocking slate tile which is available in three different colours to match your home or give your roof a unique look.


Terra-Brick Tiles

The Ultratile interlocking system makes installation faster than a conventional tiled or slated roof. No drilling or cutting is required on site, the tiles lock together to create an authentic looking tiled roof.

Ultraroof cross section

Faster Installation

Installation time is greatly reduced due to the nature of the Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof assembly, a solid tiled conservatory roof can be at a waterproof stage in less than six hours. Ultraroof 380 key components are all labelled in sequence making installation straight forward, reducing fitting time and overall hassle. No cutting or drilling is required on site resulting in less disruption for our customers.

Ultraroof Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof Strength In Design

The Ultraroof380 is named that because the box beam 380mm wide. This important beam fits right around the perimeter of the window frames and walls giving the roof its strength and stability. The box beam is so strong that beautiful vaulted ceilings can be created without the need of a tie bar.

Ultraroof internal ceiling plastered finish

Market Leader

Due to the design, 8 out of 10 homeowners choose the Ultraroof over leading competitors in the current market, making it a worthwhile investment.


Lightweight & Strong

The Ultraroof tiled roof has a weight of only 38kg/m² lighter than any other solid roof on the market. The design is lightweight and strong.


Easy Installation

The installation process is quick, a water-impermeable installation can be achieved in around six hours. Perfect for the weather in Devon & Cornwall..

Ultraroof Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof Technical Design

UltraRoof have thought about every aspect of strength when designing this replacement conservatory roof. The Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof is incredibly strong by design. However, to ensure the structural integrity of your new installation, the manufacturers use NASA satellite data to anticipate snow and wind loading to make sure there is no undue pressure on your exisiting conservatory frames.

  • Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof Features

    • Internal vaulted ceiling with plaster finish to add led spotlights or even pendant light fittings
    • Fast to fit for less disruption at home
    • Full-length glass panels that natural light flood the room
    • State of the art thermal performance roof
    • Fast to fit for less disruption at home
    • Lightweight tiled roof

This question isn’t as cut and dry as we might wish. Our experience is that different local planning authorities all have thier own rules.
Whilst the majority of planning departments accept that conservatories are Permitted Development others do not.

Upgrading conservatory roofs from polycarbonate to glass
Upgrading conservatory roof glass
Upgrading to lightweight tiled roof

All of the above are largely considered to be acceptable upgrades, however, current planning rules class these upgrades as a material change as such could be challenged by a local authority.

As you can see it is a grey area. If the conservatory isn’t considered a ‘Permitted Development’ then planning is required. If this is the case then everything will be assessed including the roof materials.

If you are in any doubt the Best Glaze would advise that you seek advice from your local planning office before undertaking any project. It is worth noting that if you needed planning permission for the initial conservatory build then it’s a safe bet that you will require it again.

New build porches or conservatories with a floor area less than 30m2 & are thermally independant of the main house and have external quality windows & doors are exempt from the requirements of the Building Regulations.

If you are thinking of putting a new roof on an existing conservatory with anything other than Glass or Polycarbonate (translucent roof), then a Building Regulation Application is required.
Conservatories are traditionally lightweight by design and not made to carry the weight of a solid roof. If any extra weight is put on the existing roof structure then there is a chance the roof may sag or even collapse, planning application is required to ensure that this does not happen.

There is more than one way of making a solid roof for a conservatory, some use the exisiting roof structure. The cheapest method is to simply wrap the new roof on top of and underneath the existing roofing system. This method is problematic as it is most likely to cause stress to the existing roof & possibly even walls. If a company offers you this sort of installation you should make sure that the company quoting to do the work can provide ensure the stability of the whole structure with the increased load and satisfy your local building control.

The Ultraroof which was previously known as the Ultraroof380 was so named because it features a 380mm ring Beam which is designed to fit on exisiting conservatory window frames. We will check them first but there shouldn’t be an issue.

There are numerous advantages of a solid roof conservatory over a polycarbonate or even a glass roof, the first most noticable thing is the environmental noise reduction. The second massive difference is the improved insulation the Ultraroof offers.

An Ultraroof installation creates a room that can be used the whole year, a room will stay warmer during winter and keep cooler during the summer.

The fact that home owners gain an extra room to the property that is useable all year round adds massive value. This is a value that if you were to sell your home, prospective buyers of your property would certainly notice.

There are a few variables that would dictate how much a solid roof replacement would cost. The cheapest option would be to simply clad over an existing roof, however this method may not be covered by building regulations.

If you would like a quote for an Ultraroof based on some rough sizes and a few photos sent to us via an email, we can give you a price. If you prefer we can arrange a no obligation home visit where we can discuss the project in detail in person, either way we look forward to hearing from you.

Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof

The ‘Ultraroof conservatory tile roof’ is currently not only the lightest but also the strongest Solid Tiled Conservatory Roof on the market.

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