Replacement Conservatory Roofs


A replacement conservatory roof can totally transform a tired conservatory into a beautiful living space that you can really enjoy.


Create a beautiful orangery, choose between contemporary & traditional designs in a variety of colours.


Bigger kitchen, extra dining area, room for the kids or maybe to entertain, what would you do with an extra space?

The Perfect Conservatory Replacement Roof

Fall In Love With Your Old Conservatory

We supply and install Ultraframes full range of replacement conservatory roofs, transform your tired old conservatory into a space you can really enjoy. When you chose an Ultraframe replacement conservatory roof, you chose the market leading brand that will not only bring your conservatory up to date but will make your home more energy efficient – add value to your home. Choose a system to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a high perfromance, thermally-efficient, glass roof , or a lightweight tiled replacement conservatory roof, the Ultraframe range has something to suit you and your home. Maybe you want the security of a solid roof with beautiful vaulted ceilings with glass panels to flood the room with light? The Modular design allows you to create a bespoke roof that will transform your tired old conservatory.

Integral Strength & Design

The Ultraframe replacement conservatory roof has evolved over the years due to rigorous testing, research and development using the latest technology. When you choose an Ultraframe replacement conservatory roof you are safe in the knowledge that it features the very latest energy & performance standards, durability and design, finding the ideal home improvement solution couldn’t be easier thanks to the customisable system. Create a room that boasts magnificent vaulted ceilings and incorporates an thermally efficient internal pelmet around the perimeter, where LED lighting can be installed, even speakers for a sound system. Your old conservatory will be transformed into a room that looks and feels like an extension of your property. The ridge at the top of the roof allows you to hang lights but if a vaulted ceiling isn’t the look you are going for, the Livinroof can accomodate a suspended ceiling, this allows you to continue the ceiling height from an adjoining room creating a nice flow from one room to another.

Choose a replacement roof style and build a design...

High Performance Energy Efficient Glass

Ultraframe Glass Roof

High Performance Glass

Energy Efficient High Performance Glass

The Glass roof is a Classic system which has stood the test of time. The glass roof has been researched and enhanced over the last 30 years to create a product of exceptional quality that has been built upon traditional values. To date over 1 million glass roofs have been installed which shows the quality of the product. The glass used in your replacement roof will keep your room the perfect temperature; depending on the specification you use, it’s possible to exclude up to 83% of solar rays. Our double glazed units could reward you with a U-value a low as 1.0, and will be self-cleaning – so you won’t need to spend time on your roof’s upkeep.

Your glass conservatory roof will include many industry-leading features designed to improve performance.

Your new installation will include:

• Traditional or contemporary styling with a wide range of custom designs to suit your property

• Structurally designed to your postcode for peace of mind

• A made to measure state of the art conservatory

• Choice of uPVC or aluminium Classic Roof

• Thermally and structurally proven

• Made in Britain

• Georgian

• Victorian

• P-Shape

• T-Shape

• Lean-to

• Gable

Choose from our range of coloured glass. Our glazing excels at limiting solar ray entry and will stop your room overheating. During autumn and winter, your replacement conservatory roof will stop warm air escaping.

Enjoy a U-value as low as 0.16 and a room that’s thermally efficient and cost-efficient to run.

Your replacement conservatory roof will achieve the following rating.

‘C’ Rating

A decorative cornice will further improve the external appearance of your orangery, conservatory or

extension by hiding your guttering from view.

You can upgrade your roof with a new cornice and the following options:

• Available in any colour for a truly bespoke design

• Insulated perimeter pelmet

• Super-Insulated columns

• Central lighting panel

• Choice of 4 cornices

Once installed, our comprehensive 10-year warranty will cover your replacement conservatory roof.



Livinroof Hybrid Roof

Highly Customisable

Livinroof Replacement Roof

Livinroof replacement roof system gives great flexibility in the design, allowing you to easily combine both solid and glazed roofing effortlessly and seamlessly. The first replacement roof system of its kind, creates a thermally efficient roof that can be placed on most exisitng conservatory frames with no issues. Once installed your tired old conservatory is transformed into a room that you can enjoy all year round, no matter what the season. As the Livinroof is thermally efficient you could save money on heating bills, it will stand as an exceptional addition to any home, both new and old. The internal element featured in the Livinroof design enables you to install a range of lighting and speaker options. This also helps to insulate your property, allowing you to enjoy a warmer and more comfortable living area during the colder winter months.

Our systems are flexible and come fitted with a range of stand-out features that will reward you with

incredible performance.

Enjoy all of the following when you choose Ultraframe:

• Contemporary grey panelled roof to complement bi-fold or sliding doors perfectly

• Specify the shape and place of roof glass for light exactly where you need it

• Internal plastered vaulted ceiling to add spotlights or pendant lighting

• Choose shaped glazing for a unique, stunning internal finish

• Structurally designed to your postcode for peace of mind

• Can be used to replace conservatory roofs of ANY shape

• Livinroof solid roof system (100% solid roof)

• Up to 10% Glass – approx two glass panels

• Thermally advanced, insulated roof

• Made in Britain

Our flexible systems can cope with a variety of configurations, we will work closely with you to find the best solution for you.

You can choose from the following styles:

• Victorian

• Georgian

• Lean-To

• P-Shape

• T-Shape

• Gable

All of the glass used in our replacement conservatory roofs are high performance glass units which limits solar entry. The high performance panels also keep heat in when it’s needed during colder weather.

Our replacement conservatory roofs are the best roof systems on the market for thermal retention.

Your installation will produce a U-value of 0,16 and an energy rating of C.

You can upgrade your conservatory to feature a decorative cornice (choice of styles) which will not only cover the guttering system up creating a more aesthetically pleasing look, but will also mprove the performance of your roofline.

Your replacement conservatory roof will outlast our warranty! You are covered by a 10-year manufacturers guarantee will be included with your purchase.

Ultraroof With Glass Panel

Ultraroof Tiled Roof

Full Glass Panels

Ultraroof Replacement Roof

Ultraroof is the market leading lightweight tiled replacement roof system that offers advanced thermal reduction, unrivaled strength whilst still maintaining a lightweight design. The Ultraroof (previously known as the 380) can easily be customised by adding glazing panels or Velux windows.  The authentic tiled finish is aesthetically pleasing and installed in minimal time, meaning less interuption. Why settle for less when you don’t have to? Ultraroof conservatory tile roof has been designed as both a replacement roof which will sit on your existing conservatory frames or as a solution for new builds and extensions. The Ultraroof offers  a standard of heat retention that allows your living area to remain comfortable and usable throughout the year.

Our systems have been built to ensure long-term performance.

Enjoy all of the following when you choose Ultraframe:

• Internal plastered vaulted ceiling to add spotlights or pendant lighting

• Structurally designed to your postcode for peace of mind

• Full-length glass panels that flood the room with natural light

• Can be used to convert a conservatory to an extension

• State of the art thermal performance roof

• Lightweight tiled roof

• Made in Britain

Select from the following building styles:

• Double hipped with box gutter

• Hipped lean-to/lean-to

• Georgian

• Victorian

• Gable

• Tudor

Your new replacement conservatory roof will include high-performance glass designed to turn your room into a space that’s thermally efficient and suitable for 24/7 living.

Our systems are capable of returning U-values as low as 0.16.

Enjoy the following rating when you install one of our roofs:

U-Value from 0.16 W/m2k (suitable to meet building regulations)

Customise and further improve the already-incredible performance of your installation by selecting from our portfolio of enhancements.

Include any of the following options as part of your design plans:

• Choice of 3 tile colours to match the house roof

• Velux roof windows can be used

• Curved decorative cornice

Although your replacement conservatory roof will act as a lasting investment, it will also be protected by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. Your Ultra Installer will be able to provide further information.


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Flexible, Durable, Strong & Lightweight

The weather in Devon & Cornwall can often be severe at times, living near the coast is especially trying. Ultraframe replacement conservatory roofs are the only roof systems that we fully endorse and recommend to our customers. We are confident that the Ultraroof, Livinroof and Ultrasky products can withstand whatever the elements throw at them. The replacement roofs are also very quick to get to weatherproof stage, with an Ultraroof fully watertight in around 6 hours, perfect for the changeable weather in Cornwall and Devon.


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We had Best Glaze fit our whole house with windows and doors, we also had a conservatory with a durabase and unltraroof 380 tiled roof. The whole service was amazing, such a clean and tidy team. We would recommend Best Glaze to anyone looking for a professional, respectful service.

Mr D. Goulter 5 stars

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