A conservatory roof leaking can be an absolute nightmare, especially if you do not know where the water is coming in from. Don’t worry, help is at hand! If you’re suffering from a leaking conservatory roof, and you are wondering what to do – Our guide will help you diagnose a leaking conservatory roof and tell you what to do about it.

What to do if you have a leaking conservatory roof

There are three ways of dealing with a leaking conservatory roof and that would depend largely on the age of the existing roof, and the budget you are working to.

• Repair the leaking conservatory roof

• Install a replacement conservatory roof

• Turn your old conservatory into an orangery or an extension

Leaking conservatory roof

1. Repair the conservatory roof

A conservatory roof can start leaking for several reasons, so the first thing you need to do is figure out what is causing the water ingress. This can be done by yourself or by calling in a professional installer. The leaking conservatory roof could be due to age-related problems such as sealant cracking, or glazing panels slipping, or on new installations, the roof may be poorly fitted or products failing. Here is a list of things to check on a conservatory with a leak.


    Slipped glazing panels


    Porous Lead flashing


    Cracked silicone sealant


    Perished seals on glazing bars


    Loose glazing bars


    Ridge cap not seated correctly

Conservatory repair cornwall

2. Replace the roof

If your conservatory roof is old, beyond repair or just not very thermally efficient then a replacement conservatory roof is an option if you have a leaking conservatory roof. Replacing an old conservatory roof can actually save you money on your heating bills and totally transform a tired old conservatory into a stunning living space that you and the family can enjoy the whole year-round.

Older conservatory roofs are not very good at regulating the heat, any heat you pump into the room in the winter goes straight out through the roof, during the summer as the sun beats down on your roof the conservatory becomes unbearably hot because the roof does not stop the heat entering the room. This buildup of heat actually causes issues that could result in leaks, as the glazing bars heat up the caps can warp and become loose allowing glazing panels to slip.

Thanks to modern glazing technology, conservatory roofs are far more thermally efficient than they used to be, nowadays glass roofs can regulate the heat inside and outside of the conservatory much more effectively. It doesn’t matter how old your conservatory is, glass technology has advanced so much that there will almost certainly be a better specification of glass that can regulate temperature fluctuations better than your current glass or polycarbonate roof.

An alternative to a glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof is a solid roof. A solid conservatory roof will not be prone to leaking and you can still have glazing incorporated in the roof so there is no concerns about the space being dark. There are 3 choices of solid conservatory roof replacements which are:

Solid tiled conservatory roofs

Solid aluminium and glass conservatory roof (LivinROOF)

GRP warm roof with skylights or lanterns.

3. Transform your conservatory into a single storey extension

There has been a rise in popularity lately for homeowners with a leaking conservatory roof to transform their tired old conservatory into a single-storey extension. Certainly, since the lockdown, we have seen a rise in customers choosing to turn a leaking conservatory into an extension. Homeowners have realised that they need extra space that is useable the whole year-round. Transforming a tired old conservatory with a leaking roof into a solid, light and bright living space is more cost-effective than moving home.

A carefully planned conservatory extension will ensure that the new living space can be opened up to the rest of the home and remain at a constant temperature. A total re-design of your old conservatory will allow you to add features such as super-insulated columns, changing old windows and doors for more energy-efficient ones will also have a huge effect on the energy efficiency especially when coupled with a solid conservatory roof or even modern, high-performance glass roof.

There are so many design options available to homeowners creating a single-storey extension, bi-folding or full glass sliding doors really open a space up and allow the home to flow seamlessly into the garden area, perfect for those balmy summer evenings. You can create extra space for dining, or even extend the kitchen, the possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination.

Difference between an orangery and a conservatory


Orangery with Bi-folding doors

If you have a leaking conservatory roof and think it’s beyond repair, or just want to upgrade to a thermally efficient roof with a 10-years guarantee then we recommend the following roof systems:

• High-Performance Glass Roof:

The Classic roof is perfect for replacing a leaking conservatory roof due to the flexibility in design. This high-performance glass roof can be manufactured to fit literally any conservatory shape or style, no matter how complex it may be. The classic roof is the most popular conservatory roof in the country and it’s easy to see why. It’s fast to install and comes with a range of high-performance glazing choices.

Inside the roof comes equipped with built-in purge ventilation, and tracks for sun blinds that can be fitted during the installation or easily retrofitted at a later date. Outside the Classic roof features some heavy-duty glazing stops to prevent glazing slipping and weatherproof gaskets to ensure the conservatory doesn’t ever leak.

Another useful feature that can be added to the Classic roof is a super-insulated internal pelmet that sits around the perimeter of the frames and creates a feeling of robustness and cosiness. The pelmet can be installed at the same time as the roof, it is then plastered on the inside creating a beautiful solid finish and the ideal place for setting LED or mood lighting and even speakers.

classic conservatory roof 2020


Classic Conservatory

• Livinroof hybrid conservatory roof:

If you have a leaking conservatory roof and are thinking of upgrading your roof for a more energy-efficient conservatory roof but would still like copious amounts of natural light, then the Livinroof is the perfect solution. The Livinroof is a modern, sleek looking conservatory roof from the outside, the system is highly configurable allowing you to choose exactly where you want glass panels, and which panels you want as the insulated aluminium panels. This replacement conservatory roof gives you full control over where, and how much light enters the living space.

Inside the Livinroof features beautiful plastered ceilings, with a choice of internal pelmet sizes, this creates a ‘real room’ feel, cosy and secure. The glass panels create beautiful focal points in the room, coupled with LED downlighters you will have a room that will have that real wow factor. No more leaking conservatory roof, just a stunning living space that can be enjoyed all the year-round.

Livinroof conservatory roof

• Ultraroof solid tiled conservatory roof

Imagine replacing a leaking conservatory roof with one as solid and reliable as the one on your house – The Ultraroof solid tiled conservatory roof is a lightweight tiled roof that is both lightweight and strong. Thanks to the roofs lightweight design it can be fitted to your conservatories existing window frames as well as being used on new builds. If thermal efficiency is high on your list then this pre-insulated replacement roof is perfect for upgrading your old conservatory roof.

Some customers get concerned that adding a solid roof to their conservatory or extension will make the adjoining rooms dark, but full glass panels or Velux windows can be installed in the Ultraroof allowing natural light to flow throughout the home. The composite roof tiles match seamlessly with your home and when coupled with full glass panels create a beautiful focal point inside and out.

Because of the integral strength, a tiebar will never be needed, this allows stunning vaulted ceilings to be created with uninterrupted lines, complemented by LED downlighters or pendant lighting depending on your tastes. Create the ultimate real room feeling with a market-leading, lightweight, solid tiled conservatory roof.



Dwarf wall conservatory will tiled roof

If you have a leaking conservatory roof and you are unsure how to resolve it yourself, contact us and we will be happy to help you find the source of the leak and advise you on the best way of rectifying the issue, whether that be a repair or a replacement, we will offer you the best advice, for free.

Once you’re done here, you can return to our conservatory roof replacement information hub to explore your options.