The past few years have seen Conservatory Roof Conversions in Cornwall really take off, if you have been looking at replacing an old conservatory roof then you will have probably seen the numerous adverts with all sorts of claims offering to convert tired old conservatories into beautiful ‘real rooms’ for what seems like an exciting and cheap price, but can these adverts be too good to be true or is it really a bargain?

Conservatory Roof Conversions In Cornwall

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The difference between a solid roof & a cladover

There are a plethora of different conservatory roof conversions on the market, some are better than others and like anything else you buy, you certainly get what you pay for. The high end of the market offers a roof system that completely replaces your existing structure which would be stripped off to the top of the frames, the replacement would then sit on top of the frames creating a safe and solid structure.

Cladovers or conservatory insulations simply clad over the existing conservatory roof, in some cases, glazing panels are not even removed. This defeats the object of having a solid roof conversion as a cladover will build up heat and condensation in the roof causing issues with warping, mould and leaks, not to mention the fact that the glazing bars would be seriously overloaded with the extra weight.

Solid tiled conservatory roof

  • Weather load rated
  • Lowest U-ratings
  • Pre-manufactured bolts together on site
  • Jhai building regulations approved
  • Plastered ceilings
  • Old roof completely removed and recycled
  • Fire-rated in accordance with BS476-3:2004

Cladover conservatory insulation

  • Not load rated as its already overloaded
  • Overheats in the summer
  • Made up on the site
  • Not approved by building regulations
  • Plastic clad ceilings as they condensate
  • Roof left in situ & clad over
  • No fire rating
Conservatory Roof Conversions In Cornwall

The reason that a cladover will cost less than a manufactured conservatory roof replacement is because of the risks associated with the installation of insulation onto your old conservatory roofing structure. Not only could this type of conservatory roof conversion potentially damage your property, but it could also cause serious injury to those within the household.

cladover conservatory roof insulation

We have discussed the dangers of cladover insulation, why they should be avoided in great depth in another article which you can read here: Reasons to avoid a conservatory cladover. The article highlights all of the pitfalls that you may encounter and why they would occur, well worth a read if you are looking for an inexpensive conservatory roof conversion.

Add value to your home with a solid tiled conservatory roof

Although a cladover may seem appealing because it is a lot cheaper than a properly manufactured tiled conservatory roof, it could end up costing you a lot more in the long run and will need replacing sooner rather than later, its a false economy which could result in serious injury or worse.

A solid tiled conservatory roof conversion may cost more initially but it is a long term investment that will outlast any other type of roof on the market, in fact, it would last as long as the roof on your house and could add up to 10% more value to your home.

The properly manufactured systems do not just clad over your existing roof as conservatory insulations do – The old roof is completely removed and replaced with a new completely new roof structure which ensures strength and integrity. The new roof is built specifically for your property and everything is calculated for the exact requirements of your location. Everything is taken into consideration from the window and door frames it will be fixed on along with factors such as the size shape, weather loading for your area and more.

There are many replacement systems on the market, some of the most well know are Ultraframe, Leka, Guardian, Equinox, and Supalite, all of which are prefabricated roofing systems designed to replace old conservatory roofs. Each one of these systems has its own design, some better than others. All of the aforementioned comes with a standard 10-year guarantee and will meet Building Control requirements for total peace of mind.

Conservatory insulation or cladover can turn a bright and airy room into a dark and gloomy space which also makes adjoining rooms dark. Choosing a conservatory roof conversion allows you to choose either full glazing panels or Velux windows to be added to the tiled roof, along with LED downlighters to flood the room with light and create a bright and airy room.

Amazing transformations that can be enjoyed all year round

Aesthetically tiled conservatory roof conversions will totally transform your home both inside and out. We recommend Ultraroof and Leka roofs which both come with a choice of three different coloured tiles that will complement or match your home outside. Both of these conservatory roof conversions allow full-length glass panels to be installed in your roof which allows natural light to flood into the room.

On the inside, beautifully plastered ceilings bounce the light around the room. LED spotlights can be installed anywhere in the ceiling which creates stunning effects and allows the room to be used anytime, day or night for relaxing, entertaining guests or maybe as an extension to a dining area.

conservatory roof conversions spotlights led

Safety and peace of mind with the right conservatory roof conversions

Both the Ultraroof and Leka roofs have are fully fire rated and meet the current UK legislation in accordance with BS476-3:2004. This fire rating tests how all of the many components of the roof act as a single structure in the event of a fire, rather than each individual component. Conservatory insulations are comprised of many different materials that have not been fire-rated, should the conservatory catch fire there is added risk.

If you are thinking of replacing an existing glass, or polycarbonate conservatory roof with a solid conservatory roof conversion building regulations will apply. Both the Ultraroof and Leka systems are LABSS and JHAI certified. You can be assured that you are choosing a safe and secure replacement roof when you choose either of these systems.

Conservatory Roof Conversions In Cornwall

Fast and clean installation

Conservatory Roof Conversions In Cornwall

Ultraroof is super fast and clean to install, meaning less impact on your day to day life. The old roof is removed and recycled, existing frames are cleaned down and the replacement super insulated eaves beam is secured in place:

  • 1 Insulated Beams – A unique super-insulated eaves beam, filled with mineral wool insulation forms the soffit structure and internal pelmet, measuring 380mm in depth.
  • 2 Aluminium Framework – A hidden structural aluminium framework for hips, ridge, and starter bars.
  • 3 Structural Roof Panels – Mechanically fixed Structural Insulated Roof Panels are attached to the box eaves and structural framework manufactured bespoke for your conservatory.


To summarise, when choosing a conservatory roof conversion the cheapest option is not the best, although more expensive than a cladover or conservatory insulation it is a long term investment that will add value to your property. Choosing the right conservatory roof can save you money, time and hassle in the long run.
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Are building regulations required for conservatory roof conversions?

If you are converting to a solid tiled roof then you will need to contact either Jhai or your local building control. This is the homeowners responsibility, however some companies will take care of this on your behalf for a nominal fee.

How long do conservatory roof conversions take?

Obviously this varies depending on the size and shape of the roof, other factors would be the weather and access. Usually the old roof can be taken down in a couple of hours and the new roof be back up to a point of being weather tight within the day, again this would depend on the brand of roof, how many installers are there, how far installers need to walk to get to the van etc.

How much does an average conservatory roof conversion cost?

Each roof cost would vary due to factors such as location, size of roof, brand of replacement roof, how much glazing is in the roof. Shop around and get three quotes from local suppliers and installers.