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Conservatory Repairs cornwall

Conservatory repairs Cornwall

Most conservatory repairs in Cornwall are required because of leaks which can occur for numerous reasons such as poorly fitted or porous flashing, incorrectly fitted parts, failing sealant, or poor fitting panels, any of these problems can lead to leaks which can damage your house, the furniture, and flooring if they are not addressed quickly.

Leaking conservatory windows

Leaks around conservatory windows and doors

A leaking conservatory is not only frustrating, it causes all sorts of problems in the room. Damp patches, peeling, or bubbling paint are all signs of a leak that may not necessarily be coming in from the roof. Windows and doors can also leak allowing water to seep into the conservatory which can cause all sorts of issues for your home.

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Sticking conservatory Windows or Doors

Conservatories are designed to be lightweight structures that add an extra room to your house allowing you to enjoy a bit of the outdoors, indoors. Often due to the nature of conservatories, windows & doors begin to stick which is troublesome if the conservatory is a means of access to your home as well as being a security issue and a fire hazard. Our conservatory repairs in Cornwall cover issues with doors and windows.

Our Engineers Can Repair Your Conservatory

If you have a leaking conservatory, damp patches, sticking doors and windows in Cornwall, we can help. With over 20 years of installing and repairing double glazed products in Cornwall, we can find and fix any leak in your conservatory. We repair polycarbonate, glass, or solid tiled conservatory roofs in Cornwall from Lands End to Launceston. All of our conservatory repairs in Cornwall are covered by an insurance backed guarantee so you have peace of mind that you receive a quality repair that will last.

Conservatories can develop leaks as they get older and sometimes tracking the leak down can be difficult. Our experienced team are experts at finding and fixing even the most difficult of leaks, preventing further damage to your home, flooring, and belongings.

Other conservatory repairs we commonly undertake in Cornwall are replacing broken down double glazed units and adjusting windows and doors that have started to stick or not work at all. An entrance door that won’t open is not just inconvenient, it’s a fire hazard and needs addressing right away.

Conservatory repair cornwall

Conservatory Repairs In Cornwall

The good news is that if you have a leaking conservatory roof it can be fixed and for a fraction of the cost of a replacement conservatory roof. The damage caused by leaks can be investigated and repaired by our skilled team that handles conservatory repairs no matter what the issue is, we will find it & fix it.

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Guaranteed Conservatory Repairs In Cornwall

Our conservatory repairs in Cornwall don’t only fix leaking roofs, we will repair any parts of your conservatory, such as faulty doors or windows, replacement glass, window boards, gutter replacement & more. We guarantee that we will investigate & solve any issues requiring a conservatory repair no matter how big or small. Our friendly, family-run business has a 100% track record for conservatory repairs in Cornwall.

Best Glaze Conservatory Repairs Cornwall

  • Leaking Lead or flashing repair and replacement
  • Leaking ridge repairs
  • Poor or failing sealant removal and resealing
  • Slipped Glazing panels refit
  • Missing end caps refitting or replacement
  • Glazing bars refit or replacements
  • Scratched or damaged frames repair or replacement
  • Cracked brickwork or plaster repairs
  • Leaking gutters or downpipes seal or replacements
  • Misted, cracked or broken glazing replacement
  • Leaking doors or windows sealing or adjustment
  • Splaying roofs adjustment & frames leveling
  • Window board replacement
Edwardian Conservatory

Polycarbonate & Glass Panel Replacement

Conservatory roofs require regular maintenance, especially when exposed to the extremes of the Cornish weather, wind, rain, hail & snow all take their toll. Loose polycarbonate or glass panels are common causes of leaks in conservatories when the panels move, gaps emerge where rainwater can enter. Slipped panels are the most frequent cause of leaks requiring conservatory repairs in Cornwall.

upvc roofline installation cornwall

Fascias & Gutters Replacement Or Repair

Fascias and gutters can sometimes be a point of ingress for water, gutters without eaves gaurd or even blocked gutters can all cause problems. We supply & install a range of modern guttering which is available in white, black, brown, and caramel. All gutters have UV pigmentation in the plastic, this prevents the colour from fading over time in the sun.

Victorian Conservatory


Decorative architectural flourishes which are usually found on traditionally styled conservatory roofs such as cresting and finials are the decorative trim that runs along the ridge of the roof. Although these parts are decorative, they also serve a purpose. These decorative caps usually cover the framework and keep water out. We can repair or replace these parts along with end caps that are included in our conservatory repairs.


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